15 vintage Fisher-Price dolls from the 1970s & 1980s

Vintage Fisher-Price dolls from the 1970s and 1980s

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Back in the seventies and eighties, these vintage Fisher-Price dolls enchanted millions of little kids.

They were available in a few different sizes, styles and colors, and you could get them a lot of different outfits. See what they were like here!

Fisher-Price would like you to meet our girls. (1974)

Elizabeth – Jenn – Mary – Baby Ann – Natalie – Audrey

These appealing little lapsitters were created with the same thoughtfulness and care that go into every Fisher-Price toy.

Soft huggable bodies to cuddle and coddle. Sweet faces and hands to wash up before supper and kiss before bedtime. Hair to comb, and clothing that fastens and unfastens easily.

And every one of our girls has a personality all her own. Jenny is wistful. Elizabeth is a heartbreaker. Natalie, a dimpler. Mary looks trusting. Audrey has mischievous eyes. And Baby Ann is, well, a baby.

And now that you’re acquainted, can they come over to play?

Fisher-Price would like you to meet our dolls (1974)

Vintage Fisher-Price My Friend Mandy doll (1977)

Once in a childhood, there’s a doll that’s your very best friend. That’s why Fisher-Price created My Friend Mandy.

She a little-girl doll. Not too babyish. Not too grown-up. Her body is soft enough to hug, yet you can stand her up or sit her down, and turn her dimply smile in your direction.

My Friend Mandy has thick shiny hair to wash, brush or curl. And she comes dressed as you see her here, complete with stretchy pink tights. My Friend Mandy brings along her own nightgown, too, because she always sleeps over.

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You can buy her the other well-made outfits on this page. Or if you’re handy with a needle, Fisher-Price includes a clothes pattern with each purchase.

All we ask is that you meet My Friend Mandy face to face. Because to see her is to love her.

Vintage Fisher-Price My Friend Mandy doll (1977)

Retro Fisher-Price My Baby Beth doll (1978)

Because a baby doll can be her first armful of love, Fisher-Price created My Baby Beth.

When a small child holds a baby doll of its own, something remarkable happens. A protective feeling, an inkling of what it’s like to be responsible for someone smaller than you.

My Baby Beth, with her appealing face, brings out that feeling beautifully. Her soft, huggable body feels like you’re holding a real baby. And our unique design lets you sit her up, too.

You can also wash her face and hands and comb her wispy hair. Because she’s likely to get lots of jammy kisses and fervent hugs.

My Baby Beth comes with knit sweater, cap and booties. And if you or your child like to sew, there’s also a simple pattern to make her a baby sleeper.

Naturally, My Baby Beth is made the Fisher-Price way, to survive the awkward affection and little mistakes of a beginning parent. Because we know this baby is going to be loved very hard.

Retro Fisher-Price My Baby Beth doll (1978)

Old Fisher-Price Baby Ann doll (1981)

Fisher-Price believes a child learns all about caring from someone sweet and small.

Here’s Baby Ann. A beautiful baby with a marvelous mop of hair for her age.

She arrives complete with her own Care Set: a cozy gingham infant seat and a matching tote bag to tote her feeding dish, spoon and bottle.

There’s a delightful sense of tenderness and responsibility a child feels holding this soft huggable doll.

As for care, Baby Ann is machine-washable-and dryable: And she’s made, like every Fisher-Price Doll, to live with your family for many happy tomorrows.

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Vintage eighties Fisher-Price Baby Ann doll (1981)

8 popular vintage Fisher-Price dolls from 1979

Fisher-Price knows that the best dolls have cuddly bodies, irresistible smiles and are made to last a long, long time

There’s My Friend Mandy and My Friend Jenny, little-girl dolls with beautiful hair that can be washed and curled and braided and brushed.

There are lots of well-made clothes you can buy for them, or sew them yourself with our own My Friend patterns.

And because children love to play parent, there are two endearing baby dolls, each of them an armful of love.

