Toys R Us in the 1990s was a power player! Revel in the nostalgia

90s Toys R Us - Vintage store

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When Toys R Us first opened its doors in the 1950s as a “supermarket of toys” — essentially the first big box store dedicated to toys — it was such a successful concept, it contributed to the closure of many small mom and pop toy stores.

By the 90s Toys R Us (and subsidiaries Kids R Us and Babies R Us) had grown into one of the most iconic toy retailers in the country, with more than 1,400 stores worldwide and commanding about 25% of the toy industry.

Obviously, we all wanted to be a Toys R Us kid!

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Toys R Us in the 1990s was a retail powerhouse. Alas, when even bigger big box stores like Walmart and Target — and then later, of course, the internet and e-commerce giant Amazon — came onto the scene the Toys R Us model, ironically, became unsustainable.

By early 2021, all the stores closed, and that Toys R Us experience as we had known it was officially over. Annnnd… cue our nostalgia. We sure will miss you, Geoffrey.

The good news is that as of 2022, the brand has made a virtual comeback, in partnership with Macy’s department stores

“Macy’s partnered with WHP Global, parent company of Toys”R”Us, to bring the beloved brand back to shoppers across America. Through this partnership, Macy’s is powering online fulfillment for” (From the company FAQ)

The chance to take a trip through the aisles of Toys R Us in the 1990s is over forever, but you can join us in reminiscing with this collection of the latest and greatest toys and games kids wanted back then!

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Toys “R” Us part of America (1990)

Over the past 20 years, Toys “R” Us has become part of the American lexicon, synonymous with having more toys and more games than any other store.

Over the next decade, we plan to establish global recognition for Toys “R” Us, with expansion plans and growth prospects that will lead to international dominance in the 90s.

With the Grand Opening of Toys “R” Us, Manhattan, in November, we faced the challenge of our first inner city location.

The crowds of people wrapped around 34th Street, eight abreast, in the pouring rain, were a testament to the excitement generated…

Vintage Toys R Us store in 1990 (2)

Kids R Us stores in 1990

From their first Kids R Us opening in 1983, the new shops grew quickly to more than 160 retail stores by 1990.

Vintage Toys R Us in the 1990s

Retro video games and bicycles at Toys R Us in the 1990s (1991)

Nobody has more video action…

Nintendo games and games for the NES shown include Dr. Mario, Super Mario Bros. 2, Mega Man 3, Tetris, Top Gun: The Second Mission, and more.

Always wear your safety helmet when riding! Murray Bunny Luv and Ruffian bikes, Huffy Miss Rocker girl’s bicycle, and Rallye Challenger boy’s BMX bike.

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Vintage 90s Toys R Us catalog insert from 1991 (3)

90 Toys R Us children’s toys (1991)

Toys shown are Tonka Cupcake Dolls girl’s toys, Commonwealth His ‘N Her Bunnies plush easter toys, Hasbro WWF wrestling figures (including Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior, Big Boss Man, and more), and Galoob Baby Face Dolls.

Vintage 90s Toys R Us catalog insert from 1991 (2)

Check it out! 90s Toys R Us outdoor toys (1991)

Classic Little Tikes’ playsets, including Big Picnic Table child’s table, Country Cottage playhouse, Big Slide, Turtle Sandbox, and Climb ‘N Slide Treehouse.

Other items for outside sports include Huffy Powerglas basketball hoop, Wilson Michael Jordan Basketball, rollerblades and roller derby skates, skateboards, Parker Bros / Nerf Bow ‘n Arrow, and more.

Vintage 90s Toys R Us catalog insert from 1991 (11)

Nostalgic toys from 90s Toys R Us (1991)

Featuring Mattel Hot Wheels car toys, Tyco Radio Control remote control cars and Spy-Tech glasses, Playmates Mutant Module, Monster in my Pocket, and action figures of characters from GI Joe, Marvel Super Heroes, WWF, and more.

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Vintage 90s Toys R Us catalog insert from 1991 (10)

90s Toys R Us: We have the perfect doll! (1996)

There’s a lot to selecting the perfect doll for your child. Not only should it have enormous play value, it should be a familiar, comfortable expression for your little girl… and her heritage. That’s why you can always count on finding just the right doll for your little girl at every Toys ‘R’ Us store you visit.

Some dolls shown include: Olmec Toys Imani Sun Splash, Mattel Barbie Jewel Hair Mermaid, and Kenner Baby Go Bye Bye dolls.

