Easy-Bake Ovens: See the vintage kitchen toys that let kids bake their own mini cakes

Vintage Easy Bake Oven toys

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Even though Easy-Bake Ovens were simply miniaturized, lightbulb-powered versions of the kitchen appliances grown-ups used, little girls (and more than a few boys) pretty much thought these vintage toys were the best thing since sliced… cake.

For decades after their introduction in 1963, these mini cake makers showed up on wish lists for Santa and for birthdays, and millions of them were sold — along with probably ten times as many little packets of cake mix and frosting. (And on that topic, don’t miss this: 30 vintage cake mixes you don’t see anymore.)

Vintage yellow Easy Bake Oven - 1960s

Like any successful product, vintage Easy Bake Ovens had their share of imitators — a few of those, including the popular Sears version, are also shown below.

And yes, they are are still made (see more current models here), although they’re no longer lightbulb powered.

They’ve also expanded their menu, and you can buy mixes to make all kinds of new delights with the modern machines: cheese pizza, party pretzel dippers, mini whoopie pies, red velvet & strawberry cakes, plus and chocolate chip & pink sugar cookies.

Vintage Betty Crocker model Easy-Bake Ovens (1960s)

Realistic! Beautifully styled! It’s quick and easy!

Vintage blue Betty Crocker Easy Bake oven toy - 1960s

119-piece Junior Chef Food Mix set (1960s)

22 delicious cakes, 7 batches of cookies, pancakes, gingerbread men and more!

Vintage Easy Bake Oven baking mixes from the 60s

Kenner’s Easy-Bake oven! (1967)

Bakes with 2 Ordinary Electric Light Bulbs! Complete with 3 slide-through baking pans, kitchen utensils, and mixes for baking all this…

FUN! Bake delicious cakes, pies, pretzels, pizzas, candy, with 12 just-add-water mixes. Baking times approximately 6 to 16 minutes.

EASY! While one pan bakes, another cools. Slide in third pan which pushes other pans through enclosed baking chamber and enclosed cooling chamber. Everything you need is included.

Retro Easy Bake Oven from 1967

Cakes so dreamy and pies so creamy (1960s)

…she can bake them all with this 79-piece Magic-Cool Electric Oven Set.

Complete set includes Magic-Cool Oven, 27 tasty food mixes, 14 baking utensils, a cookbook and 36 birthday candles!

The Magic-Cool oven is fully insulated… exterior never gets hot. Child never touches a hot pan because just a turn of a knob moves pan from oven to cooling chamber.

Nichrome wire, porcelain ceramic heating element (not light bulb) assures even temp. Set includes specially prepared mixes to bake 16 deliciously frosted cakes, 2 pies and 2 batches of yummy brownies.

All the utensils you need come right along, too: 2 cake pans, a pie plate, 3 muffin cups, cake decorator and nozzles, rolling pin, mixing bowl and more. Heavy gauge steel oven is 11- by 6- by 10-inches high: has “peek-thru” window. Takes pans up to 4 inches. UL listed. 110-120-v., 60-c. AC.

Vintage Argo Industries Magic-Cool Oven Junior Chef - 1960s

76-piece Junior Chef cake mix set (1960s)

20 frosted cakes in 11 different flavors, plus all the needed utensils.

Retro 60s Easy Bake Oven toy and mixes

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Blue old-style Kenner Easy-Bake Ovens (1968)

This little girl has cake and frosting mixes, plus two finished cakes made in the mini-oven.

A girl with her old-style Easy Bake Oven in 1968

Vintage yellow Easy-Bake Oven toy (1970s)

It came with 2 cake mixes and 1 frosting mix. (Chocolate frosting, German chocolate cake & white cake mix)

Yellow vintage 70s Easy Bake Oven toy

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Golly! Sally visits the Easy-Bake oven toy factory (1973)

“… and this is where Kenner makes the GREATEST GIRL’S TOY since dolls!”

“More than 5 million little girls like you baked their first cake in an Easy Bake Oven!”

Vintage Easy Bake Oven comic book ad - 197

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Easy Bake Oven toy (1973)

Every good cook has to start somewhere. For her, there’s no thrill quite like when she bakes that first Betty Crocker chocolate cake in her Easy-Bake Oven.

More than all the fun she’ll have, Easy-Bake is a great way for her to create love in warm little bites. Easy-Bake has built-in safety features, is U.L. approved and bakes with two ordinary light bulbs. And comes with real Betty Crocker mixes. Easy-Bake. Because she’ll love it.

Easy Bake Oven toy betterhomesgarde51juldesm 0830

Vintage 70’s Betty Crocker edition of an Easy-Bake Oven (1973)

Comes with several cake and frosting mixes, and a cookbook!