My Baby Beth is always wide awake, while My Sleepy Baby drowses off at the drop of a hat.

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Just as our baby dolls are soft armfuls, our Fisher-Price Kids are absolute handfuls. Just small enough to ride around in a pocket, Muffy, Billie, Mikey and Bobbie each have their own charming personality.

All our Fisher-Price Dolls have soft, huggable bodies, sweet faces and are sturdy enough to last through all the daily rough and tumble. Because we think that’s the way dolls were always meant to be.

Top row: My Sleepy Baby, My Friend Jenny / My Baby Beth, My Friend Mandy

Second row: Muffy, Billie / Mikey, Bobbie

Cute vintage Fisher-Price dolls from 1979 (2)

Cute vintage Fisher-Price dolls from 1979 (1)

Fisher-Price creates an astonishing new doll. (1980)

She giggles, coos, cries, and even tries to talk to you.

Introducing Baby Soft Sounds.

There are no strings to pull. No buttons to press. Baby Soft Sounds is like no other doll you’ve ever known.

Just pick her up in your arms and she makes a whole range of happy baby sounds. And she’ll keep it up as long as you pat her or cuddle her or bounce her on your knee.

Put her down and she fusses for more attention. And after a bit, she just quiets down. Now isn’t that like a real baby?

The secret of Baby Soft Sounds is a remarkably sensitive electronic “voice box,” that runs on one ordinary 9-volt battery. It produces gentle sounds that are astonishingly realistic; never tinny or harsh. And you can zip out the box, so you can pop her in the washing machine.

In fact, Baby Soft Sounds feels so soft and huggable in your arms, and has such irresistible eyes, you’d adore her even if she never made a peep.

Retro Baby Soft Sounds doll (1980)

Fisher-Price dolls are always soft and huggable. (1980)

Fisher-Price makes all our dolls that way because we believe that’s what a doll should be. We have little girl dolls and baby dolls and small dolls to tote anywhere.

Our most remarkable new Baby Soft Sounds coos and fusses and tries to talk just like a real baby.

(Featuring My Sleepy Baby, My Friend Mandy, My Friend Jenny, and Baby Soft Sounds.)

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Fisher-Price soft baby dolls (1980)

Fisher-Price takes My Friend Mandy shopping for new clothes. (1980)

My Friend Mandy is the kind of doll who turns out to be your child’s best friend. With a smile that invites the telling of secrets, a soft huggable body and hair that can be combed and curled every which way.

She comes in pink dotted swiss, brings her own nightie, and now you can add to her wardrobe with outfits for a lively round of activities.

There’s a tennis outfit, with sun visor and tennis shoes. And her let’s-go-camping outfit includes hiking shoes and a backpack. Then there’s a rainy-day slicker, hat and boots. And a long party dress with dancing shoes to match.

There are four more outfits, too. And each package contains a different pattern that you or your child can sew yourself. So however you choose to dress My Friend Mandy, she’ll always look absolutely irresistible.

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Fisher-Price My Friend Mandy dress-up doll (1980)

Vintage Fisher-Price dolls: Meet My Friend Jenny. (1980)

Fisher-Price creates a friend for My Friend Mandy.

These beautiful little-girl dolls were born to share your child’s every waking moment. Because they look just the right age to be best friends, the kind of friends to share the most secret secrets with.

My Friend Jenny is dark-eyed and raven-haired. My Friend Mandy is blond and pink-cheeked. They re just the same size, so like many good friends, they can even wear each other’s clothes.

(You can buy extra outfits or sew them yourself, because each doll comes with a pattern of her own. There’s even a My Friend pattern book available for more creative stitchery.)

And though My Friend Mandy and My Friend Jenny are soft and huggable, they can still stand up on their own two feet.

Best of all, they’re friends that can come to live at your house. And stay over and over and over.

Fisher-Price My Friend Jenny companion doll (1980)

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