Kellogg’s Concentrate cereal was much-loved, but they still discontinued it

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Vintage Kellogg's Concentrate cereal
Kellogg’s Concentrate cereal debuted in 1959, and was introduced to the public with these text-heavy ads touting the nutritional benefits.

Despite not being colorful, sugary and obviously targeted to kids, based on the comments we have received about it, people loved the stuff! Still, the cereal giant stopped making Concentrate decades ago. The last mention of it being for sale that we could find was from 1981.

A message about an important food (1959)

From Kellogg’s of Battle Creek

Perhaps W. K. Kellogg, the founder of our company, will always be best-known as the man who invented breakfast cereals. But, before he died, be had an even more remarkable idea for another kind of food… actually a new dimension in nutrition.

It was Mr. Kellogg’s conviction that the essential, life-giving nutrients of other foods could be combined with those of the grains so as to produce a new kind of food — an important food, concentrating vitamins, protein and minerals.

This idea, first taken into consideration in 1948, has now led to the development at Kellogg’s of a new ready-to-eat food which provides the greatest concentration of nutrients ever offered in a single all-purpose food. This new food is 40% high-quality protein, the kind you get in milk, meat and eggs, and it also contains eleven important vitamins and minerals.

Concentrate cereal from Kelloggs - 1959

Although high in the nutrients we need most, it is low in the things we ordinarily get plenty of, such as fats. In fact, it is so nutritious it might well be termed “diet insurance.”

By this, we mean that this new food can give wives and mothers a high degree of assurance that, whatever else the family eats during the day, everyone will get nutritive values from this food that are essential to active, vigorous good health.

This new food is nutritionally ideal for fortifying almost any other food in our diet. And in the form of crisp, tiny flakes, this is easy to do… whether you use it in meat and fish loaves or patties, waffles, etc… sprinkle it on casseroles, soups, salads, vegetables and desserts… or add it to many other favorite dishes.

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By itself, it is by far the most nutritious cereal food you can pour into a bowl — extremely satisfying for breakfast or at any other time. Yet, with all this good nutrition, one ounce contains only 106 calories.

The flavor of this new product is quite delicious, too. Four out of five people who have tried it comment very favorably on its taste and crispness.

At the right is a chart showing the nutritional content of this new food. And because so much good nutrition is concentrated in it, we have chosen to call this newest Kellogg product simply Kellogg’s Concentrate.

Kellogg’s Concentrate is now at your grocery store. We hope that you will want to try it soon. We sincerely believe that you and your family will find many ways to enjoy it.

The little gold box: Kellogg’s Concentrate cereal (1963)

How it helps you balance your diet every day without a single chart

— If you have been working too hard and not eating right —
— If you have been splurging at the table and want to get back to the simple essentials of good nourishment —
— If you are regulating your weight —
— If you are uncertain (and perhaps a bit uneasy) about the claims and counterclaims today regarding protein, cholesterol, fats, vitamins. and other controversial dietary issues —

Then you’ll want to know about a unique new kind of cereal food which helps you balance your diet every day without a single chart. Kellogg’s Concentrate — the greatest concentration of nutrients — vitamins, minerals, proteins — ever offered in a single all-purpose food.

The little gold box that helps you keep on the safe side of uncertainty. Here it is—front, back, and sides. You can read the whole story right on the box.

Kellogg's Concentrate cereal (1959-1965)

New: Kellogg’s Concentrate (1959)

The greatest concentration of nutrients ever offered in a single all-purpose food

(The ready-to-serve nutrition “booster”)


Max Shulman for Kellogg’s (1965)

(By the author of Doby Gillis, Rally Round the Flag, Boys, etc.)

You know what’s even harder than finding a name for a new baby? Here’s what: finding a name for a new breakfast cereal.

Take, for instance, what happened a few years ago in the boardroom of the Kellogg Company in Battle Creek, Michigan.

“Gentlemen,” said the chairman of the board to all the executives, “our laboratories have just perfected a new cereal which is 45% high-quality protein, 99% fat-free, and contains defatted wheat germ plus 10 vitamins and minerals. A one-ounce serving of this cereal — only one ounce, mark you — provides more nourishment than many a full meal.

