Bread recipes

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Chatterbox coffee cake (1965)

Try this light-hearted, melting good chatterbox coffee cake, and taste the delicious new flavor and appetizing new texture Karo adds to food.

3 vintage applesauce cake recipes (1970s)

Grandma's one-bowl applesauce cake recipe. It's especially versatile. It's the perfect snack almost any time. Bake it as squares, a ring, a loaf or cupcakes. Glaze it or not. Offer it for special flavor at brunch, lunch, or nightcap breaks.

Honey-cornmeal biscuits (1987)

Make honey-cornmeal biscuits -- either cut-out or drop biscuits -- and smooth, sweet honey butter with these recipes from 1987.

Wheatless recipes (1918)

During World War I, there was a need for Americans at home to eat less wheat, so many recipes were created using all kinds of other flours and similar products -- rice flour, potato flour, corn meal, etc.

6 quaint quickbread recipes (1919)

These "quick breads" are not difficult to make, and are delicious as they come -- warm and fragrant from the oven with a rich brown crust that looks as good as it tastes.

Peanut Butter Muffins (1963)

Peanut Butter Muffins recipe Tops are shiny from jelly glaze, crunchy with peanuts. Perfect with a glass of cold milk, or as an accompaniment to fruit salad Ingredients 2 cups sifted all-purpose flour ... Click to read more...

Lemon nut bread (1959)

  Lemon Nut Bread recipe Here's a moist delicious nut-bread that is really unusual! It has a delightful fresh lemon flavor - and what an eye-catcher it is, too! Robin Hood's High Protein Richness, wh... Click to read more...

23 ways to dress up toast (1912)

Judging by the quantity of meals involving toast, I would imagine that the browned bread played a fairly substantial role on the tables of Americans in the early twentieth century. I would imagine that many of ... Click to read more...

How to make waffles (1921)

How to make waffles To our mind, there is nothing like butter and cinnamon and powdered sugar (one part to six) for the morning waffle, to be eaten with coffee. For luncheon or tea, one may use maple syrup and... Click to read more...

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