Buffalo Bill’s Wild West & Rough Riders (1900-1908)

The Rough Riders of all nations (1900)

Marshall — one day only: Saturday, September 22

Buffalo Bill’s world-famous Wild West and congress of Rough Riders

The Marshall Republican – Marshall, Saline County, Missouri (September 07, 1900)


Buffalo Bill & congress of Rough Riders (1902)

A page of heroic history torn from the eventful past — Buffalo Bill’s Wild West and congress of Rough Riders… One gloriously grand ruler of the amusement realm.

The Houston Daily Post – Houston, Texas (October 05, 1902)


Buffalo Bill’s Wild West (1908)

For the boys and girls of Washington, The Washington Herald has arranged for tickets for Buffalo Bill’s Wild West — Free, Tuesday May 19

The Washington Herald – Washington, DC (May 13, 1908)


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