Burger King: The vintage fast food restaurant they once called ‘delightfully different’

Burger King The vintage fast food restaurant

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Where 60-second service begins with a smile… and ends with one (1966)

Burger King — the nation’s fastest-growing chain of self-service restaurants — is so delightfully different, no wonder it has caught America’s fancy!

Not a drive-in… not a cafeteria… not a diner — Burger King is a unique concept in restaurants, designed for America-on-the-move.

At Burger King, there are no waiters, no waiting, no tipping. Give your order, and in just about 60 seconds, your hot food is ready to enjoy. The atmosphere is home-like, casual, relaxed. And you can eat inside where the weather is perfect for comfort.

Burger King The vintage fast food restaurant 1966

The whole family will enjoy the good-tasting, nourishing food — like the famous open-flame broiled Whopper… an exclusive Burger King creation that’s a nutritionally-balanced meal in itself — big enough to satisfy a healthy appetite. And the kids will love those super-size shakes, too.

Wherever you go…. look for the sign of the happy King on a Bun. It’s the sign of good food, 60-second service, and pleasingly low prices. That’s Burger King — home of the Whopper.

1966 Burger King: In all the world, there’s only one Whopper

1966 Burger King

Have it your way, at Burger King (1976)

Getting what you want at Burger King goes double now. Big, juicy double beef hamburgers. Double beef cheeseburgers. And double beef Whopper sandwiches. Twice the beef in every bite. And delicious.

Get ’em with all the trimmings. Or we’ll make ’em for you special — on the double. Only Burger King fixes it your way without a lot of waiting.

1976 Burger King vintage fast food

Herb – you must be joking: Vintage Burger King slogan bumper sticker

Herb you must be joking - Vintage Burger King bumper sticker

Vintage Burger King magazine ad – Baseball family (1976)

Vintage Burger King magazine ad - Baseball family (1976)

Burger King and Cap’n Crunch cereal (1976)

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Burger King and Cap'n Crunch cereal (1976

Burger King restaurant workers in uniform (1978)

“These smiles are the genuine article – not pasted on. Our customers like that!” – Floyd Bond, owner-operator of two Burger King restaurants, Los Angeles, California 

Burger King restaurant workers (1978)

Before they were famous: Actresses in a Burger King commercial (c1982)

In the front here, we have Sarah Michelle Gellar, Lea Thompson, and Elisabeth Shue (the latter two would reunite a few years later in the Back to the Future movies!).

Before they were famous actresses in Burger King vintage ad (c1982)

YouTube video

Vintage Burger King Whopper 1984

Vintage Burger King Whopper 1984

Burger King in Black Enterprise magazine (Oct 1982)

Burger King Oct 1982

Burger King fast food – Salad or pita? (1984)

Burger King fast food - Salad or pita

Burger King Whopper ad – Aren’t you hungry (1984)

Burger King Whopper ad - Aren't you hungry (1984)

Vintage 1980s Burger King ad – Make it special

Vintage 1980s Burger King ad - Make it special

Burger King – Black History Month (1989)

Burger King - Black History Month (1989)

Burger King Big King (1998)

Burger King Big King (1998)

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