Magic Touch honeycomb ice cube trays (1940s-1960s)

Cold drinks now… for eager thirsts! (1949)

Ice cubes instantly! Just lift the “Magic Touch” lever!

Children’s thirst is impatient! It seems to take forever to get ice cubes from ordinary trays. The splashing at the sink… handling a frigid block of ice… getting too few half-melted ice cubes after all!



Stop blasting out ice cubes (1955)

The new “Magic Touch” honeycomb ice cube trays turn the trick. Just flip the “Magic Touch” lever and a trayful of full-size cubes pops free instantly! Dry, decorative, ready to use. No running water over them… no hammering or smashing. Toss old worn-out trays. Buy several “Magic Touch” honeycomb ice cube trays — and be sure they are in your new refrigerator.



What makes ’em perfect in a hurry?


Magic-Touch for ice cubes fast!


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