Vintage talking dolls from the 1960s: Just pull the string and they’d say different things!

Vintage talking dolls from the '60s Just pull the string and they say different things!

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They talk… talk… talk (1964)

Talking dolls: Just pull the Magic Ring — you never know what they’ll say next!

BUGS BUNNY — lovable carrot-clutching cut-up of softest rayon plush. About 26 inches tall to the lip of his ears. Pull the Magic Ring and hear him wisecrack in that ol’ familiar voice.

CHARMIN’ CHATTY — Perfect Play mate says 120 things. 5 interchangeable records. Rooted Saran hair.

TALKING CASPER the friendly ghost. Mild-mannered Casper in soft rayon plush. Says many different things, as “I’m a friendly ghost”, “I like you-oo,” etc. About 15-inches.

COOL SCUBA DUBA — beautiful beatnik, really “hep” in striped denim shift, 3-strand necklace. Says 11 swinging things at random! Soft, stuffed body, sculptured vinyl head. Shockingly straight, long rooted hair brush, comb, style. About 23-inches tall.

TINY CHATTY BABY comes to life when you pull the Magic Ring — says 18 different phrases at random. Movable head & limbs. Vinyl. About 15 inches.

“SHRINKIN’ VIOLETTE” Mattel’s newest delight — pull the Magic Ring and she says 11 different things. As she talks, her mouth moves and her eyelids flutter! Soft body, yarn hair, about 12 inches.

CHATTY CATHY — says 16 phrases at random! Rooted Saran hair in 2 twin ponytails. Vinyl body; movable head, limbs. About 20 inches. Blonde/Brunette hair.


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Chatty Cathy doll – TV commercial for this vintage talking toy

YouTube video

Each of these dolls, many phrases can say… what fun to speak to each other while you play! (1967)

Baby Teenie Talk – Baby Secret – Baby Chatterbox – Baby Drowsy – Negro Baby Say ‘N See – Baby Say ‘N See – Mrs Beasley

Vintage talking dolls from 1967

Dihann Carroll with her Julia dolls (1969)

DIAHANN CARROLL Presents The JULIA DOLLS – TV’s most glamorous nurse stars in wonderful world of new personality dolls

“Hi, my name is Julia,” greets each lucky little girl who pulls the magic voice string (left) held by Miss Diahann Carroll, star of TV’s first black family series. The talking Julia doll in gold and white culottes is joined at right by Nurse Julia. 

WHEN NBC’s popular Julia series signs off on Tuesday evenings, little girl dreamers who imagine themselves in Diahann Carroll’s dual on-screen roles—nurse by day, glamor girl by night—won’t have to wait another week to enjoy the heartwarming antics of the versatile actress. Pint-size Julia fans can now produce their own shows all week long, starring two true-to-life “Julia” dolls created by America’s largest toymaker, Mattel, Inc.

Each comes with four high fashion wardrobes worn in Miss Carroll’s double TV life. The daytime “Julia” doll comes in an attractive showcase package wearing a crisp white nurse’s uniform and has bendable legs and twist ‘n turn waist. The after-five talking “Julia” speaks in Miss Carroll’s own voice and projects all the glitter of showbiz in her sparkling gold and white culottes. Both personality dolls have sculptured features resembling Miss Carroll’s, including real eyelashes and attractive rooted hair.

Oct 1969 Julia dolls

Charmin’ Chatty: The first doll that really plays

There’s never been a doll so fantastic…she comes with five different 2-sided records you can change whenever you want. So, she plays with you so many different ways — she’s just like your best friends!

She can be ridiculous …”Would you like pickle ice cream?” Or talk scary… “I just love monsters!” You can make up poems with her … she says proverbs … even makes animal noises! Charmin’ Chatty’s a full 2 feet tall — and endless hours of fun!

Baby First Step, Betsy Wetsy, Swingy, Dancerina, Cheerful Tearful & other vintage dolls from the sixties

Charmin’ Chatty Play Set and Costume Packs She says 24 new and different things in each of these great play situations! You get a special record and everything you both need to play together!

