Tiny Tears, the doll that cried ‘real’ tears, delighted little girls back in the ’50s

Vintage Tiny Tears dolls

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I’m Tiny Tears – You’ll love my rock-a-bye eyes (1950s)

Imagine! Tiny Tears stays awake until you rock her slo-owly to sleep in your arms or crib. All Wards Tiny Tears dolls have this exclusive new “rock-a-bye” feature. Also drink, wet, blow bubbles, very real tears. Fully jointed with exquisite features, velvet skin. Instruction booklet. Tiny Tears in Rocking Crib.

Deluxe Tiny Tears is snugly ‘zipped’ into luxurious quilted satin cradle bunting, which ties into her plastic rocking crib. Bunting has net pockets with pottle, diaper, pins, sponge, booties, pacifier, bubble pipe. Wears cotton sunsuit, fluffy bonnet. Extra layette includes dress and panties. Tiny has curly rooted hair, rock-a-bye eyes. All plastic rocking crib with cut-out handles.

Play Pen

Tiny Tears will play safely in her plastic play pen with a quilted bottom pad. She wears embossed cotton rompers, knitted booties. Extra Layette includes dress, bonnet, panties. Tote Bag has diaper, pins, washcloth, sponge, bubble pipe, bottle, pacifier, clothespins. Tiny has rooted hair, rock-a-bye eyes.

Deluxe Trunk

Little Girls Love her Rock-a-Bye eyes, curly rooted hair. Tiny comes in a trunk with snap lock, plastic handle. Wears cotton rompers. Layette contains dress, panties, bonnet. Bottle, diaper, pins, sponge, bubble pipe, washcloth, booties, pacifier, clothespins included.

Vintage Tiny Tears dolls and accessories from the 1950s

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“Tiny Tears” – The new doll that cries with REAL tears

Can you imagine a doll that cries like a little child, but WEEPS BIG WET TEARS that well up in her eyes and roll down her cheeks!  “Tiny Tears” actually does this… Not only can you HEAR and SEE her crying lustily, but she ALSO sleeps, drinks her bottle, wets her diaper, blows bubbles and can be bathed…

“Tiny Tears” will fascinate your little girl — she’s a dream come true… Proud young mothers will have endless hours of fun watching “Tiny Tears” cry — pacifying her, feeding her, bathing and changing her — so many things to do, she will never tire doing them… And YOU too will be thrilled when you see how “Tiny Tears” delights your little girl — hour after hour — day after day.

11″ tall, dressed in pajamas: $5.98
13″ tall with complete layette: $7.98
16″ tall with complete layette: $9.98

Vintage Tiny Tears doll from 1950

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A loveable and appealing baby doll

“TINY TEARS” the lovable and appealing baby doll that you have seen advertised in national magazines and on the “Ding Dong School” television program.

She actually cries just like a little child — big, wet tears well up in her eyes and trickle down her chubby cheeks. Not only can you see — and hear — her cry, she also sleeps, drinks her bottle, wets her diaper, and even blows bubbles with her own little bubble pipe.

… can be bathed too, because her plump body is made of soft molded rubber. Arms and legs are jointed, plastic turning head has adorable baby features: big glassine sleeping eyes with real lashes. Tiny Tears comes with soft lambskin wig or with molded tinted “hair.”

See the pld doll Tiny Tears - Ward's catalog page

The gift she’ll never forget: Tiny Tears, the doll that cries real tears (1952)

She blows bubbles / She bathes / She has a complete layette

The doll that cries real tears… Here is the wonderful doll that cries like a real child. Big, wet tears roll down her fat, chubby cheeks as she cries lustily to be changed, fed, bathed and pampered.

She also sleeps, drinks her bottle, wets her diapers, takes a bath, so many of the things real live babies do, “Tiny Tears” gives your little girl the thrill of being a “make-believe” grown-up mother.

She’ll never tire of this fascinating doll. Let “Tiny Tears” make this the happiest Christmas in your little girl’s life.

At leading department stores and toy shops. $5.98 & up.

Tiny Tears, the doll that cries real tears (1952)

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  1. My sister and I both had tiny tears growing up as a child. She had a smaller o ne than mine and I loved that doll. It had the hard head and my sister broke my dolls head and I cried for days. I dreamed of getting another but did notvknow if any survived.
    Ginny Smith Hoppe

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