Liddle Kiddles dolls from the 60s & 70s were cute & fun, but disappeared for a surprising reason

Liddle Kiddles were cute retro miniature dolls

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Not to be confused with the iconic Fisher-Price Little People (which are still sold today), Liddle Kiddles were tiny vinyl dolls with rooted, brushable hair.

These wee dolls (ranging anywhere from 4-inches to less than 1-inch — they got smaller every year) were only available between around 1966 and 1970.

As you can see from the collection of advertising materials below, Liddle Kiddles looked adorable and fun! No surprise they are considered collectible these days.

The Liddle Kiddles line-up was ultimately discontinued in 1970, when the global oil crisis caused a shortage in the supply of vinyl (a petroleum-based product). While they could still be found in stores for a while longer, they weren’t manufactured again.

We’re not sure why Mattel never brought these dolls back to the market, but can’t help feeling like a giant chunk of Gen X missed out on the fun!

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Storybook Kiddles (1967)

While you read her the fairy tale, these Storybook Kiddles work a kind of magic.

Mattel’s new Storybook Kiddles bring the story to life. They make it as real as the tiny dolls your little girl can hold in her hands.

Each of these new Storybook Kiddles comes from a favorite story. There’s Liddle Red Riding Hiddle and the wolf. Peter Paniddle with Tinker Bell and the crocodile. Liddle Middle Muffet and the spider. Liddle Biddle Peep and her sheep.

Along with each doll and animal, there’s an illustrated storybook for you to read aloud. And later on, after the story is over, these new Storybook Kiddles work another kind of magic. They give your little girl a chance to make up her own adventure story. One that may be even more fascinating and original than the original.

That’s another especially nice thing about getting a doll with a storybook. The story doesn’t end when the storybook does.

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Vintage Storybook Kiddles (1967)

Liddle Kiddle Talking House: Holds crowds of Kiddles (1968)

“This is where the Liddie Kiddies live,” says the Talking Kiddie House. Just pull the ring at the back of the house and it will say one of 10 phrases.

Kiddles love riding in the elevator… just turn the handle to go up or down. Two-story house has room for many Kiddies; it’s 12 x 7-1/2 x 10 inches high… molded vinyl.

Set includes Slipsy Sliddle dressed in sporty bell-bottom slacks, blouse and white shoes. Rooted hair is caught on either side in ribbons. 3-inch vinyl body… bendable and poseable. (Other Kiddles shown, not included.) Molded slide and book included.

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Vintage Liddle Kiddle Talking House Holds crowds of Kiddles (1968)

Lucky Locket Kiddles jewelry: Charm bracelets & Kiddle Kologne

These 3 KIDDLES bring you luck: You’ll love all 3 adorable Kiddles… a Lucky Locket Kiddle, Charm Bracelet Kiddie and scented Kiddle Kologne

Lorelei Locket Kiddie is just 2 inches tall, but full of good luck. Necklace and bracelet are gold-color. The flower charm holds a tiny 1-1/16-inch Kiddle with rosy cheeks and shocking pink hair.

Inside the Honeysuckle Kologne decanter is a 2-inch Kiddie with posing stand. Plastic decanter is 4-1/2 inches. Bendable vinyl Kiddies are removable so you can play with them. Rooted hair.

Lucky Locket Kiddles — each doll comes in its own locket, with chain, clip, stand. Girls can collect them, wear them, decorate with them. And the dolls even come out for play!

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Liddle Kiddles - Lucky Locket Kiddles (1968)

Vintage Liddle Kiddles playsets (1960s)

Liddle Kiddles are delightful teeny people — only 2-1/2- to 3-1/2-inches high. They live and play together in their own imaginary Liddle Kiddie Land. Each Liddle Kiddle comes with his own toy, plus a comb and brush for his rooted hair (vinyl). And they’ll do anything for you — they’re poseable!

Vintage 1960s Liddle Kiddles toys and carriers

Featuring all the Liddle Kiddles, like Liddle Diddle, Bunson Burnie, Calamity Jiddle, Florence Niddle, Millie Middle, Greta Griddle, Babe Biddle, Lola Liddle, and Howard “Biff” Boodle!

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Liddle Kiddles

The Liddle Kiddles: Retro tiny dolls (1965)
Meet the teeniest, tiniest little persons: The Liddle Kiddles!

Lola Liddle is the teeny new doll who loves to go sailing. (So she comes with her own sailboat.) 

Bunson Burnie is very brave and very busy. That’s because he’s the world’s littlest fire chief. (You’ll always find Bunson with his fire engine.)

Greta Griddle is famous everywhere. (Because she gives the best tea parties ever.)

Millie Middle is just crazy about anything with sand in it. Like sandwiches, or Millie’s own sandbox.

Can you find Calamity Jiddle? She plays cowboys all the time. (Riding her very own rocking horse.)

Howard (Call Me “Biff”) Boodle wants you to call him by his nickname. And to help him pull his tiny wagon.

Babe Biddle loves to drive. (She’s even got her own sports car.)

Know who’s the littlest Liddle Kiddle of all? Liddle Diddle, who’s just a baby. She likes to sleep in her crib.

Finally, meet Florence Niddle. You will find Florence with her baby buggy.

Vintage Liddle Kiddles dolls

All these teeny, tiny new little persons live in Liddle Kiddle Land. (That’s anywhere Liddle Kiddles are.) Each one has arms and legs that really bend, and hair you can comb. Each one comes with a toy that really works and a special Liddle Kiddle book.

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Telly Viddle & Beddy Bye Biddle dolls and accessories

Telly Viddle: Telly can even change the channel on her TV set… just turn the selector and full-color pictures rotate on a drum. Telly wears a cute play dress, matching shoes, bow. 3-3/4 inch bendable vinyl body. Rooted hair. “Pretzel” box, book included.

Beddy Bye Biddle: She’s all ready for sleep in her lace-trimmed nighty and matching bow. Bed is molded plastic. Bedspread and pillow of flower print. 3-1/2 inches tall, bendable vinyl. Rooted hair. Comb, brush and book included.

Liddle Kiddles toy dolls and accessories at Sears (1968)

Delightful 3-1/2-inch LIDDLE KIDDLES with coordinated accessories

Sears exclusive Baby Liddle and carriage: You can actually push Baby Liddle in her plastic carriage… the wheels really turn. Mattress and pillow are included for Baby’s comfort.

Baby Liddle is wearing a soft bib and panties outfit. Her rooted hair is swept up in a ribbon. With her big. bright eyes and wistful smile, no wonder she looks so appealing. Has poseable vinyl body. Brush and comb included.

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Liddle Kiddles toy dolls - Baby Liddle and carriage at Sears (1968)

Vintage View-Master – The World of Liddle Kiddles

This set had 3 discs for 21 stereo pictures you could see on a View-Master toy

Vintage View-Master - The World of Liddle Kiddles

Liddle Kiddles coloring pages/Figure guide sheets (1968)

Like coloring pages? You can find dozens of free printables at our partner site,! 

1968 Liddle Kiddles coloring page (1)

1968 Liddle Kiddles coloring page (2)

Playhouse Kiddles: A retro coloring book from Whitman (1971)

Liddle Kiddles - Playhouse Kiddles book

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  1. I had a Kiddle charm bracelet. I always wondered why these were discontinued. Enjoyed the article!

  2. when I was little I had the pink Kiddle round hat box doll set Plus the plastic jewelry set”s. brings back so many wonderful memories! I had dolls sets of different kinds..

  3. They did bring them back! I had them in the 1990’s as a child! The one’s from the 90’s often had colorful hair.

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