Big yellow vintage Betty Crocker Easy Bake Oven - 1960s 1970s

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The phantom strikes: Vintage comic book ad (1973)

“I just love my new Kenner Betty-Crocker Easy-Bake Oven — It’s so easy to bake a yummy cake!”

Simple — safe — fun: Bakes with two 60-watt light bulbs. Set complete with oven, mixes for devil’s food and yellow cake with chocolate fudge frosting, three baking pans, pan pusher and cookbook. Light bulbs not included. Extra Betty Crocker cakes mixes also available. 

Vintage Easy Bake Oven comic book ad - 1973

Pillsbury Easy-Bake Oven-style cake mixes (1981)

Comes with all 583 pieces! Cake and frosting mixes, cookie cutters, pans, and more!

1981 Pillsbury Easy Bake Oven-style cake mixes

Holly Hobbie Bake Ovenn from the 80s

This all-electric oven has an old fashioned cast-iron appearance and sturdy molded construction. Side extensions serve as both work areas and cooling trays.

Old fashioned in style, but totally modern in safety features, the side action oven heats with just one 100 watt bulb (not included). Unique safety door seals off baking chamber and keeps bulb out of reach. Double-wall front panel keeps heat in so the oven never gets too hot to touch!

Holly Hobbie Bake Oven from Coleco (1980)

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Vintage Sears Fun Time Bake Oven (1981)

Funtime Electric Oven. Works on heat from one 100-watt bulb. Oven frame never gets too hot to touch. The realistic-looking oven has pretend stove with 4 “burners,” vent hood above. Simulated chopping block and counter for food preparation.

Made of sturdy, colorful plastic. Plastic paddle for removing finished baked goods… little hands need never touch hot pans.

Both ovens come with “Starter” Pillsbury Bake Set including 2 cake mixes, 1 frosting mix, 1 chocolate fudge mix, 2 cake pans, 1 teaspoon measure and cookbook. Just add water, mix and bake.

Vintage Sears Fun Time Bake Oven from 1981

Sears Electric Sonar Range (1981)

Electronic Sonar Range. All-electric oven with modern microwave design works on heat from one 100-watt bulb. Oven frame never gets too hot to touch. Range is durable plastic, 11- by 7-1/2- by 12-inches high.

You can set the electronic timer for any of 3 positions; The “LED” number display blinks as seconds tick off. At the end of cycle, “LED” flashes and a buzzer tick off. At end of cycle, and a buzzer goes off.

Pillsbury Bake and Decorate Sets

Be a real baker with easy-to-do goodies you can make in the ovens sold above or in grown-up ovens. Colorful illustrated book teaches you to decorate cakes, bake brownies and cookies and mold sugar animals. Sets include Poppin’ Fresh mixing bowl, spoon/spatula and decorating syringe with 2 tips.

53-piece Pillsbury Bake and Decorate Set includes: basic baking tools, 2 round cake pans, 2 heart-shaped cake pans, 4-piece tier cake set, 4 animal sugar molds, 20 cake mixes, 16 frosting mixes. Makes 16 cakes (8 tier cakes) and 4 pans of brownies.

Vintage Sears Electric Sonar Range toy from 1981

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Vintage Tyco Tastybake Oven (1988)

Bake a cake for dad with your very own oven!

Make wacky candy faces or bake tasty cakes with the Mix ‘N’ Match Funny Faces set. Make in oven (11) of in any regular household oven.

Includes one heart bite-size and 2 face candy molds, round cake pan, spatula, microwave-safe melting/mixing bowl, candy brush, 6 yellow cake mixes, 6 artificially-flavored vanilla and 6 fudge frosting mixes, Two 14-ounce packs of candy melts, 20 gift tags, 20 lollipop sticks and instructions.

Vintage Tyco TastyBake oven from 1988

(8 through 10) Fancy cake-bake sets for oven (11) or any regular household oven. You get everything shown except finished baked goods.

(8) 101-piece bake set. Makes 14 cakes, 16 cupcakes, 2 pans of brownies and lots of cookies. Instructions included.

(9) 62-piece bake set. Makes 12 cakes, 16 cupcakes and 2 pans of brownies.

(10) Tastybake refill set includes 5 cake, 2 white frosting, 2 fudge, 1 brownie and 2 cookie mixes.

(11) It’s as much fun to bake as it is to eat. The goodies you’ll make with Tastybake oven; You can bake cookies, muffins, cakes and even melt chocolate for yummy candies. Door is released by a special spatula designed to keep child’s fingers out, and a cooking guide is printed on the front panel.

Includes metal cake/pie pan, cookie sheet, spatula, recipe book and 3 cookie cutters. Metal and plastic oven is UL listed. Uses a 100-watt light bulb (not included). Imported. Professionally baked decorated items illustrated are not included.

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