Hot tub time machines: See some retro backyard Jacuzzi hot tubs & whirlpool baths from the ’80s

Note: This article may feature affiliate links, and purchases made may earn us a commission at no extra cost to you. Find out more here.

Backyard spa Cambio hot tub from Jacuzzi (1981)

Note: This article may feature affiliate links, and purchases made may earn us a commission at no extra cost to you. Find out more here.

See some old-school Jacuzzi hot tubs and spas, including the super-trendy ’80s backyard whirlpool baths that ushered in a whole new way to entertain friends.

The Circa from Jacuzzi hot tub/whirlpool bath

The Circa: Expertly engineered, delivered fully-assembled and pre-tested. We leave the rest for you.

To enjoy the restful stimulation of the Circa Whirlpool spa, situate it above or below ground, make one very simple electrical connection, and fill it with water from a garden hose. There is absolutely nothing to assemble, except perhaps a few very appreciative friends.

It’s spa installation at its easiest. And because the Circa is made by Jacuzzi Whirlpool Bath, it’s the spa experience at its best.

Six adjustable Whirlpool inlets provide unparalleled massaging action all along the comfortable contour seating. The controls are easy to use, accessible from inside and outside, and like all our models (but no one else’s), the Circa is UL listed.

Discover all the features that make the Circa luxurious by nature, superior by design.

Backyard spa Circa hot tub from Jacuzzi (1981)

The Cambio Jacuzzi hot tubs from the ’80s – Portable spa

The Cambio. One portable spa that won’t leave you wondering where the action is. Just plug it in, and feel that powerful pressure surge through four whirlpool inlets.

Use it outdoors. Use it indoors. Get into the Cabrio wherever you have an outlet. Take it with you whenever you move.

And enjoy it every chance you get. The Cambio is roomier than most portables.

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Backyard spa Cambio hot tub from Jacuzzi (1981)

Vintage Jacuzzi Avanza hot tub from 1982

You’ll get a massage no one else can match — because no one else can give you our patented whirlpool jets. In short, you just can’t find a better whirlpool bath.

And with the Avanza, you’ll get a whirlpool spa, too… you can fill and drain it each time, because it’s a bath. Or leave it full, because it’s also a spa. The filter keeps the water clean, the heater keeps it hot. And you get the best of both worlds.

Vintage Jacuzzi Avanza hot tub 1982

A Coleco pool for the backyard: Above-ground swimming pools (1970)

The Jacuzzi Prima II hot tub/bathtub

Consider the Prima II. This high-lustre acrylic bath is long, sleek, and exquisitely comfortable… All controls are integrated into a master console at your fingertips. With three fully-adjustable Whirlpool jets to surround your body with massage.

So you see, the Prima II is much more than a beautiful acrylic bath. It’s a genuine Jacuzzi Whirlpool bath.

Vintage Jacuzzi Prima II hot tub from 1982

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