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Celebration sandwich loaf recipe with mayo 1973

Celebration sandwich loaf (1973)

Here's a stacked sandwich loaf featuring ham, salmon, egg and chicken spreads -- each separated by bread, and covered with a cream-cheese mayo frosting. Bet you're just dying to try it, right?

Frosted layered sandwich loaf (1965)

This frosted sandwich loaf holds a surprise in every layer: curried egg salad, tomato, chicken salad, and deviled ham-pickle filling between slices of bread -- frosted with a velvety smooth mixture of mayonnaise or salad dressing and cream cheese.
41 classic egg recipes (1912)

41 classic egg recipes (1912)

Think you know just about every way to prepare eggs? We bet that at least a couple of the recipes in this collection from 1912 will be new to you. Take a look!

20 ways to serve potatoes (1912)

There are many ways to turn the humble spuds into a tasty side dish. Here are 20 different ways you can make potatoes, including scalloped, fried, mashed and stuffed!

Philly cheese bells (1981)

Creamy Philly bells & crisp Triscuit Wafers. A delicious combination. Your guests are sure to go for this taste tempting combination. Crisp, Nasbisco's Triscuit Wafers and a creamy cheese spread made fro... Click to read more...

Chicken ham pinwheels (1969)

Fancy holiday party snacks Chicken Ham Pinwheels recipe An elegant roll-up wins top honors in the Fancy category Ingredients 2 chicken breasts, skinned and boned 1/8 teaspoon dried basil leaves, crus... Click to read more...

Corn con carne recipe (1962)

Corn con carne South of the border fun with good-cooking and good-looking Del Monte Cream Style Corn It's easy to cook up a fiesta when you start with the happy golden color and kernel-rich creaminess of De... Click to read more...

Make a Philly Frittata (1982)

When the eggs are fresh from the farm, and the vegetables are selected with care... isn't it silly not to use Philly?  Philly Frittata recipe Ingredients 2 tbsp. butter 1 (8 oz.) pkg. cream cheese, ... Click to read more...

Little tamale pies (1950)

Little Tamale Pies Inexpensive! Easy! Colorful! 2 cups Del Monte Golden Cream Style Corn (1 No. 303 can) 2 tbsps corn-meal 1/4 cup chopped onion 1/2 tsp salt 1/8 tsp pepper Dash of cayenne 1 cup potat... Click to read more...

Corn Lorraine recipe (1965)

Del Monte Cream Style Corn extends a hearty welcome. Smooth, rich corn cream. Lots of tender golden kernels. A satisfying value always. Do it with Del Monte, and you do your very best. Guestworthy for lu... Click to read more...

23 ways to dress up toast (1912)

Judging by the quantity of meals involving toast, I would imagine that the browned bread played a fairly substantial role on the tables of Americans in the early twentieth century. I would imagine that many of ... Click to read more...

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