Oh yeah! Vintage Kool-Aid soft drink powdered mix, from the ’30s to the ’90s – plus all the flavor names

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Vintage Kool-Aid soft drink powder
According to news reports from 1985, at that time, Kool-Aid was the No. 1 soft drink among kids 12 and under, was found in 80 percent of households with children, and was the third-best-selling soft drink brand, behind Coke and Pepsi.

Kool-Aid began in 1922 as Fruit Smack, a flavored syrup, wrote a reporter in the Green Bay Press-Gazette (Wisconsin) on August 10, 1985. “It was one of 125 mail-order food and household products offered by Edwin E. Perkins of Hendley, Nebraska. Fruit Smack was popular but expensive to make. Transportation and breakage of the product’s glass containers was costly; so in 1927, Perkins removed the water and sold the powdered product in paper envelopes. He also changed the name to Kool-Aid.”

Thanks to the success of the powdered drink, the Perkins’ company grew rapidly, and was bought by New York-based General Foods in 1953.

Vintage Kool Aid man commercials – HEY, KOOL AID! (Oh yeah!)

Vintage Kool-Aid powder packets: The Sunshine drink! (1938)

Kool-Aid mix from 1938

Vintage Kool-Aid: It’s the budget beverage (1942)

The budget beverage - Kool Aid 1945

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Refreshments for warm weather… made with Kool-Aid (1945)

Kool Aid packages plus recipes from 1945

New Golden Nectar Kool-Aid! (1950s)

Can’t wait to taste it! Delightfully different cool-off drink with just a touch of tang! Stir up a frosty pitcherful for your family today!


Treat the team to Kool-Aid (1950s)

5-cent package makes two quarts — 9 great flavors including new lemon! Try ’em all!

One of the many fine products of General Foods


“Kool-Aid, Kool-Aid, tastes great. Wish I had some, can’t wait.”

Kool Aid drink mix from 1953

Vintage grape Kool-Aid soft drink powder from 1961

Ready for a party at the drop of an ice cube — that’s delicious Kool-Aid.

This pure, wholesome refreshment is so flavorful, such fun. More economical, too — a 5c package makes two big quarts of America’s best-loved instant soft drink.

Vintage grape Kool-Aid soft drink powder from 1961

There’s only one Kool-Aid

(But it comes in 11 different flavors)

11 flavors of Kool Aid from 1961 (1)

11 flavors of Kool Aid from 1961 (2)

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Boys get cuttin’ when a smiling pitcher of Kool-Aid is on the job!

“Tommy — Your allowance inside! This Kool-Aid is to help you get started cutting the grass like you promised your father! – Mom”

Green lime Kool Aid from 1961

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Another Kool-Aid smile: Godfrey Cambridge (1973)

Another Kool-Aid smile: Godfrey Cambridge (1973)

Another Kool-Aid smile: Jackie “Moms” Mabley (1973)

Another Kool-Aid smile: Jackie

Kool-Aid flavors, past & present (worldwide, as of 2020)

Arctic Green Apple

Berry Blue
Black Cherry
Blastin’ Berry Cherry
Blue Berry Blast
Blue Moon Berry
Bunch Berry

Candy Apple
Cherry (sugar-free)
Cherry Cracker

Eerie Orange

Golden Nectar
Grape (sugar-free)
Grape Blackberry
Grape Tang

Great Blue-dini
Great Blueberry

Ice Blue Raspberry Lemonade
KiwiLime (sugar-free)

Lemon Ice
Lemonade (sugar-free)
Lemonade Sparkle

Melon Mango
Mountainberry Punch

Oh-Yeah Orange-Pineapple
Orange Enerjooz

Pink Lemonade
Pink Swimmingo
Purplesaurus Rex

Rainbow Punch
Raspberry (sugar-free)
Roarin’ Raspberry Cranberry
Rock-a-Dile Red
Root Beer

Scary Black Cherry
Scary Blackberry
Shaking Starfruit
Sharkleberry Fin

Slammin’ Strawberry-Kiwi
Soarin’ Strawberry Lemonade (sugar-free)
Soarin’ Strawberry-Lemonade
Solar Strawberry-Starfruit

Strawberry Falls Punch
Strawberry Splash
Strawberry Split

Summer Punch
Sunshine Punch
Surfin’ Berry Punch
Swirlin’ Strawberry-Starfruit

Tropical Punch
Tropical Punch (sugar-free)

Watermelon (sugar-free)

Why is this pitcher smiling? (1982)

Make the smart choice. Kool-Aid instead of soda.

  • Because Kool Aid sugar-sweetened is about 1/2 the price of soda.
  • Because Kool-Aid has vitamin C.
  • Because Kool-Aid has no carbonation.
  • Because Kool-Aid brand soft drink mix has those big fruity flavors kids love. Hugs and kisses guaranteed!

Why is this pitcher smiling Kool-Aid (1982)

Sugar-free Kool-Aid with Nutrasweet (1983)

Pre-sweetened with a great new natural tasting sweetener.

Now there’s a sugar-free for kids. Because now there’s a sugar-free from Kool-Aid: New Sugar Free Kool-Aid Brand Soft Drink Mix.

It’s pre-sweetened with NutraSweet, a great new natural tasting sweetener, for that great Kool-Aid taste. New Sugar Free Kool-Aid comes in those super fruity flavors kids love: Cherry, Tropical Punch, Grape, Lemonade, Sunshine Punch.

And new Sugar Free Kool-Aid is the sugar-free Moms love to serve — it has Vitamin C, contains no caffeine and no saccharin. Yet it only costs about half the price of soda*. That’s right, half! Who else could do it all?

Sugar-free Kool Aid with Nutrasweet - 1983

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