Inflation calculator: See how much the dollar was worth years ago

Free inflation calculator tool from ClickAmericana com

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Ever wondered how much your dollar could buy in the past compared to today? Our inflation calculator helps you find out by showing how prices have changed over time!

This handy dandy little tool makes it easy to conceptualize the value of money across different decades. Covering the years from 1913 to 2024, it works on everything from a penny to a billion bucks (and up), so can give you a little insight on your grandparents’ grocery bill, what $100 in today’s money could buy you in the 70s, or how much a new house cost back in the 1950s.

Front of two dollar bill from 1953 - Red

Inflation is a measure of how prices for goods and services increase over time. By using an inflation calculator, you can see how much something bought in the past would cost today. This helps illustrate the changing value of money and how inflation impacts purchasing power.

For example, if you want to know how much a $10,000 salary in 1960 is worth today, the inflation calculator gives you that insight. (Spoiler: $10000.00 in 1960 dollars is equivalent to $105261.77 in 2024 dollars.)

Inflation calculator tool from Click Americana

CPI Inflation Calculator

Compare the value of an amount between two years:

Here’s how people in the 50s stretched their food dollar

This calculator makes it simple to compare the value of money between different years using the US Consumer Price Index (CPI). This handy tool helps you see how inflation has affected the purchasing power of the dollar over time.

We created this free tool to help you explore the past and better understand economic changes. It’s designed to provide accurate and easy-to-read information — give it a try and see how the value of money has evolved over the years!

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Antique US half dollars - Photo by jmsteen73 via Twenty20
Antique US half dollars – Photo by jmsteen73 via Twenty20

Key features:

  • Data source: The CPI data used in this calculator is sourced from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) website.
  • Dollar calculations only: This calculator specifically calculates the value of money in U.S. dollars, making it perfect for historical financial comparisons within the United States.
  • Historical coverage: The calculator covers CPI data from 1913 to the present, allowing for a comprehensive look at inflation over the past century.

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How it works:

  1. Select the original year: Choose the starting year for your calculation.
  2. Enter the amount: Input the amount in dollars you wish to compare.
  3. Select the target year: Choose the year to which you want to compare the original amount.
  4. Calculate: Press the calculate button to see the equivalent value of the entered amount in the selected target year.

This is a great tool for anyone interested in the historical value of money and understanding how inflation has impacted the purchasing power of the dollar over time. Try it out and discover how much a dollar from the past is worth today!

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