Vintage Barbie’s evolution: See dozens of dolls, fashions, playsets & more from before her big screen debut

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Who could forget the feeling of unwrapping a now-vintage Barbie doll on a special occasion when we were kids? If you grew up in the 1960s, 70s, 80s or 90s, Barbie likely made quite a splash in your childhood memories.

These nostalgic recollections serve as a reminder of simpler times — when our most pressing decision was whether Barbie should wear the pink dress or the blue one to her next party.

What better time to celebrate Barbie’s doll-lightful impact than now, as she takes her next big adventure on the silver screen.

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From the trendy vibes of the 60s, the progressive changes of the 70s, to the colorful creativity of the 80s, vintage Barbie has stood as a beloved toy icon, reflecting societal trends and inspiring young minds through the decades. Each era brought forth unique dolls and accessories that have left an indelible mark on generations.

Vintage Barbie wasn’t just a doll — she had an empire!

Look below to see dozens of vintage Barbie dolls, play sets (many complete with friends and family), fabulous dollhouses, pools, pets… and lots and lots of fashionable vintage Barbie clothes.


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Conceived by Mattel’s Ruth Handler, Barbie burst onto the scene in 1959. By the 1960s, Barbie had taken the toy world by storm.

Mattel executive and Barbie doll's mother Ruth Handler in 1961 on the introduction of Ken dolls
Mattel executive and Barbie creator Ruth Handler (on left) in 1961 introducing Ken dolls

This era saw the launch of fashion-forward dolls such as Bubble Cut Barbie in 1961, and the chic American Girl Barbie in 1965. Barbie’s wardrobe blossomed to reflect the changing times, complete with elegant evening gowns and cute beach attire. Check out dozens of her vintage outfits below!

The most popular doll in town - Barbie fashions in Life magazine (1963)
The most popular doll in town – Barbie fashions in Life magazine (1963)

Mommy, in the olden days, did you have a Barbie Doll? (1965)

Mommy, how do you make a pin curl? Mommy, do blue shoes go with a green dress? She’ll really learn from you. But Barbie will help.

Watch your little girl put together Barbie’s Sew-Free costume. Dress Barbie. Style Barbie’s Color ‘n Curl Fashion Wig. Dream of tomorrow. It’s rewarding for her — and you. No wonder millions of mommies and little girls all over America and in 30 foreign countries share the delight of Barbie.

Vintage Barbie's Sew-Free costume from the '60s

Vintage Barbie dolls from 1963

Barbie and her friends – Barbie, Ken, Midge & Fashion Queen Barbie

Vintage Barbie dolls from 1963 (1)

64 fabulous vintage 1960s Barbie fashions: From nurse to nightclubber

From Life magazine – August 23, 1963

Shown here, in a photograph by Allan Grant, is Barbie’s complete $136 wardrobe beginning with her black petticoat, panties and bra, to her white satin wedding dress, which comes packaged with everything a bride could need, including a blue garter and a bouquet.

Vintage Barbie dolls available in 1963 (3)

Barbie’s clothing collection leans heavily toward evening clothes with 17 after-dark outfits. Her most expensive is a red velvet coat and taffeta ball gown ($5).

Barbie, who costs $3, usually comes dressed in a bathing suit but has many other sports clothes: She can dress up for a masquerade, or as an airline stewardess, a graduate, a ballerina and a nurse.

Vintage Barbie dolls available in 1963 (4)

She has a kitchen apron with a rolling pin and pot holder. With a baby-sitting apron comes schoolbooks, glasses, clock, phone, pretzels, fully equipped bassinet including baby. With a sweater set and skirt come yarn, knitting needles and instructions.

Vintage Barbie dolls available in 1963 (1)

Her twill raincoat has matching hat, umbrella and white rain boots. Her black sequin evening dress comes with a microphone and is called “Solo the Spotlight.”

She has a leather car coat, a white fur stole. Barbie can also be bought in a $6 version with three wigs: blond “bubble-on-bubble,” brunet page boy, and redhead “side-part flip.”

