Forget kitchen cabinets – install a wall-mounted refrigerator! (Yes – this was really a thing in the ’50s)

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Wall-mounted refrigerator GE 1956

Transform your kitchen with a wall-mounted refrigerator! (1956)

Magnificent new General Electric wall refrigerator-freezer

Hangs on the wall like a picture

First of all, brush aside all your conventional ideas about refrigerators. This new, revolutionary refrigerator-freezer that hangs from the wall is a completely new and advanced concept of modern living. Truly, it is the most convenient and magnificent refrigerator-freezer ever produced!

To you, the advantages of this utterly new G-E Wall Refrigerator- Freezer are obvious. There’s no need to bend or stoop for foods because everything can be seen at a glance. It can be installed directly above a work counter to provide extra counter surface. And, because this new appliance occupies no floor space, there’s room for extra base cabinets. All three doors are equipped with GE developed alnico magnets that grip the doors shut . . . seal them completely all the way around.

Only a limited number of GE Wall Refrigerator-Freezers are now being produced. See them at your G-E dealer’s! For colorful 8-page descriptive booklet, send coupon below.

Pink vintage wall-mounted refrigerator

Wall refrigerator

Let your G-E dealer show you how easily you can transform your kitchen!

Why live with an outdated kitchen like the one at left when the simple addition of the General Electric Wall Refrigerator can change its entire character?

Your G-E dealer will be glad to show you how, with very little remodeling, you can add new beauty, new freshness and a new personality to your kitchen.

In the kitchen at right, the old cabinets and refrigerator have been taken out. On the wall at eye level is the new G-E Wall Refrigerator Freezer.

New General Electric Refrigerator Freezer puts all foods at your eye level

This big, new 11 cubic foot General Electric Wall Refrigerator Freezer is the most convenient of all refrigerators, because it puts all foods within easy reach. You just reach right out and pick the foods you want. There’s no need to bend or stoop for foods because everything is at eye level and can be seen at a glance. Even in the true, zero degree freezer, shelves are easily accessible.

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What’s more, it gives you more room in your kitchen. With you refrigerator on the wall, extra floor space is gained for the addition of base cabinets and counter surface.

Hangs on your wall like a picture! It’s so easy to install! There’s little or no remodeling necessary. The cabinet is hung on a sturdy “picture hook” mounting bracket which is fastened securely to the wall. Can be hung at any height to suit yourself.

See this luxurious new General Electric Wall Refrigerator Freezer at you G E dealer’s. Ask about the easy terms and generous trade-in allowance most GE dealers are offering. Look for his name and address in your classified telephone directory. General Electric Company, Appliance Park, Louisville 1, Kentucky.

Wall-mounted refrigerator in blue

Blue wall-mounted fridge

Vintage wall-mounted refrigerator ad - blue

A blue wall-mounted refrigerator for you!

Magnificent new GE refrigerator-freezers come in mix-or-match colors: Canary yellow, Turquoise green, Petal pink, Cadet blue, Woodtone brown — or white

Wall-mounted refrigerator GE 1956

Wall-mounted refrigerator GE 1956

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