Let’s Play Birthday Party #297 Retail Value: $4.00 You put on her special party dress and shoes… then both send out invitations, wear party hats and put candles on the cake! Let’s Play Pajama Party #298 Retail Value: $3.50 Everything you need to comb, brush and put up her hair …even a nightie to dress her in for an evening of “girl talk!”

Charmin; Chatty - Vintage dolls from the sixties - c1963

Talking dolls by Mattel – Just pull their Chatty Rings to hear 11 different phrases

Baby Colleen – Baby Secret – Drowsy – Little Miss Echo – Mattel’s Singin’ Chatty – Talking Teachy Keen

“Tell me a long story” / “Please buckle my shoes”

Retro talking doll toys

Chatty Cathy (1962)

What could be more fun than a talking doll? Hardly anything. Because Chatty Cathy realty talks! It’s true. Just pull the Magic Ring and she might say “Let’s play school”… or “May 1 have a cookie?” …or perhaps “I love you.”

Chatty Cathy says 11 different things, and the fascinating part is you never know what she’ll say next! Your daughter will love Chatty Cathy, because she can actually converse with her.

What’s more, Chatty Cathy’s life-like rooted hair can be brushed and arranged in different styles. And she has a wonderfully varied collection of beautifully made costume sets to choose from, each perfectly made down to the smallest detail.

For that special gift for that very special little girl… get her Chatty Cathy. She’s the most talked-about… and talkative doll of the year. You’ll find Chatty Cathy wherever toys are sold.

1962 Chatty Cathy talking doll toy

Chatty Baby talking doll from Mattel (1962)

The only thing that’s more fun than having the famous Chatty Cathy talking doll …is having Chatty Baby too! She’s brand-new…and as lovable and appealing as a real baby.

And just like her famous big sister, Chatty Baby says one of 11 different things when you pull the Magic Ring. She laughs…and cries…and says “Hi mama…Go bye-bye…Doggie bow-bow…Night-night” just the way a real baby does.

Your daughter just won’t be able to resist her. And she’ll never know what Chatty Baby will say next. It’s all part of her charm. With rooted, brushable hair and a delightful selection of costumes to choose from, Chatty Baby will be more than a doll for your little girl… she’ll practically be a companion.

If your daughter would love a lifelike. talkative”daughter” of bier own (and what little girl wouldn’t?), then Chatty Baby listen be the most appreciated gift you might find. See her… listen to her…and buy Chatty Baby wherever toys are sold.

1962 Chatty Baby talking doll toy

Dolls that talk (1969)

Talking Buffy with her Mrs Beasley Doll, Mrs Beasley herself – Television’s favorite doll – Baby Whisper is a shy playmate

“I want to tell you something” / “Please brush my hair” / “Would you like to try on my glasses?”

Vintage baby dolls from 1969

Mattel talking dolls (1963)

Chatty Baby — she’s quite a charming chatterbox — she talks baby talk, cries and laughs when you pull the “magic ring.” “Cookie all gone,” “Go-Bye-Bye” — you never know what she’ll say next. You can comb and brush her rooted hair, she’s fully jointed, with sleeping eyes. Dressed in rompers with pinafore, slipper-socks, hair ribbon. About 18 in.

Chatty Cathy, Chatty Baby’s Big Sister — just pull the “magic ring”, she says “I love you”, “Comb my hair”, 9 other cute phrases. In cotton dress, shoes, socks, panties. Fully jointed, rooted hair. Sleeping eyes. About 20 in. 

Casper the Ghost with 11 spooky sayings like “Let’s play ghost”, “I’m not afraid” — but he’s really very friendly and wouldn’t scare anyone. White terrycloth costume with attached hood. Stuffed body, hi-impact plastic head. About 15 in. tall.

Chatty Baby’s Own 9-Way Stroll-A-Buggy — converts easily into 8 ether doll accessories, Strong washable vinyl, sturdy steel frames–holds up to 20-in. doll. Other seat, handles, rocker, etc. included — everything needed for 8 accessories shown at tight. Easy-to-follow instructions.

Mattel talking dolls from 1963

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  2. I have the “”Too Cute Twins”, a boy and a girl. The girl’s head has come off but the wires are still intact. Do you or do you know of a place that can repair her? Thank you in advance,

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