Easy wax & tissue paper flowers: How to make this colorful retro craft

Easy wax and tissue paper flowers How to make this colorful retro craft

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You can make these super easy wax & tissue paper flowers for Christmas or any time of year! This vintage craft uses basic supplies, but creates a surprisingly beautiful result! Get the how-to here, direct from 1966.

How to make vintage wax & tissue paper flowers (1966)

Turn out these translucent candle-wax and paper flowers by the score to tie on gifts and trees.

For a glowing Noel rose, cut five pieces of colored tissue paper into 3×4-inch rectangles. Use knotted string or yarn for centers.

Gather paper around stamens at one end, and tie with florist wire. Moisten fingers and roll the edges of each paper flower petal.

Melt two inches of wax in a pan, and dip each flower separately. Shake off the excess wax. Flowers will dry in seconds.

How to make vintage wax and tissue paper flowers

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A Christmas wreath craft with DIY red tissue paper poinsettia flowers

Paper poinsettias and twirling dolls deck a full door wreath. (See more great vintage door wreath ideas here.)

These wax & tissue paper flowers are made by cutting crepe paper into 8″ squares.

Pull the paper up into six or seven tiny peaks in the center of the square, and wrap each with yellow thread. Four petals will be left. Dip in wax as above.

Dancing dolls [shown in the middle of the wreath] are made with two pieces of crepe paper that are 5×10 inches and 10×10 inches. Roll each piece lengthwise to a 1-inch width.

Fold the long piece in half, and insert the shorter roll for the arms. Tie at neck and waist. (This is a lot like how you make a classic corn husk doll.) Pull out paper and fluff for the skirt, divide and tie for pants.

A Christmas wreath with red tissue paper poinsettia flowers

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