Vintage Barbie dolls available in 1963 (2)

Barbie and Ken dolls from the 1963 Sears catalog

The most popular twosome in doll town now have coordinated outfits

Vintage Barbie dolls from 1963 (2)
Vintage Barbie and vintage Ken dolls from 1963
Vintage talking dolls from the '60s: Just pull the string and they say different things!

Old Barbie dolls: Like to meet new friends? Meet new Twist ‘N Turn Barbie (1967)

Barbie’s so new, it’s just as though you’d never met her before! With a twist and turn waist, she can pose hundreds of different ways.

And Barbie has a new hairdo, a fresh, young complexion, and real eyelashes! And she has so many wonderful new fashions! Dressy clothes. Kooky clothes. All designed especially for Barbie.

Twist N Turn Barbie from 1967

Vintage Barbie friends: Twist N Turn Francie and Casey (1967)

Twist N Turn Francie is Barbie’s “Mod” cousin. Her friend Casey is new, and so is Negro Francie. Each doll has a twistable waist, legs band, real eyelashes, lots of beautiful new costumes to choose from.

The Barbie Family House and the Cape Cod Doll House Classic are ready-to-play — they need no assembly. Made of sturdy, washable vinyl, each new house contains fully decorated rooms and movable furniture.

Twist N Turn Francie and Casey (1967)

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Now Barbie talks! (1968-1969)

For the first time ever, the world’s prettiest, most popular fashion doll has delightful things to say to your little girl! And her English friend, Stacey, talks too. See Barbie and all her friends on Get Smart, The Ugliest Girl.

Vintage Barbie talks - A talking doll from 1968

Classic and Vintage Barbie toys and accessories

Because wishing you were older is part of growing up, Mattel makes The World of Barbie (1969)

Here’s the best scene around. Barbie and her friends doing the “in” things girls should do.

And Barbie and her crowd talk about it, too! Talk about new places to visit, new clothes to wear, and new friends to meet — like Julia and perky new PJ.

Because wishing you were older is part of growing up, Mattel makes The World of Barbie (1969)

Vintage Toys R Us catalog of Christmas gifts: '80s Out of this World Toy Book (1986)

The Barbie Family House is actually big enough for a fashion show… (1968)

… with fresh, swingy styles for both Francie and Casey.

The Barbie Family House is actually big enough for a fashion show...

REMEMBER THESE? Liddle Kiddles dolls from the 60s & 70s were cute & fun, but disappeared for a surprising reason

Barbie, Color Magic Barbie & Tutti

If you’ve ever watched Barbie help a little girl grow up, you know why she’s our most famous doll.

With Barbie a little girl can experiment with fashions, to see what color shoes go with a red and white gown. She can make a dress for Barbie, without sewing. She can even create hairstyles for new Color Magic Barbie.

With Barbie, there’s an endless opportunity for a little girl to learn, and have fun. That’s how Barbie and her friends have helped more than 20 million little girls grow and be happy.

Because little girls asked, we gave Barbie a tiny sister. Her name is Tutti.

Tutti is only six inches tall. She has hair that girls can comb, and she can pose like a real little girl. She even comes in special playsets, with costumes and her own tiny toys. (And she has a twin brother, Todd. They come together in a twin playset.)

1966 Barbie dolls

Vintage Barbie clothes: Girls flip over the new “mod” London look. So does our new Francie.

Francie is Barbie’s fifteen-year-old cousin. Like most girls her age, she loves to wear stripes, paisley prints, London lace, and granny gowns. (And our bending leg Francie even has real eyelashes.) Francie is very real to girls who’ll be fifteen someday, too. That’s why she’s so much fun.

Nov 25 1966 Barbie dolls 1

Far out! 70s teenage fashion for girls was bold and revolutionary

Twist ‘N Turn Barbie is all new!

Her beautiful new face, new costumes, and the way she turns at the waist make her more natural, more fun than ever before!

Retro Barbies of 1967

Twist ‘N Turn Francie & “Negro Francie” (1960s)

Twist ‘N Turn Francie is Barbie’s “Mod” cousin. Her friend Casey is new, and so is Negro Francie. Each doll has a twistable waist, legs that bend, real eyelashes, lots of beautiful new costumes to choose from.

