Pop culture: Vintage diet sodas from the ’80s, like Dr Pepper, Sprite, Diet Coke & Fresca

Vintage diet sodas - Dr Pepper

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Vintage Sugar-Free Sprite: The great taste says you shouldn’t, but you can! (1982)

Sugar Free Sprite doesn’t taste sugar-free. It tastes great. That’s because it’s the only diet soft drink that gives you the cool refreshing taste of lymon — the taste of lemons and limes in just the right combination.

That’s what gives Sugar-Free Sprite the delicious taste that’ll make you think you shouldn’t. But you can.

Vintage Sprite soft drink ad from 1982

Sugar-free Fresca soft drink soda (1982)

When you’re counting calories, think fresh. Think Fresca. Refreshingly clean, clear, light and sugar-free.

Vintage sugar free Fresca soft drink soda 1982

Sugar-Free Diet Dr Pepper soda (1982)

Oooh, what a surprise! The taste is gonna open your eyes.

Sugar Free Diet Dr Pepper soda 1982

How Hot Dr Pepper became a cool thing in the world of warm winter drinks (1960s)

Retro Sugar Free diet Sprite ad (1982)

Sugar free Sprite. Reach for more taste. 

Retro Sugar Free diet Sprite ad from 1982

Vintage Diet 7-Up soda ad with Lynda Carter and Don Rickles (1980)

Look who’s turning Diet 7-Up. – The only thing you give up is the calories.

Wonder Woman sexy, but patriotic (1977)

Vintage Diet 7-Up soda ad with Lynda Carter and Don Rickles

About Lynda Carter as TV's vintage Wonder Woman - plus see the show's opening credits

YouTube video

Vintage Diet Pepsi soda ad (1982)

Now you see it… now you don’t.

Vintage Diet Pepsi soda ad from 1982

MORE: What’s the more popular term: soda or pop?

Vintage sugar-free Dr Pepper soda (1982)

Vintage sugar-free Dr Pepper soda 1982

Saccharine in Tab, Diet Sprite, Diet Coke, Diet Pepsi, Diet 7-up (1985)

What diet product is poured more often than any other?

No, it’s not Diet Coke, Diet Pepsi or Tab. In fact, it’s not even a diet soft drink. It’s Sweet N Low. And over 29 million people use it over 20 million times a day. Every day. Concerned people who watch what they eat and drink.

Diet Sodas from 1985

Squirt soda wasn't 'sweet like other soft drinks,' plus five '60s cocktail recipes

Diet Sunkist Plus, Sugar-free A & W Root Beer, Diet Rite & 7-Up (1987)

Tip the scales in your flavor. (Ad features new Nutrasweet blends & no saccharin mentions)

Diet sodas - Sunkist - Root beer - Diet Rite - 1987

Diet Rite: Love that 1 calorie

Vintage Diet Rite cola ad

Diet Rite cola is salt-free – 1983

Important news for anyone who gets thirsty: NutraSweet has just been blended into Diet RiteCola. So now there are two sweetening ingredients.

This means that Diet Rite Cola, the national taste test winner over the last three years, will now taste even better. Even more like a sugar-sweetened soft drink. And because new Diet Rite is now salt free and caffeine-free, you can feel free to enjoy even more great cola taste.

So try the new Diet Rite with NutraSweet. It’s the taste that we’ve all been waiting for.

Diet Rite cola - Salt free - 1983

Vintage diet sodas: Caffeine-free Diet Coke (1986)

Just for the number one taste of it!

Caffeine-free Diet Coke vintage ad 1986

Vintage Diet Coke TV commercial with guest stars (1985)

Ad features Chuck Berry, Andie McDowell, Martin Mull and others

YouTube video

Diet Coke: Just for the WOW of it (1988)

Vintage Diet Coke in 1988

Ahh, that cup of… Coke? (1987)

Watch out, Folger’s and Maxwell House. Coca-Cola is circling the breakfast table and coffee break. The Atlanta-based company is promoting the top-selling soft drink, which has only about one-third less caffeine than coffee, as the eye-opener of choice.

Billboards and radio commercials in Atlanta, New Orleans and Knoxville urge people to have “a Coke in the morning.” Local bottlers echo the theme in Kentucky, Oklahoma, Virginia, Wisconsin and Florida.

Nutritionists object to the campaign, since Coke has a fattening, tooth-decaying dose of sugar. One answer: Wash down your oatmeal with a sugar-free diet Coke.

diet coke breakfast 12 14 1987

Diet Coke: Tastes almost too exciting for a caffeine-free soft drink (1987)

Diet Coke 1987

Vintage Tab Diet Cola: Look back at the first 20 years of this popular sugar-free soda

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