See 12 cute antique Christmas postcards with dogs for a Merry Woofmas

Antique Christmas cards with dogs - vintage postcards (6)

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Antique Christmas postcards with dogs - vintage

Antique Christmas postcards with dogs: Dachshunds at play

Christmas postcards with dogs - Dachshunds

A Christmas party for dogs: Fun for their masters, and joy for the dogs (1911)

From the New Castle Herald (New Castle, Pennsylvania) December 26, 1911

The most fun-provoking celebration took place in a private stable last Christmas. Several boys determined that their dogs should not go unremembered on the gift day.

Their scheme grew out of a story one of the boys heard about a family whose big dog Fritz was regularly a member of the Christmas party.

Fritz was an interesting dog. On Christmas day, Fritz was always dignified. When the family gathered around the tree, he used to sit up straight near the fireplace and watch the proceedings gravely.

Vintage Christmas postcard with a cute dog

There was always something for him on the tree, and Fritz didn’t mind if every Christmas brought the same thing, for it was a titbit exceedingly tasteful to him — chicken or turkey bones. These were put in a paper-covered parcel loosely tied with ribbon.

When Fritz’s name was called, he would rise promptly, cross the room slowly with a respectful wagging of his tail, receive the parcel in his mouth and return with it to his place.

There, without undue haste or exhibition of greed, he would tear away ribbon and paper and crunch the bones contentedly during the rest of the evening.

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The youngsters who elaborated on this plan did not meet with the liveliest encouragement from their parents. There was probably a doubt whether all the pets of the neighborhood would have the sagacious dignity of Fritz. After pleading, the boys obtained permission to have a special celebration for their dogs in the stable.

Vintage dachshund Christmas card

Accordingly, there was a tree, and, besides presents of bones, there were new collars, blankets, harness, and such other affairs as dogs are supposed to admire or need. Not only their own pets, but those of their friends were invited to the dogs’ Christmas tree.

Prizes were given to the animals who excelled in running races, for jumping and other canine tricks. It was a jolly party, and it is doubtful whether boys or dogs enjoyed it most.

Merry Christmas - Antique postcard with kids and a happy dog in the snow

Christmas postcards with dogs: A bigger dog walks the little pup

Antique Christmas cards with dogs - vintage postcards (1)

Best wishes for a Merry Christmas

Postcard shows a mama Collie and her two puppies

Christmas postcards with dogs

Christmas greetings

A Collie and a lamb — part of the herd

Christmas postcards with dogs - Collie

Best wishes, from three puppies

Best wishes from cute dogs - Vintage postcard

May you have a Merry Christmas

Antique Christmas cards with dogs - vintage postcards (7)

Vintage postcard: A joyful Christmas

Vintage Christmas postcards with dogs

Christmas postcards with dogs: A cute puppy helping on a snowy day

Antique Christmas cards with dogs - vintage postcards (2)

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