The Tappan Gallery Gas Range: Trendy retro kitchen appliances with bonus features (1968)

Vintage kitchen appliances - The Tappan Gallery Gas Range

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The vintage Tappan Gallery Gas Range design from the late sixties was an improvement on the gas stove models of the fifties — and the then-trendy appliance colors — harvest gold, copper, avocado — were also a big plus.

Vintage kitchen appliances: The Tappan Gas Gallery range

There’s a revolutionary new Kitchen Art cooking at the Tappan Gas Gallery.

Suddenly, you’re not just cooking. You’re creating! Because your Tappan Gallery gas range gives you a whole new range of kitchen creativity.

Every detail calculated to help you cook your best. Built-in warming shelf provides perfect keep-warm temperature. And only gas gives you Burner-with-a-Brain for automatic flame control.

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Char-Krome Hi-Broiler makes broiling a breeze. Roomy oven with a view. Easy cleanability. In cool, clear colorings (White, Copper, Avocado, Provincial) that turn you on.

Turn to your Tappan dealer or gas company. A Tappan Gallery will make your kitchen art the talk of the table. Gas makes big difference. Costs less, too.

Kitchen art cooking at the Tappan Gas Gallery (1968)

She wants what she wants when she wants it

Instant response. Controlled temperature. Top-of-the-oven broiler. Keep-warm shelf. The Burner-with-a-Brain. Smokeless broiling. High, simmer and warm burner settings. Removable oven liners.

On the level. An easy-to-reach oven that bakes and broils. When you’re roasting, the oven turns itself down. Keeps everything warm till you’re ready. When you’re broiling — no smoke, great steak.

And there’s a new, exclusive warming shelf that keeps things nice and hot. Not to mention instant temperature response and all those other plusses you only get with gas.

What more could you want? How about great colors? Coppertone, White, Avocado and Harvest Gold.

Want one? See your Tappan dealer or gas company. Gas makes the big difference. Costs less, too.

The Tappan Gallery Gas Range. Everything a girl could ask for.

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The Tappan Gallery Gas Range (1968)

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