Vintage alarm clocks: We woke up to these in the ’60s & ’70s

vintage alarm clocks

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Vintage alarm clocks from Westclox (1961)

See a collection of traditional alarm clocks, travel alarms, silent electric alarm and glow-in-the-dark dials from the ’60s.

Old-fashioned Westclox alarm clocks from 1961

Old-fashioned Westclox Bens alarm clocks from (1964)

Give Westclox Electric, Travel, and Battery clocks too!

Depend on the famous Westclox Baby Ben, now in a lovely oval shape. Longer alarm adjusts from soft to very loud. Extra-quiet movement.

Give someone the stunning new oval Ben Electric. High glow luminous dial. Sweep second hand and alarm indicator. Shatterproof crystal.

Wakes you for sure! New oval Big Ben has extra-long, extra-loud alarm that adjusts from loud to soft. Quiet tick for restful sleep.

Get that extra sleep with Dialite Drowse. Wakes you gently, lets you select 5 or 10 minutes extra sleep, then wakes you again. Softly-lighted dial is visible in the dark.

Meet the plane or train right on time with Travelmate. Exclusive design, convenient side shut-off alarm. Luminous dial. Genuine leather vase in tan, red, or black.

Hang the Stanton anywhere! No cord means no outlet needed. Runs up a full year on a standard flashlight battery. Transistorized movement. 9-inch diameter.

Vintage 1960s alarm clocks from 1964

The most beautiful time in your life (1969)

Four timely clock-radios by Sharp. Their beauty is more than skin deep. They perform the way they look. Magnificently!

This is the new Sharp clock-radio that tells time by the numbers instead of by hands! Encased in rich, glowing walnut grain. With every quality feature — even an earphone for intimate listening. The digital clock is truly precise — and includes a sleep switch and illuminated clock dial.

An elegant FM/AM, contemporary styled clock-radio, enhanced by fine walnut grain. With full-fidelity performance that only a dynamic 4-3/8- by 4-1/4-inch speaker and Sharp solid-state engineering can provide. The full-feature Telechron clock has a lighted dial, snooze alarm, touch bar, sleep switch and sweep second hand. Earphone, too? Of course!

An easy-to-read, wide open face… yet it takes so little space. You’ll count on it day and night for fine reception. Sleep, knowing you’ll be comfortably awake on time. The full-functioning Telechron clock has luminous hands and sweep hand for night-time checking.

This compact, fold-away alarm clock-radio is your Sharp travelling companion. Gently, it will lull you to sleep with music, then cheerfully awaken you on time. The clock is fully functional with sleep switch, luminous dial and luminous clock hands. The radio is solid-state and operates on batteries—included. The stunning black and gold case is impact proof.

When it comes to clock-radios, Sharp has the gift!

Vintage clock radio alarm clock from 1969

From Westclox. Shades of a decorating revolution. (1970)

New Bens in Avocado, flame, Blue and Woodtone.

The era of colorless alarm clocks is over.

Big Bens and Baby Bens have opened up a whole new world of time… a “Fashion Brite” world of clocks in shades of Avocado, Flame, Wedgwood Blue and Wood tone.

With faces that match the decorator tones of their bodies, these Bens will fit in any setting, match any decor, in any room of the house. And they have all the features that have made Big Bens and Baby Bens the most popular alarm clocks in the country . . . luminous dials, quiet tick, single key wind for time and alarm, shatterproof crystals.

“Fashion Brite” Bens start as low as $9.98. So everybody can join the Revolution.

Westclox. A Division of General Time

Fashion Brite Westclox alarm clocks (1970)

Too many clock radios are made by people who don’t know enough about clocks. (1971)

Just about all the clock radios sold in this country are manufactured by radio companies, And while radio companies knew a lot about radios, there’s a good chance they know a lot less about clocks. Which is a shame, since it’s the clock that has to get you up in the morning.

At Westclox we’ve spent over 80 years making clocks that work perfectly.

And now we’re putting those 80 years of clock experience into a clock radio. So for the first time you can shop for a clock radio with more than just the radio in mind.

When you set one of our clock radios you don’t have to worry about if going off at the wrong hour. Or not going off at all. And if you think you’re going to have to give up radio quality to get clock quality, you’re wrong. The same standards we apply to our clocks we also apply to our radios.

By the way, Westclox clock radios come in a variety of styles, including a new digital tape timer model. They’re available in antique white, avocado, gold and a wood grain finish and range in price from $24.95 10 $49.95.

So the next time you’re looking at clock radios, why not look at one that’s made the sight way. By a clock company.

Westclox — Finally, a clock radio from people who know something about clocks.

Vintage clock radio alarm clock from 1971

The GE Ball Alarm clock (1973)

The great new shape of time.

It’s time in a whole new form. A unique round shape. Exciting translucent or opaque colors. With easy-to-read numbers. Lighted dial and Snooz-Alarm models too.

The GE Ball Alarm Clock. It’s time for the future.

Vintage 70s alarm clocks from 1973

Cute & colorful mod alarm clocks from 1973

Colorful mod alarm clocks from the 70s

MORE: Vintage Peter Max clocks: The very ’60s-style wild & wonderful ways to tell time

Vintage electric alarm clocks with flipping numbers (1973)

Vintage electric alarm clocks from the 1970s

Vintage alarm clocks: Rise ‘n Chime (1976)

There’s never been anything like the new Rise ‘n Chime clock-radio that wakes you with the gentle beauty of chimes.

It’s the civilized way to wake up that doesn’t blast you awake. First, the radio comes on. But music may not be enough to get you up. So — after a few minutes — the Rise ‘n Chime alarm system fades the radio down low and starts to play a melodic chime.

Gently, yet persistently, the chime grows louder and louder until you must get up to touch the button on top. Then the chime stops and the radio comes up again.

Simple but effective. The civilized way to wake up.

Vintage clock radio alarm clock from 1976

It’s time for a Big Ben bargain! (1977)

The Ben family of key-wound alarms includes Big and Little Ben sizes; in traditional, contemporary, and futuristic styling. There’s one exactly right for each person on your gift list. See them all at your favorite dealer… and join the Ben family for Christmas.

From Westclox by Talley Industries

Retro 70s alarm clocks from 1977

It’s a deal! (1977)

The complete Westclox line of electric alarms offers you the styles and features you want, at prices that help keep your gift budget in balance.

Choose Westclox, and give the most trusted name in time.

Vintage alarm clocks from Westclox 1977

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