The Barbie Family House and the Cape Cod Doll House Classic are ready-to-play — they need no assembly. Make of sturdy, washable vinyl, each new house contains fully-decorated rooms and moveable furniture.

1967 Barbies 1

Barbie’s sister, Tutti

Tutti, Barbie and Skipper’s tiny sister, has a new friend, Chris. They’re bendable. Tutti comes alone or with accessories in playsets like Cookin’ Goodies and Swing-A-Ling.

Barbie dolls and toys of 1967 (2)

Cases for Barbie & Francie (1967)

Barbie Doll Case and Francie Doll Case are portable storage areas for dolls, costumes, accessories. Cases are washable, and made of sturdy vinyl.

Barbie Hair Fair lets a girl give her Barbie new hairstyles. Comes with four different hair pieces, and an extra wig head. Fits Francie and Casey, too.

Barbie's sister, Tutti

A kitchen for Barbie and her friends (1969)

“I love being a fashion model!”

Kitchen for Barbie’s crowd, a Ward exclusive: Here’s the favorite hangout for the young set, brightly decorated in today’s colors with lots of fun accessories.

Treat the crowd to “turkey” from the oven or pretend you’re making hamburgers on the stove complete with pots and pans. Refrigerator with ‘freezer’ is stocked with make-believe cola, milk and ice cream. Sink actually holds water and drains. Knobs turn, doors slide, cabinets open. Metal play kitchen has wood-grain enamel finish, plastic knobs and handles, Play dishes and fruit included.

See dozens of vintage View-Master reels & viewers: Classic toys that made color pictures come to life
Barbie, Ken, Christie and Stacey can talk to each other

Talking Barbie and her friends can carry on a conversation! They all have distinctive voices, each says 6 different things. They talk about fashions, dances, more teen-talk.

Just pull their talking rings; need no batteries. About 11-1/4 in. tall, have bendable legs and posin’ stands. Girls have real eyelashes, rooted hair. Handsome Ken has molded hair, husky baritone voice. Buy the fabulous fashion outfits sold below … they’re the “in” styles.

Barbie and her friends from 1969


The 1970s marked a pivotal time for Barbie, reflecting the societal shifts of the era. Barbie’s world started to embrace diversity with the introduction of dolls from different ethnic backgrounds. Malibu Barbie made her sun-kissed debut in 1971 and quickly became a fan favorite.

Barbie also began embarking on various career paths, nodding to the burgeoning women’s movement. She embraced roles as a surgeon, an Olympic athlete, and even took a ‘giant leap for womankind’ as an astronaut!

Barbie is the number 1 doll. There is no number 2. (1970)

Vintage 1970 Barbie dolls

Vintage Barbies: Head for the beach with Sun Set Malibu Barbie and her vacationing friends (1972)

Malibu Barbie vintage ad from 1972

Vintage Barbie play sets: Let’s have a hand for Malibu Barbie and her friends (1973)

Malibu Barbie vintage catalog pages from 1973

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Holy smoke!! Barbie’s going’ camping (1973)

Retro Malibu Barbie vintage catalog pages from 1973

MORE: Vintage campers: On-the-road living the retro way

The Sun Set: Vintage Malibu Barbie & Friends spend the day at the beach

Vintage Malibu Barbie catalog page from the 1970s

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Vintage Barbie Western playset: Swing your partner! (1971)

Doesn’t SKIPPER look like an adorable country lass in Little Miss Midi? Scatter-flowers shower over her midi skirt. With it, she wears a bright green blouse and blue boots. Her skirt swirls when she swings to the beat of country music.

BRAD takes the lead wearing The V.I.P. Scene. He joins the square dance in a great-looking plaid suit with bright red shirt and just-right tie. BRAD says the outfit is terrific. Isn’t he handsome?

You can bet your guitar that BARBIE will be a smash hit in Groovin’ Gauchos. It’s a really flashin’ fashion as partners step along to the country sound. The now look in gaucho pants, matching jacket and “suede” boots is tuned to today. (With Groovin’ Gauchos, you get a rock record with two hit sides.)