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Toys R Us dolls (1996)

90s Toys R Us: Baby dolls, dollhouses, and accessories (1991)

Mattel brings Barbie toys, including Hawaiian Fun Barbie or Ken dolls, Costume Ball Barbie or Ken dolls, and Barbie Magical Mansion dollhouse.

Other dolls include Hasbro’s New Kids on the Block (NKOTB) fashion figure dolls, Go-Go My Walking Pup remote control dog toy, Kenner Baby Alive baby doll, and more.

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Vintage 90s Toys R Us catalog insert from 1991 (9)

Vintage Fisher-Price toys from 90s Toys R Us (1991)

Fisher-Price toys for toddlers and infants include the Pick Up ‘N Go Dump Truck toy truck, Pop Up Bunny jack-in-the-box, Power Workshop builder toy set, and more.

Tyco blocks, Travel Spirograph, Ride-on Mickey Mouse, Fisher Price Discovery Farm

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Vintage 90s Toys R Us catalog insert from 1991 (6)

Plush Pals for Easter! (1991)

Retro fluffy friends like Teddy Ruxpin teddy bear from Worlds of Wonder, Playskool Sesame Street Babies and Tiny Toon Characters plushies, and Tonka Pooch Patrol plush dog.

Other classic toys shown include Tyco The Little Mermaid Ariel doll, Mattel Polly Pocket compact and Little Pretty Glitter Pets small animal toys, Hasbro Cabbage Patch Kids Sippin’ Babies baby doll, and more.

Vintage 90s Toys R Us catalog insert from 1991 (5)

Sweet Easter savings at 90s Toys R Us (1991)

Easter treats and candy includes PAAS egg dye kits, Robin Eggs, Bunny Munny, Hershey’s Eggs, Cadbury’s Creme Eggs, Brach’s Jelly Bird Eggs, Rodda’s Marshmallow Peeps, and others.

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Vintage 90s Toys R Us catalog insert from 1991 (1)

Classic 90s video games from Toys R Us (1991)

Games shown include Game Boy games like Final Fantasy, Dr. Mario, Super Marioland, Sega Genesis games like Joe Montana Football, Shadow Dancer: The Secret of Shinobi, Castle of Illusion with Mickey Mouse, NEC games like The Legendary Axe II, Ninja Spirit, and Atari Lynx handheld game console and color games.

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Vintage 90s Toys R Us catalog insert from 1991 (4)

90s Toys R Us: Baby supplies (1991)

Products for babies include Fisher-Price Hop, Skip jumper seat and 3-in-1 Travel Tender bassinet and changing area.

Graco Snug Seat infant carrier set, Brougham Stroller, Deluxe Tot Lock high chair, Pack ‘n Play Totyard portable play yard and crib, and more.

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Vintage 90s Toys R Us catalog insert from 1991 (8)

90s Toys R Us: Toys for toddlers (1991)

Toys shown include Mattel Dreamtime Carousel music box, and Talkin’ Fun Phone (featuring Disney favorites like Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck), Tyco Lights Alive magic screen toy, Magna Doodle magnetic drawing toy, and Playskool toys like Sesame Street Water Pals bath toys.

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Vintage 90s Toys R Us catalog insert from 1991 (7)

90s Toys R Us: Vintage 2-XL the Talking Robot and Cassette Player from Tiger Electronics (1992)

Here’s the funny, witty robot with a mind of its own! 2-XL comes with its own tape, but will also play your own cassettes. You’ll love the questions and answers supplied by the world’s coolest robot!

At Toys R Us, you’ll find 2-XL audio cassettes, from sports to animals, from monsters to myths. It’s learning fun! Ages 3-up. Batteries sold separately

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Vintage Toys R Us 2 XL the Talking Robot and Cassette Player (1992)

Spooky tricks and treat makers at 90s Toys R Us (1994)

Creepy Crawlers Workshop! Modeling oven, molds, and Plasti-Goop… all it takes to make your own Creepy Crawlers!

Dr Dreadful Food or Drink Lab! First, throw the monster switch… then eat or drink your monstrous creations!

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Classic toys and games at Toys R Us in 1994 (2)

Iconic party games from 90s Toys R Us (1994)

Products include Milton Bradley Ask Zander, Electronic Dream Phone, Simon memory skill game, Electronic Hot Shot Basketball tabletop sports game, as well as board games like Clarissa Explains It All Game by Cardinal / Nickelodeon, and Party Mania by Parker Brothers.

