Baby’s Hungry doll

New Baby’s Hungry is amazing — she really seems to eat and drink! Feed her with the spoon, her mouth moves as she chews. Give Baby’s Hungry! her bottle, her cheeks move as she nurses. And all the while, her eyes look around.




Baby Say ‘N See & Drowsy Baby Secret

Baby Say ‘N See moves her lips and eyes when she says things like, “I can see in the dark, can you?”




Baby First Step

Baby First Step walks and skates, all by herself! Talking Baby First Step (not shown) can do all that, and talk.

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Baby Cheerful Tearful



Little Kiddle dolls

New Lucky Locket Kiddles – each doll comes in its own locket, with chain, clip, stand. Girls can collect them, wear them, decorate with them. And the dolls even come out for play!


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