Looking great — that’s KEN in the Suede Scene. A groovy new outfit, it has “suede” pants and sleeveless jacket with nifty print shirt. KEN is out-of-sight when he swings his partner at the square dance.

FRANCIE does a country hoedown in Buckeroo Blues. The outfit is a clicky combo of “feather” vest, button-on skirt, and knee-high boots. Doesn’t FRANCIE look like a pretty Buffalo Jill? For her secret treasures, she carries a pouchy, fringed bag.

1971 Barbie and friends go country

Vintage Malibu Barbie: (1976)

Sail on the surf… then relax in your romantic Hawaiian villa

Barbie and Malibu Ken from 1976 catalog

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The 80s ushered in even more imagination into Barbie’s world. Who could forget the arrival of the Barbie Dream House in 1980? This three-story pink paradise offered an immersive experience that took Barbie playtime to a whole new level.

Barbie and the Sensations - Rock and Roll dolls from the 80s

The mid-80s saw Barbie hitting the stage as the lead singer of her own rock band with the Barbie and the Rockers line.

And Day-to-Night Barbie became the perfect symbol of the modern woman, showing Barbie transition from a busy workday to a sparkling night on the town.

Vintage Jazzie doll Burger King playset - Mattel Barbie (1989)
Vintage Jazzie doll Burger King playset – Mattel Barbie (1989)
Beautiful Barbie Dream House with furniture (1980)

Join Barbie and her friends for hours of fun with this large 3-foot-high by 4-foot-long house. So big and beautiful… and so much to do!

DREAM HOUSE: Six large rooms of exciting fun. You’ll have hours of enjoyment with your dolls, pretending that they’re preparing food in the microwave/oven range, lounging in the living room or watching TV.

Doors and windows really open and close. Window box planters are complete with “plants.” Realistic details on the floors and walls. House opens up to 3 sections for complete and easy access to rooms. Heavy, durable and washable plastic in bright, cheerful colors. 4 ft. long by 3 ft high.

FURNITURE: Fully detailed plastic furniture for all six rooms: refrigerator, microwave/oven range: living room sofa, chair, and end table; vanity and seat; bed, nightstand and rug; dining room table, 2 chairs and accessories; chair, end table and television.

Vintage Barbie Dream House and Malibu Barbie from catalog 1980

Vintage Barbie Dollhouse: The Barbie Glamour Home (1980s)

The Barbie Glamour Home will be the gift that brings your little girl hours of fun 365 days a year. One look at this glamorous dollhouse and she’ll know why Barbie calls it home.

Beautifully made and furnished, this two-story house is a fantasy come true. There are many special features, like a secret wall that changes the lovely bedroom into a stylish bath. A wonderful canopied swing. Even a rooftop garden patio.

So Barbie can sit by the fire and read her favorite mystery. Make a barbecue. Or make a grand entrance down the elegant spiral staircase as she greets guests for an “open house.”

There’s no end to what we girls can do. So it’s no wonder Barbie loves her home for the holidays, every day of the year. And here’s a little stocking stuffer for you. We girls can do anything. Right, Barbie!

1986 Barbie Glamour Home toys

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Vintage Barbie friends, cars & pets: Beauty Secrets Fashion Dolls by Mattel (1980)

Mechanically-activated dolls can hold virtually any pose. Press the panel in doll’s back and you can make her raise right or left arm, or at once. Poseable wrists, bendable elbows.

Vinyl with painted eyes, hip-length rooted hair can be combed into a variety of styles. Complete with a beautiful bodysuit with long skirt and jacket, carrying case for play accessories, with includes comb, brush, hairdryer, lipstick, powder puff, mirror, toothbrush, toothpaste and other beauty items.

Beauty Secrets Barbie 1979-1980

Hispanic Barbie. Vinyl with painted eyes. Poseable doll has bent elbows, twist waist, bendable legs. Rooted hair can be combed into variety of styles. Dressed in skirt, blouse, shawl, rose choker around neck, black shoes.

