Vintage 1970s Playskool toys, dolls, ride-ons & other fun for kids

Vintage 1970s Playskool toys, dolls, ride-ons and other fun for kids

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Hopefully, these vintage 1970s Playskool toys, dolls, ride-ons and more will bring back some happy memories!

They may also remind you of a simpler time, when electronic gadgets were still a novelty, and most toys were joyfully kid-powered.

Vintage 1970s Playskool toys: Take-apart car, Tyke Bike, Tool Bench, Desk (1974)

Our Take-Apart Car can take all the loving punishment your child can give. And it will still be good for many more take-aparts and put-together-agains when it’s passed on.

When we constructed our Playskool Peg Desk with Magnetic Spelling Board we made it sturdy. So it could stand up to years of use from your active little scholars. We made it so sturdy, in fact, it could be used for homework later on.

Some of our Playskool Tyke Bikes have made it through a whole family of children. And they still keep rolling along.

Our Big, Big Tool Bench can turn a child into the best pretend fixer-upper you’ve ever seen.

At Playskool, we know what good friends our toys can be to your children. That’s why we build every one of them to last a long, long time.

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Vintage 1970s Playskool toys - Take-apart car - Tyke Bikes - Tool Bench - Desk

Retro 1970s Playskool fun: Our toys make good friends. (1974)

If a toy isn’t good enough to be a friend, it can never be a Playskool toy.

A friend like Dressy Bessy. Who needs a little help herself, to buckle her shoes and tie her ribbons and lace up her vest.

Or Dapper Dan. Who just by looking at preschoolers can get them to do all his buckling and lacing and snapping and zipping.

Before a toy can be called a Playskool friend, it has to say “Gee, this is fun,” to a child. And “Now, that’s a good toy,” to a mother.

Like true friendship, it also has to last a long, long time. Any toy that can earn the name Playskool can qualify for the highest award in playland: the right to be a child’s friend.

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Vintage 1970s Playskool toys make good friends (1974)

1970s Playskool baby bath toys: What’s a little water among friends? (1978)

Bath time is fun time with a few colorful friends that float.

Baby Flutter Ball and Baby Water Friends are just part of Playskool’s continually evolving line of fascinating, quality toys to delight babies everywhere.

Baby Water Friends dive and play in and around their floating iceberg home. Squeeze the whale and watch him spout!

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1970s Playskool baby bath toys (1978)

Playskool baby toys: Toddler truck and drum drop (1978)

Friends are the best part of a busy day.

It’s been a busy day scooting around the house in Toddler Truck, pausing to call an imaginary friend on the built-in telephone. Or just thumping away on Baby Drum Drop.

Both are part of Playskool’s continually evolving line of fascinating quality toys to delight babies everywhere.

Baby Drum Drop is a drum on one side, a drop box on the other.

A push-pull toy, a telephone, a toy chest on wheels — Toddler Truck is three toys in one!

Playskool baby toys Toddler truck and drum drop (1978)

Baby Bunny Ball: A friend is somebody to hang on to (1978)

Feeling. Touching. Clutching.

That’s how your new baby learns. That’s why Baby Bunny Ball makes such a good first friend.

Tiny baby fingers can easily grab hold of the soft, floppy ears. And squeeze the furry, foam-filled body. Surprise! Bunny’s ears have jingle bells inside.

Baby Bunny Ball is just one of three brand new baby friends in the famous Playskool line. Look for them all wherever quality toys are sold. Because it’s nice to grow up among friends.

Baby Play Mirror for 6 to 18 months — Baby Drum Drop for 6 to 18 months.

Baby Bunny Ball A friend is somebody to hang on to (1978)

Meet Playskool’s Alphie & Fetch-it Freddie dog toy: They’ve got something to teach (1979)

Alphie is an amazing electronic robot who makes learning fun. He plays tunes, question and answer games, and super board games to help a little one learn colors, counting, letters, rhyming and so much more.

Alphie is more than a toy, he’s a good teacher. More advanced sets of teaching cards are available so Alphie can expand and grow with your child.

This is Fetch-it Freddie. He has a cap, a ball and a big mouth. When a little pitcher takes aim and rolls the ball into Freddie’s mouth, Freddie catches it and brings it right back for the little pitcher to catch and roll again. Fetch-it Freddie is fun, and he’s a very good coach!

Alphie & Freddie… fun toys from Playskool.

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Playskool's Alphie and Freddie vintage toys (1979)

Vintage Playskool Space Spinner & Major Morgan toys (1979)

For little space specialists… there’s Space Spinner. Pick it up and it’s automatically activated. Listen as the sound builds higher and higher.

See it stand on its edge…and balance! Watch those colors fly by as the interior spins faster and faster. And when you land Space Spinner, the power shuts off automatically!

Major Morgan is a pocket-sized electronic musical instrument that sounds like an organ. Just slip in one of the music cards and match colors or symbols to play any of the ten delightful and familiar tunes.

And budding little composers can use the 12-page “show-you-how” booklet to help them create their own tunes on the sixteen-tone electronic keyboard.

Major Morgan and Space Spinner. Two new ideas from Playskool.

Vintage Playskool Space Spinner and Major Morgan toys (1979)

Wheels make their world go ’round

Wheels make their world go round. A toddler’s first tentative steps from mommy to daddy are filled with adventure and encouragement. But once that’s mastered, toddlers still need practice.

That’s where Playskool comes in. With three toys that help toddlers achieve balance and coordination while they’re having fun.

Toddler Truck (1 to 2-1/2 years) is a push/pull walk-it or sit-in-it truck with a moving dial telephone for busy fingers and a storage bin under the seat for take-along treasures.

Toddler Taxi (1 to 5 years) is a colorful combination walker, stroller and toybox that makes it fun to take a favorite doll or stuffed animal for a ride while the “driver” gets practice in walking.

Tyke Bike (1-1/2 to 3-1/2 years) gives little legs practice in walking even though seated. And with features such as chrome-plated handlebars, streamers and “white-walls,” it’s a fun preview of grown-up bikes to come.

Retro 1970s Playskool Toddler Truck, Toddler Taxi and Tyke Bike toys

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Vintage Dressy Bessy & Dapper Dan dolls, plus 3-in-1 desk (1979)

We make learning to tie a bow as much fun as learning to draw one

That’s why Playskool created Dressy Bessy & Dapper Dan. Two helpful, huggable friends to practice buttoning, tying, zippering and snapping.

And when it comes to learning to spell and draw, it’s even more important to make practicing fun. Playskool does it with a sturdy three-in-one desk, complete with magnetic spelling board, chalkboard, pegboard and all the necessary supplies to practice creating ;words, pictures and designs.

So when it’s time for your children to learn these skills, remember, practicing with Playskool is always lots of fun.

Vintage Dressy Bessy and Dapper Dan dolls plus 3-in-1 desk (1979)

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