Vintage 60s dolls: Baby First Step, Betsy Wetsy, Swingy, Dancerina, Cheerful Tearful & others

Vintage dolls from 1969

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These cute vintage 60s dolls seemed to offer something for everyone — from the mod Swingy doll to more traditional baby dolls, and mini doll sets to talking toys!

Betsy Wetsy & other classic baby dolls (1960)

Bye Bye Baby in a high chair, Betsy Wetsy in a swing, Toodles doll in a shopping cart, Baby Beautiful in a bassinet, and Tiny Tears in a playpen.

1960 Betsy Wetsy doll toys

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Vintage 60s Dancerina doll  (1969)

Because girls dream about being a ballerina, Mattel makes DANCERINA.

Touch her crown — Dancerina pirouettes! Round and round in rhythm to her own recording of the Nutcracker Suite.

Touch her crown again — she changes direction! Watch her whirl — Touch again and see her toe dance with delicate steps forward — and then backward — Was there ever a doll like Dancerina?

She’s a pink confection in silken blouse and ruffled tutu. Dancerina — Bravo!

Vintage Dancerina doll from 1969 - Mattell toys

Vintage 60s dolls: Baby’s Hungry

New Baby’s Hungry is amazing — she really seems to eat and drink! Feed her with the spoon, her mouth moves as she chews.

Give Baby’s Hungry! her bottle, her cheeks move as she nurses. And all the while, her eyes look around.


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Winking Winny doll from 1967

Winking Winny doll from 1967

Glamorous Sally doll from 1967

Glamorous Sally is a doll with great appeal to girls, because she can be changed from a teen-age to adult doll with a wardrobe change and the push of a button. The button regulates her growth from 6″ to 7-1/4″.

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Glamorous Sally doll from 1967

Vintage 60s baby dolls: We drink, wet & cry

Vintage dolls and toys from 1963

Baby Say ‘N See & Drowsy Baby Secret

Baby Say ‘N See moves her lips and eyes when she says things like, “I can see in the dark, can you?” [Coming from a doll, that sounds creepy.]

Baby Say N See Drowsy Baby Secret dolls - Mattel toys from 1967


Vintage 60s dolls: Baby First Step

Baby First Step walks and skates, all by herself! Talking Baby First Step (not shown) can do all that, and talk.

Baby first step - Mattel toys from 1967

Baby Cheerful Tearful from Mattel

This is one reason little girls love Cheerful Tearful… This is the other.

The pictures tell the story. They’re both the same doll. Mattel’s new Cheerful Tearful can actually change her expression.

Move her arm up, and her tearful pout turns to a happy smile. Move her arm down, and her smile turns to a pout again. (She even cries tears.)

At first, little girls are simply astonished. But in no time, astonishment turns to love. And to endless hours of having fun: taking care of Cheerful Tearful when she’s sad, and making her happy again.

Vintage toys from the 1960s - Mattel Cheerful Tearful doll

Baby Cheerful Tearful - Mattel toys from 1967


Congrats on your baby girl: Vintage cards from 1969

Teeny Weeny Tiny Tears, Little Miss Echo, Tiny Tears & other retro ’60s dolls

Cute dolls from 1964

Old-school baby dolls from the sixties

Here you can meet Cuddly Baby Coo, Miss Sweetdreams, Baby Lullaby, Posable Patty, and Susie Snowtime

Vintage baby dolls from 1967

Vintage 60s baby dolls: Swingy from 1969

Because girls would love a friend to dance with, Mattel makes SWINGY.

She swings! She swings her arms… she swings her feet with the “Swingy Step.” She tosses her shining hair from side to side, and dances like no other doll in the world.

Swingy comes with her very own pop record, with music and lyrics to match her mood. And when Swingy finishes dancing, she’ll walk, too.

Vintage Swingy doll from 1969 - Mattel toys

Lullabye Baby Doll by Horsman, Baby Sharon, Betty Walker, Lil Softee, Baby Go to Sleep, Ma-Ma Baby Doll, Thirstee Walker Doll

Vintage dolls from 1969

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  1. I’m trying to find a baby doll from 1969 with red hair that my grandmother and I looked everywhere and found the last one for Christmas. She made a crying sound

    1. Did it originally have a white top and red plaid pants? I’m looking for one too. Let me know if if you find her. Thanks

  2. I’m trying to find a doll from 1959/60 that had a pink plush body with a rubber face that had a pouty lip. Only thing I’ve seen close in body type are the Douglas dolls.
    Thank you

  3. Did anyone else have a Hungrietta doll? She had a hole in her mouth and you fed her food from a little box and then after you fed it all to her you could unplug the hole in her back and dump it out and re-feed it to her. The food was dry like fine sawdust.

  4. looking for the doll that you could record your voice on. the commercial for it showed a girl recording her message to her friend, “hello do you want to play?” or something similar. the doll had a ribbon at her neck that you turned one way to record and another to repeat your message to the friend. it showed her at the front door, playing the message for her friend. somwhere between 1958 to maybe 1963. i cant find anything on line.

  5. I have doll from latev50’s or early 1960s. She is wearing an American Airlines stewardess outfit and has a cloth AA bag. I cannot find any info online regarding this doll. Can anyone help?

  6. iam looking for a doll named pinky lee she was a big baby doll my mom bought her for me in mnt view mo at toy store inside of five and dime was my last baby doll she was blonde headed and had a pink outfit on would love to find one thank you

    1. I’m looking for a doll made between 1968 and 1971. She came in a highchair. You place a food card on her tray and she shakes her head yes or no if she wants it. Thanks

  7. I am looking for a doll I got in early 70’s…she had golden hair…she had a soft body with vinyl hands, feet and head….I think she had a squeaker thing inside so when you laid her back she cried….she had a soft blue nylon dress long sleeves with a matching bonnet and booties….I have been looking for years to have this doll again….I think she had rosy cheeks also….her eyes closed when you laid her back

  8. Help please…I’m looking for a baby doll from 1969 ir 1969. Beautiful doll with white gown, blonde hair with netting. When you moved her she cried momma papa.

  9. looking for a large baby doll named pinky my mom bought her for me in mnt viiew mo in a doll shop behind the five and dime she was the last baby doll i got for christmass

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