“You can eat the cereal as it comes: you can sprinkle it on other cereals, or add it to casseroles, salads, desserts, or practically anything… Now, gentlemen, have called you here to help me think of a name for this new cereal. So concentrate!”

The executives furrowed their costly brows and pondered deeply, silently.

“Concentrate, gentlemen, concentrate,” urged the chairman of the beard as the minutes ticked by.

Then, all of a sudden, the chairman leaped to his feet. “Eureka! Eureka!” he cried. “That’s it!”

The executives all crowded around and pumped his hand. “You’ve done it again, Boss!” they cried. “What a name for a cereal — Kellogg’s Eureka!”

“No, no, no!” said the man crossly. “Kellogg’s Concentrate.”

And Kellogg’s Concentrate is what they called it. And you will find it in a little gold box at your grocer’s. And you will be glad you found it.

Concentrate cereal

The little gold box – Kellogg’s Concentrate Cereal from 1967

The little gold box - Kellogg's Concentrate Cereal from 1967

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35 Responses

    1. That cereal saved my life. I was very scrawny and I’m healthy kid my mother bought the cereal. And I started eating it got healthy it really helped me. Wish they’d bring it back.

  1. Yeah I remember this cereal very well. It was pretty tasty and in such a small box that it seemed unreal. It had a way of swelling up so much that it was equivalent to cereal from a larger box.

    Everybody liked this Special K stuff. So there must be a good reason why Kellogs does not bring it back. It probably has to do with whatever ghastly trick they pulled to get it to shrink and expand so much with just water (i.e. milk) Like maybe they added worm castings, mycorrhizae and water-obsorbing polymers. You have to know there was a lot less scrutiny of the crap they put into food in those days.

    1. Please I’ve looked for many YEARS for Concentrate I use to eat it when I was very young I’m 60 now and would love to have some I’m sure alot of other people if they seem this they would be saying please bring it back is there any place I can get any ? Looking forward to seeing it back in stores Kroger ? ❤️Tammy Julian

      1. I am also someone who misses Concentrate cereal , I’d buy it regularly if it was still available.
        Enjoyed ithe consistency and flavor when mixed in with milk. When I was a kid I’d ask my mom to purchase it as I preferred it to Roman meal.

  2. Absolutely loved concentrate with fresh cold delivered milk with cream…. such sweet childhood memories. Where did you go Concentrate

  3. Please bring Kellogg’s Concentrate back! Absolutely loved it growing up and fits right into the new high protein diets of today’s age.

  4. This is in my opinion the absolute best cereal ever made. I would love to see it produced again and would buy a lot of it. Kellogg’s please bring it back!

  5. Totally agree with all the comments. I dream about Concentrate. I would love to have it again before I die…

  6. I loved that cereal. My grandma would buy it & I’d eat it for breakfast every time I stayed over! Is there anyway or anything I can do to initiate Kellogg to consider producing Concentraye again???
    Please, consider it!! Do a trial run. I’ll buy plenty Concentrate Cereal. Come on…. Bring Concentrate Back!!!

  7. I grew up with this cereal and would LOVE to see it on the shelves so I could show and share this wonderful cereal with my son and friends. It is absolutely the BEST! Please bring Cencentrate back.

  8. My grandmother would sprinkle it on a bowl of ice cream and we thought it was the best stuff ever. Not til I was an adult did I learn it was wheat germ! Good memories

  9. I crave Concentrate. With 6 of us kids it was hard to keep it in the house. We all loved it!!! Please bring it back.

  10. I wish it would come back. I would buy it. I loved it as a kid. My grandparents gave it to us for breakfast when we stayed over.

  11. My two cousins and I were just talking about how much we loved Concentrate cereal! We all three vote for a return of this cereal! With so many people fans what’s the hold up?
    Perhaps Kellogg’s could give us a recipe to make our own if they aren’t going to rerelease it.

  12. So many good memories eating concentrate with my father, we loved the cereal. Bring it back, I bet it would sell really well.

  13. Please Kellogg’s bring it back Concentrate cereal. It saved my life as a child. That is all mt mother said I would eat.
    Can we start a go fund me page for Kellogg’s to start making Concentrate cereal again? What will it take?

  14. When I was pregnant, i craved it, it was the only thing I could eat through my morning sickness, now my daughter is 51 years old and I’m still craving it.(thank god I m not pregnant all this time). Bring it back!

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