Congrats on your baby girl: Vintage greeting cards from 1969

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Congrats on your new baby! Vintage cards from 1969
These cute vintage greeting cards were sent to parents in the ’60s to welcome a new baby to the world. Here are some of the sentiments people shared 50+ years ago!

A little daughter! That’s happy news!

baby-welcome-cards-1969 (12)

Congratulations on your Baby Girl!

baby-welcome-cards-1969 (2)

A baby girl! Congratulations!

baby-welcome-cards-1969 (6)

Congratulations on your baby girl

baby-welcome-cards-1969 (7)

To welcome your new baby daughter! Vintage cards from 1969

Congrats on your new baby daughter - Vintage cards from 1969

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baby-welcome-cards-1969 (10)

You had a baby! Hear you’re getting rave notices

baby-welcome-cards-1969 (11)

Congratulations on your new little tax exemption

baby-welcome-cards-1969 (3)

baby-welcome-cards-1969 (4)

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Best wishes to you and your new baby

baby-welcome-cards-1969 (13)

A gift for a sweet baby

A gift for a sweet baby 1969

A gift for your baby – Card from 1969

A gift for your baby - Card from 1969

For the baby-to-be (baby shower card)

baby-welcome-cards-1969 (1)

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