Classic toys and games at Toys R Us in 1994 (3)

Kitsch 90s Toys R Us children’s games (1994)

Some fun games for young children, such as Milton Bradley Slobberin’ Sam motorized action game, Don’t Get Rattled dexterity game, Gator Golf indoor mini-golf, Go! Go! Worms racing game, and more.

Classic toys and games at Toys R Us in 1994 (1)

90s Toys R Us: Where you get the best toys under the rainbow! (1995)

Toys shown include VTech Smart Start Elite, Fisher-Price Grow to Pro Basketball, Nintendo Game Boy Tetris System

Toys R Us Toys shown include VTech Smart Start Elite, Fisher Price Grow to Pro Basketball, Nintendo Game Boy Tetris System

Electronic games from Toys R Us (1995)

Sony Playstation console and games (1995)

3D graphics… 3D realism!

CD-quality stereo sound!

32 bits of power!

Ultimate gaming power! Features 360 degrees of movement and custom multiple processors for smooth, realistic movement and exciting gameplay!

Games for the Playstation featured include Kileak: The DNA Imperative, Ridge Racer, MBA Jam, Mortal Kombat III, Battle Arena Toshinden, Extreme Games, and more.

Sony Playstation consoles and games (1995)

90s Toys R Us: Where you get the best dolls under the rainbow (1995)

Dolls shown include Olmec Toy Royal Wedding Couple and Mattel Hot Skatin’ Barbie, Asha Royal Princess, and Baywatch Barbie.

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Toys R Us dolls (1995)

Vintage 90s Toys R Us – Babies R Us – Kids R Us stores (1995/1996)

Vintage Toys R Us - Babies R Us - Kids R Us stores (1995)

90s Toys R Us: Get ready to jam! Space Jam game and figures (1996)

Tiger Electronic’s Space Jam hand-held game

Get ready for a portable jam-fest starring Michael Jordan and the Looney Tunes characters!

Playmates’ Space Jam figures of Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny

We know every boy loves Michael Jordan! So, you’ll find a huge selection of Michael Jordan figures… and all Space Jam toys in every Toys R Us store you visit!

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Toys R Us Space Jam game and figures (1996)

Cabbage Patch doll and Lego sets at 90s Toys R Us (1997)

Fun from Toys R Us in 1997 (5)

Fun from Toys R Us in 1997 (4)

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90s Toys R Us: Remember the Tickle-Me-Elmo craze?

Fuzzy, googly-eyed Tickle-Me-Elmo was the runaway hit of 1997, with thousands and thousands of Toys R Us customers bringing home the lovable Sesame Street pal.

Fun from Toys R Us in 1997 (1)

Easy-Bake Oven, 90s style

The original Easy-Bake Oven from 1963 was every little girl’s dream toy. Just like mom, they could bake their own delicious treats.

Kids of the ’90s still love the Easy-Bake Oven, and discover its updated features at Toys R Us!

Easy Bake Oven at Toys R Us (1997)

Classic toys just as fun as ever: Potato Head & Barbie

Mr. Potato Head was born in 1952… and originally required a real potato! He was the first toy ever to be advertised on national television.

Fun from Toys R Us in 1997 (3)

The first Barbie doll was introduced in 1959 as “A shapely teenage fashion model!”

Today, two Barbie dolls are sold every second somewhere in the world… and Toys R Us carries over 300 different Barbie dolls and related accessories to delight young customers.

Fun from Toys R Us in 1997 (2)

Toys ‘R’ Us is fun for the whole family! (1998)

R Zone, the new “hot spot” for teens, features the newest in electronics and video.

Toys R Us in 1998 (1)

#1 for Family Fun! For generations Toys R Us has given families ways to spend quality time together.

Toys R Us in 1998 (2)

Parents and children discover amazing ways to play and learn in our Learning Center.

Toys R Us in 1998 (3)

Undoubtedly, the brand kids love most!

Toys R Us in 1998 (4)

Toys R Us in the 1990s: cap, logo computer mouse, and Geoffrey the Giraffe toys (1999)

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ToysRUs com in 1999

Little girl with Geoffrey the Giraffe stuffed toy

Vintage 90s Toys R Us stores (1990)

Vintage Toys R Us store in 1990 (1)

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  1. There are still Toys R Us stores in Canada.
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  2. Going into Toys R Us was often a cringy experience for me because there was almost always a kid throwing a wild tantrum because they didn’t get a toy they wanted. Pro Parenting Tip: Don’t take your kids into a toy store unless you’re prepared to buy them something.

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