Vintage 1940s birthday cards & greeting cards for every occasion

Vintage 1940s birthday cards and other greeting cards

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Scroll down to check out some vintage 1940s birthday cards — along with old-fashioned greeting cards for Halloween, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Halloween and beyond.

As you will also see in the 1941 article at the end of the page, the men who started Hallmark fully expected that greeting cards like this would “deal a death blow to the practice of letter-writing.”

Vintage Birthday cards from the ’40s: I’ll sit up… and speak for you (1946)

American Greetings no. 421Q — One of hundreds on sale at better drug and variety stores everywhere.

Some birthday advice for you

If you’re wicked, folks get huffy
If you’re good, folks think you’re stuffy
If you’re rich, you’re money-crazy
If you’re poor, folks call you lazy
If you’re smart, folks think you’re screwy
f you’re dumb, folks say, “Aw, phooey”!
You can’t suit them on the level!
So don’t try… Just raise the devil!
And have a happy birthday.

Vintage birthday cards from American Greetings (1946)

American Greetings are fun to send and fun to receive for every occasion on your list:

  • Congratulations
  • Get Well
  • Gifts
  • Friendship
  • Birthdays
  • Holidays and Special Celebrations

American Greeting Publishers, Inc. Cleveland 2, Ohio

Eight-year-old: A vintage 1940s birthday card

A birthday greeting - Vintage 1940s card

To Mother, on Mother’s Day (1944)

Vintage Mother's Day card (1944)

1940s Happy Birthday card: 2 years old

Vintage 1940s Happy Birthday card - 2 years old

“Can’t Be-Witch ya at Halloween” greeting card from the forties

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Vintage 1940s Halloween card

1940s cartoon car birthday card

Vintage 1940s birthday card - Red car

Vintage Father’s Day greetings card (1943)

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Vintage Father's Day greetings card (1943)

Birthday greetings to the man I married! – 40s birthday card

Birthday greetings to the man I married - Vintage 1940s card

Hundreds of birthday wishes, all rolled into one  – Vintage greeting card

Hundreds of birthday wishes - Vintage 1940s greeting card

Happy Birthday, Little girl! (1940s)

Vintage 1940s birthday card - Little girl

Congratulations as you graduate from high school! – 1940s illustration 

Vintage 1940s graduation card

To an angel of a wife — 1940s Mother’s Day card

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To an angel of a wife 1940s Mother's Day card

Vintage 1940s Hallmark Doll cards: Little Red Riding Hood

This is one in a series of Hallmark Doll Cards we are now showing in our greeting card section.

Other designs include such favorites from the land of Make Believe as Little Bo Peep, Cinderella, Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary, Mary Had a Little Lamb, Little Red Riding Hood, Little Miss Muffet, and Tommy Tucker.

These Hallmark Dolls are ideal to greet your little friends and loved ones on their birthdays, to cheer them when they’re ill, or just to say Hello, Little Folks will love to collect them.

Vintage 1940s Hallmark Doll cards - Red Riding Hood

Vintage 1940s Hallmark Doll cards: Little Boy Blue

Vintage 1940s Hallmark Doll cards - Little Boy Blue

Greeting cards from birth to death (1941)

The greeting cards on these pages are samples of the 5,000 varieties by which Hall Brothers [which became the Hallmark company in 1953], US card manufacturers, confidently expect to deal a death blow to the practice of letter-writing.

The art of Cicero and Lord Chesterfield, they believe, is obsolete. The Halls feel that “sentiments,” as they are known in the trade, usually express the sender’s feelings better than he could himself.

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Beginning with No. 1 at right, these cards show how it is now possible to follow a person through all the high spots of life with pat greetings. They cover every holiday and anniversary, from Bar Mitzvah or election to an Elk’s Lodge down to the latest item, canned pep-talk to draftees.

Hall cards are priced from to 5c to $5, are prepared by a large staff of artists for an impatient, if inarticuate, public that demands new ones every six months.

Vintage greeting cards from 1941

Vintage greeting cards from 1941 C

Vintage greeting cards from 1941 B

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