See old Rig-a-Jig construction toys from the 1950s

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Vintage Rig-A-Jig toys from the 1950s

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These vintage Rig-a-Jig toy sets were popular back in the fifties, and were sort of a hybrid of Tinkertoys, Lego and an Erector Set.

Here you can see how they worked, what parts were included, and just a few things that you could create with them!

Rig-a-Jig toys with re-usable construction parts (1958)

Get these colorful… durable Rig-a-Jigs! Fast! Fun! Re-usable construction parts!

Imagine a train that rolls, or a power shovel, or a perky little doll, horses and wagon, or jet plane, a space rocket, or doll buggy! Put-away training-tray is a mother’s delight.

Not one toy, but 1001 toys!

With rolling wheels… Mechanical actions!

And toys that really work! Train wheels roll… windmills and merry-go-rounds really turn! Animals, dolls, flowers, buildings, weird and wonderful creatures from outer space!

No limit to endless variations of this toy. Boys and girls build anything their hearts desire.

Rig-a-Jig toys with re-usable construction parts (1958)

Pieces assemble like lightening!

No tools needed! Rig-a-Jig’s specially notched pieces link together quickly, hold firmly. Toys appear almost as fast as a child thinks them up… hold his interest for hours.

There’s not only the stimulating, creative building fun… but the recreation fun of playing with the toys.

Parts are in seven gay colors and seven basic geometric shapes… plus rolling and mechanical action provided by axle and hub construction.

Easy-to-follow 16 page idea book!

Each set of Rig-a-Jig includes a fascinating, seven-color instruction book to get your child started, but he’ll soon go on from there to create his own imaginative toys.

The book is wonderfully helpful and full of exciting toys, so well illustrated and explained that even the smallest child can understand.

Ideas as simple as a snowflake design gradually advance through over 50 ideas, on up to complicated, workable machinery for the older child.

Used by teachers in over 41,000 classrooms!

Develops manual skills, eye-hand coordination, color and shape sense. Stimulates a child’s imagination and strong sense of creativity. Rig-a-Jig grows with your child. As skill and dexterity increase he goes on to more complicated projects!

Durable, safe, clean, washable!

Practically indestructible… made of a special tough acetate… semi-flexible and non-toxic.

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Vintage 1950s toy box – Rig a Jig construction set

Vintage 1950s toy box - Rig a Jig

Old Rig-a-Jig construction toys from the 1950s

See old Rig-a-Jig construction toys from the 1950s

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