Forget kitchen cabinets – install a wall-mounted refrigerator! (Yes, this was really a thing in the 50s)

Vintage 1950s wall-mounted refrigerator at ClickAmericana com

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Exploring the past often reveals unexpected treasures, and the world of vintage home appliances is no exception. Take a step back to the mid- to late-1950s — a time when the innovative wall-mounted refrigerator began transforming kitchens across America… at least for a few years.

This unique appliance, mounted directly onto the wall, was a futuristic concept in its era, offering a blend of style and practicality that caught the eye of many homeowners.

Here, we’ve collected ads and images from when this wall fridge was launched, including many of the original colors, like pink, blue and yellow. Take a look back at this kitchen appliance phenomenon — an iconic piece of mid-century design that redefined the look and feel of the American kitchen.

Wall-mounted pink fridge-freezer from 1955 at ClickAmericana com

Magnificent new General Electric wall refrigerator-freeze: Hangs on the wall like a picture (from 1956)

First of all, brush aside all your conventional ideas about refrigerators. This new, revolutionary refrigerator-freezer that hangs from the wall is a completely new and advanced concept of modern living.

Truly, it is the most convenient and magnificent refrigerator-freezer ever produced!

Transform your kitchen with a wall-mounted refrigerator! (1956)

To you, the advantages of this utterly new G-E Wall Refrigerator-Freezer are obvious. There’s no need to bend or stoop for foods because everything can be seen at a glance. It can be installed directly above a work counter to provide extra counter surface.

And, because this new appliance occupies no floor space, there’s room for extra base cabinets. All three doors are equipped with GE developed alnico magnets that grip the doors shut . . . seal them completely all the way around. Only a limited number of GE Wall Refrigerator-Freezers are now being produced. See them at your G-E dealer’s!

Placement options for a retro 50s-style refrigerator wall cabinet

Place it against existing wall — Recess into an alcove as a built-in unit — Hang it on your wall like a picture

Placement options for a retro 50s-style refrigerator wall cabinet - Click Americana

Creating a wall between kitchen & dining area with a vintage 50s refrigerator-freezer (1956)

Pink wall-mounted fridge from 1956 at Click Americana

The mid century modern kitchen: These pink kitchens from the 1950s are unforgettable

A tiny retro kitchen with wall-mounted fridge (1959)

Vintage GE wall-mounted refrigerator in 1959 from Click Americana (2)

Vintage GE wall-mounted refrigerator in 1959 from Click Americana (1)

New General Electric Refrigerator Freezer puts all foods at your eye level

This big, new 11 cubic foot General Electric Wall Refrigerator Freezer is the most convenient of all refrigerators, because it puts all foods within easy reach. You just reach right out and pick the foods you want.

There’s no need to bend or stoop for foods because everything is at eye level and can be seen at a glance. Even in the true, zero degree freezer, shelves are easily accessible.

What’s more, it gives you more room in your kitchen. With your refrigerator on the wall, extra floor space is gained for the addition of base cabinets and counter surface.

Yellow wall-mounted 1950s refrigerator at Click Americana

Hangs on your wall like a picture! It’s so easy to install! There’s little or no remodeling necessary. The cabinet is hung on a sturdy “picture hook” mounting bracket which is fastened securely to the wall. Can be hung at any height to suit yourself.

See this luxurious new General Electric Wall Refrigerator Freezer at your G E dealer’s. Ask about the easy terms and generous trade-in allowance most GE dealers are offering. Look for his name and address in your classified telephone directory. General Electric Company, Appliance Park, Louisville 1, Kentucky.

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Wall fridge in turquoise/light blue

Blue wall-mounted fridge

Vintage wall-mounted refrigerator ad - blue

Let your G-E dealer show you how easily you can transform your kitchen!

Why live with an outdated kitchen like the one at left when the simple addition of the General Electric Wall Refrigerator can change its entire character?

Your G-E dealer will be glad to show you how, with very little remodeling, you can add new beauty, new freshness and a new personality to your kitchen.

In the kitchen at shown, the old cabinets and refrigerator have been taken out. On the wall at eye level is the new G-E Wall Refrigerator Freezer.

Pink vintage wall-mounted refrigerator

Wall refrigerator

A blue wall-mounted refrigerator for you!

Magnificent new GE refrigerator-freezers come in mix-or-match colors: Canary yellow, Turquoise green, Petal pink, Cadet blue, Woodtone brown — or white.

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Wall-mounted refrigerator GE 1956

Can you buy wall-mounted refrigerators today? 

For those particularly interested in a retro restoration, it’s possible to find original, still-functioning 1950s wall-mounted refrigerators on various marketplace or auction sites. (See if they have any vintage models available now on eBay here.) These vintage appliances do come up for sale occasionally, and can be a perfect addition to a kitchen for those seeking an authentic mid-century look.

While the specific style of the 1950s wall-mounted refrigerator by General Electric is no longer in mainstream production, there are modern equivalents that capture some aspects of its design and functionality. Today’s market offers wall-mounted refrigeration units, primarily aimed at commercial kitchens.

Wall-mounted pink fridge-freezer from 1955

These units are designed to save floor and counter space, much like their 1950s counterparts, and are manufactured from durable materials like stainless steel. They are commonly used in bars, restaurants and cafes to maximize space efficiency. However, these modern units tend to be smaller and are used more for specific storage needs rather than as a primary household refrigerator.

For residential use, there are alternatives that include stylish wall-mounted wine cabinets, but these are not direct substitutes for a full-sized refrigerator. If you are looking for a home refrigerator that offers similar space-saving and accessibility benefits, these options may be worth exploring. However, they won’t exactly replicate the experience of the mid-century wall-mounted refrigerator.

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  1. I love the inventive ideas of the 50s. The refrigerators and other kitchen appliances especially are amazing–

    1. My grandma actually had the pink one and my great uncle had it in blue
      The little slide out plastic cubbies at the counter would never stay that cold but it was super cool 😎

  2. How COOL! Finally, a refrigerator where I can actually FIND everything because it’s shallow enough to see what I have in there. No more package of cold cuts lurking at the very back of the fridge, growing mold.

    1. This past summer we replaced our 20-year-old refrigerator with a modern model. Most of the fridges nowadays are taller, shallower and wider than their older counterparts, and also have the freezer on the bottom — meaning you can look into the refrigerator part more easily and see what you have. The downside is that there are fewer models that can fit in tight spaces.

  3. My grandmother had a brown wall hung ge fridge and it was great. Wish I had one. Hers was mounted at the right height for a 5’6″ woman. She had no trouble at all reaching everything.

  4. I own a kitchen remodeling company and have an upcoming project where we have to remove one f these wall units. I can’t seem to find any information on how to get it off the wall. Is there anyone that can help me out?

  5. I was three when we moved to suburbs on Long Island NY and I somehow climbed on the base cabinet to go get myself an ice pop. I want one for our new home we are rehabbing.

  6. We still have a functioning wall mount in our ranch. Sort of turquoise blue. The best part is no bending over, everything is at eye-level! Love it.

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