Sport & Shave Ken. Magic marker type pen lets you give Ken a beard, to remove simply wet one of the foam edge “razors” and shave. Plastic body. painted eyes. Rooted black hair. Poseable wrists, right hand is molded to hold a variety of accessories. Complete with beard marker, two “razors,” shaving mug, “aftershave/cologne”, tennis racket, slacks, comb and brush. Dressed in reversible T-shirt, running shorts and shoes.

Corvette Sports Car. Red. Decal, front and rear windshields, steering wheel, “chrome” wheel discs. Seats large enough to fit 11-1/2 inch dolls. T-top styling. Plastic, 18 inches long.

Beauty Barbie’s Dog. Poseable afghan of plush covered polyethylene, mouth can hold a leash. Includes leash, straw hat, cape, first place medal with ribbon, dish, crown, collar, bed, grooming brush.

Play set: Sun lovin’ Malibu Barbie and her friends (1980)

Golden-tanned Barbie and Ken, along with Super Teen Skipper, will have loads of fun with this large 3-1/2 foot backyard swimming pool and cabana

Puff ‘N Play Living Room and Bedroom Sets. (1) couch, 2 chairs, coffee table. (2) play waterbed, pillow, dressing table, stool. Both sets are vinyl. Inflatable (except pillow). For dolls up to 12 inches tall.

(3) My Pal Horse. Made of plastic. Legs, neck, tail are poseable. Vinyl western saddle, bridle, reins and bit.

(4) Barbie Baby-sits Set. One 3-inch tall, soft plastic baby with rooted blonde hair. Rose printed flannel and lace blanket; tub, soap, botties, dish, plastic bear and duck, towel, bib, sunbonnet, baby’s christening dress, rose print flannel nightie on baby, cradle, high chair. Emergency phone list and apron with pockets for babysitter.

Barbie Dream House from 1980

(5) Pool and Cabana. Vinyl-coated cardboard backyard set. “Grass yard” is 41×27 inches wide. Kidney-shaped swimming pool is plastic… holds up to 2 inches of water. Cabana, table with umbrella, 4 stools, ice chest, pitcher and 6 cups, barbecue grill, utensils, hand net, filter and vacuum, swimming ring, floating swim guard rail, 2 rafts, chaise lounge. 2 chipboard flowerpots with plastic plants.

(6 thru 8) Fashion dolls by Mattel., featuring Sun Lovin’ Malibu Barbie and Ken and Super Teen Skipper. Vinyl. Bent elbows. twist waist and straight legs. Painted eyes. Barbie and Skipper have rooted hair; Ken has molded hair. Barbie and Ken have mirrored sunglasses; beach bag: Skipper has skateboard, safety equipment. long skirt, extra shoes, comb and mirror.

(8) 11-1/4 in. Sun Lovin’ Malibu Barbie. Dressed in aqua bikini.

Play sets: Arco Barbie House Party, My First Barbie, Hot tub/patio set & Doll sports car (1987)

Vintage Barbie at Toys R Us 1987

1980s Tropical Barbie plus pool and playsets

There’s the doll with some retro exercise equipment, a little hot tub and BBQ set, and a baby with a bassinet and high chair.

1980s Barbie pool and backyard playsets

Vintage My First Barbie – Ballerina doll (1989)

Vintage My First Barbie - Ballerina doll (1989)


The 90s saw a significant evolution in the Barbie franchise. This was the decade when Barbie really started to step outside the box.

More than just a fashionista, career Barbies started to emerge in roles that broke away from traditional gender stereotypes. Barbie became a pilot, a naval officer, even a presidential candidate, reflecting the shifting societal norms of the time.

Amid all these new roles, one doll stood out: Share A Smile Becky. Introduced in 1997, Becky was a friend of Barbie’s and used a wheelchair. She represented an important step towards inclusivity in the Barbie world.

Share A Smile Becky - Barbie dolls (1996)

From presidential runs to paving the way for representation, Barbie in the 90s was more than just a doll — she was a symbol of the changing times.

