McDonald’s Friendly Skies Meals were on United Airlines flights in the 1990s

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In 1991, McDonald’s and United teamed up started experimenting with serving a variation of their Happy Meals — minus the fries, probably because they wouldn’t reheat well. (In some cases, burgers weren’t available, either, and kids would instead get “macaroni and cheese or other fun food.”)

The plan was originally only available on flights to Disney World in Orlando, Florida, but by 1993, the two companies had expanded the program to flights nationwide.

As far as we can tell, the fast-food fare program lasted until about 2001, meaning kids had to carry on lukewarm food from the airport terminal restaurants like everyone else.

McDonald's Friendly Skies Meals on United Airlines (1991-1993)

Where else at 35,000 feet can you get a McDonald’s meal like this for your kids?

Only on United’s Orlando flights – $129 one way (1991)

You make your kids’ dream come true. You said, “We’re going to Orlando.”

What could make them happier? Well, you could call United and reserve a McDonald’s Friendly Skies Meal.

Imagine, up above the clouds enjoying a cheeseburger from McDonald’s for lunch or dinner. McDonaldland cookies for dessert. There’s even a McDonald’s sausage biscuit for breakfast.

And with the meals, there are even more goodies. Carrot sticks, fruit, lowfat milk, fun puzzles, games and a toy. Just call us in advance and tell us how many McDonald’s Friendly Skies Meals you’ll be needing.

And at the same time, reserve your seats at the delightfully low price of $129 each way with round-trip purchase. (You see, we know how to make grownups happy, too.)

What’s that? You think our new Orlando nonstops are truly great, but you’re really heading elsewhere in Florida? Fine. Our easy connections from Orlando can sail you right along to seven other cities across the state.

McDonald's Friendly Skies Meals

Fun Facts: McDonald’s Friendly Skies Meal service is available on meal and snack flights to and from Orlando. On some flights, McDonald’s Friendly Sides Meals will include macaroni and cheese or other fun food instead of a cheeseburger. Meals must be reserved at least six hours before departure.

$129 fare is one-way based on round-trip purchase for travel Mon, Tue, Wed, Sun to Florida; Tue, Wed, Thur, Fri from Florida until Dec. 15, 1991. Other days are slightly higher…

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Introducing chateaubriand for kids (1993)

McDonald’s Friendly Skies Meals now on board.

United Airlines now offers cuisine for the pint-sized gourmet. May we proudly present McDonald’s Friendly Skies Meals, available on most of our US meal flights.

United’s prepared a complete McDonald’s breakfast, lunch or dinner, along with puzzles and a toy. Your child will love it. And so will you.

Order at least six hours in advance by calling your Travel Agent or United. And come fly the airline that’s uniting the world, starting with parents and their kids. Come fly the friendly skies.

Vintage 1993 McDonalds Happy meals on United Airlines

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