Vintage Happy Holidays Barbie doll with pink dress (1990)

Vintage Happy Holidays Barbie doll with pink dress (1990)

1990s Birthday Surprise Barbie doll from Mattel

Birthday Surprise Barbie doll from Mattel (1992)

MORE PINK! Vintage Lisa Frank: Transforming technicolor whimsy into a fun neon reality (1980s & 1990s)

90s Barbie Shani doll (1991)

90s Barbie Shani doll (1991)

Shani, Asha and Nichelle Barbie dolls (1991)

Shani, Asha and Nichelle Barbie dolls (1991)

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Retro 35th Anniversary Barbie doll (1994)

Finally, a second chance to own the First Barbie. It’s the Barbie doll everyone remembers. And few people own. Introduced in 1959, she immediately stole America’s heart.

Today, she’s more popular than ever. She’s been photographed, analyzed and adored by people around the world. Avid collectors pay as much as $5,000 for an original Barbie in mint condition.

Now, with the introduction of this Special Edition reproduction, you can own the doll that started it all. The 35th Anniversary Barbie. An American original returns.

Retro 35th Anniversary Barbie doll (1994)

Limited Edition Spring Bouquet Barbie doll from Enchanted Seasons collection (1995)

Standing with the warm sun shining on her hair and the sweet scent of flowers in the air, she is a gentle reminder of spring, the season of rebirth. Introducing Spring Bouquet Barbie from the Enchanted Seasons Collection. A colorful tribute to the wonders of spring.

She wears an iridescent lace gown adorned with hand-crafted glittering flowers. Her long blond hair blows softly in the breeze. With her blossom trimmed hat and a basket of flowers, she is truly the essence of spring. Spring Bouquet Barbie is a Limited Edition doll and comes complete with Certificate of Authenticity.

Limited Edition Spring Bouquet Barbie doll from Enchanted Seasons collection (1995)

Illusion Barbie doll – Masquerade Gala Collection from Barbie Collectibles (1997)

Illusion Barbie doll - Masquerade Gala Collection from Barbie Collectibles (1997)

Barbie Fashion Avenue doll clothes and fingernail decorations (1998)

Barbie Fashion Avenue doll clothes and fingernail decorations from 1999 (1)

Barbie Fashion Avenue doll clothes and fingernail decorations from 1999 (4)

Barbie Fashion Avenue doll clothes and fingernail decorations from 1999 (2)

Barbie Fashion Avenue doll clothes and fingernail decorations from 1999 (3)

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Barbie electronics – Phone, radio, clocks and more (1999)

Barbie electronics - Phone, radio etc (1999)

Barbie Lights N Sounds Micro Electronics

Barbie Lights N Sounds Micro Electronics (1999)

Retro Shop with Me Barbie cash register toy

Shop with Me Barbie cash register toy (1999)

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  1. That Barbie babysitting set was a playset that nobody else ever seems to remember, but I had it. The baby had sparkly blue rhinestone eyes. And for years after the rest of the set had gone missing, I still had that scalloped edged baby bathtub.

  2. I LOVE this article (thank you!). I spent hours upon hours playing with my Barbie, Ken and Skipper dolls. I had the orange dune buggy pictured above and totally forgot about that until I saw the photo.
    My first Barbie only had movable arms and head and probably would have been worth some money had I not chopped off her hair.
    My mother made Barbie clothes so I rarely bought those.

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  4. It was disappointing to see that the original (and most collectible) Barbie things from 1959-1967 were glossed over and left out. They had the most interesting clothes, cars and cases and structures. Barbie’s convertible and Ken’s hot rod. A dream house, fashion shop, a kitchen, Skipper school, Skipper house, theatre with play scripts and tickets and sets, college dorm and campus – beautifully designed and thought out. They were made of cardboard with wonderful graphics (instead of the ubiquitous pink plastic of later designs). Not to mention the clothes, of which only a few are shown here. They were haute couture designs straight from the Paris runways, carefully made by hand, with real wools and satins and wonderful accessories. Not like the mass-produced plastic stuff made later.

    1. Hi, Cynthia – Thank you so much for the comment! I would love to add more, but this is everything I have that’s been scanned into digital form. I will definitely keep an eye out for other vintage Barbie items, though, especially now I have a better idea of what to look for. :-)

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