Vintage chocolate milk brands we’ve loved over the years: Mixes & ready-to drink deliciousness

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Chocolate milk has been loved by kids — and, yes, adults! — since at least the 1920s.

Here’s a look back at some delicious vintage chocolate milk brands that have hit the supermarket shelves over the years — some of which you know, but many more than have been lost to time.

Krim-Ko old-fashioned chocolate-flavored drink (1936)

3 “Milk Fights” a Day? Leading diet authorities advise that children should consume at least one quart of milk a day. But does that mean a battle at every meal? Does that mean “milk fussing” with its attendant lost temper and frazzled nerves?

If so — here’s good news! Just alternate milk with KRIM-KO, the balanced chocolate-flavored drink pasteurized daily and delivered in bottles by selected local dairies…

Krim-Ko is chocolate flavored, pasteurized, partially de-fatted milk (added tapioca-salt).

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Krim-Ko old-fashioned chocolate flavored drink (1936)

Classic: Bosco chocolate milk amplifier (1941)

Everybody loves Bosco and Milk! A delicious chocolate-malt flavored syrup

Children and grown-ups everywhere are drinking more milk with delicious, chocolate-flavored BOSCO added. BOSCO is rich in iron, and iron is essential to help build good red blood.

BOSCO and milk is so quick and easy to mix. Just stir a spoonful in a glass of milk . . . it’s ready. And it’s economical, too.

1941 Bosco chocolate milk amplifier

Borden’s Sweetened Chocolate Flavored Malted Milk (1949)

Easy way to make the world’s grandest malteds

Use BORDEN’S CHOCOLATE MALTED MILK. It’s wonderful. Mixes in a jiffy! Just try a Borden’s Malted with a sandwich for lunch. It’s easily digested and mighty nourishing, but not filling. And Borden’s Malted helps restore that energy you used up on your morning’s work! This noon, enjoy a delicious BORDEN’S CHOCOLATE MALTED MILK.

BORDEN’S INSTANT MIX (Also delicious mixed with cold milk). You simply measure the Mix into your cup, add hot milk or hot water and get glorious, rich, just-sweet-enough “hot chocolate.” No sugar needed, no paste to make, no cooking, no pots to wash.

Borden's Sweetened Chocolate Flavored Malted Milk (1949)

Baker’s 4-in-1 Instant Cocoa Mix for chocolate milk (1952)

NEW BAKER’S 4 in 1 is more Chocolatey — Mixes faster—hot or cold!

INSTANTLY Baker’s 4 in 1 makes richer, more delicious chocolate milk! Fast us a flash for luscious, more chocolate-y hot cocoa with all the nutrition of fresh, wholesome milk. No other cocoa mix can give you world-famous Baker Chocolate Flavor.

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Baker's 4-in-1 Instant Cocoa Mix for chocolate milk (1952)

Chocolate milk in school milk programs – Forbes Co. (1957)


Surveys show that under the Federal Aid Program, sales of white milk in one typical school in 1955 amounted to 1500 units. Last year, when chocolate milk was authorized, sales more than doubled — chocolate milk alone totaling 2350 units. Many other schools showed increases of 200% or more.

Here’s a new and profitable market for you, with a permanent expansion of milk sales due to pupils cultivating the habit of drinking and recognizing the nutritive value of both white milk and chocolate.

And when it comes to chocolate, youngsters quickly recognize the difference between an ordinary chocolate milk and one made with Forbes. Its smooth, delicious, real chocolate flavor is the result of over 50 years of experience in the production of superior chocolate products — 30 years serving the dairy industry. 

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Chocolate milk in school milk programs - Forbes Co. (1957)

Carnation mix for instant chocolate-flavored drink


Luscious, rich Chocolate Drink in amazing “Magic Crystals!” Instantly good, instantly ready, delicious hot or cold!

No more milk to heat — no more pots to wash — no need to crowd refrigerator with extra bottles. And Carnation’s Instant Chocolate Drink Discovery is fortified with extra vitamins and iron. It’s even more nourishing than ordinary Chocolate Drink!

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Carnation Instant Chocolate Flavored Drink mix (1957)

Vintage Hershey’s Instant cocoa mix debuts (1956)

“Here it is!” It’s new and it’s delicious… anytime!

Vintage Hershey's Instant cocoa mix debut (1956)

Yoo Hoo chocolate soft drink – Yogi Berra (1950s-1960s)

Mets baseball star Yogi Berra promoted Yoo-Hoo “chocolate energy soft drink” in the 50s and 60s. 

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Yoo Hoo chocolate soft drink - Yogi Berra (1950s-1960s)

Swiss Miss chocolate milk mix and shaker (1965)

In the wintertime, we like it hot… but in the sunny summertime, we like our Swiss Miss cold. We shake it up with ice and water. What a frothy, frosty chocolaty treat! Swiss Miss Instant Cocoa Mix. 

Swiss Miss chocolate milk mix and shaker (1965)

50s Borden Dutch Chocolate flavored drink – Chocolate milk (1957)

“Ready-mixed… and full of good milk nourishment,” says Elsie the Borden Cow

Borden’s Dutch Chocolate Flavored Drink is a real thirst-quencher — and children love it!

This makes mothers happy for two reasons. They know this delicious drink is full of energy and body-building chocolate nourishment. And Borden’s Chocolate Mink is no bother at all. No measuring, no mixing! You serve it cold right from the carton, or just pour it in a pan and warm it. Hot or cold, it’s delicious!

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Borden Dutch Chocolate flavored drink - Chocolate milk (1957)

Retro Chocolate Junction flavor nuggets for milk, from Pillsbury (1965)

Chocolate Junction chocolate flavor nuggets — mixes instantly in milk. Quicker than powders for rich chocolatey taste.

Chocolate Junction flavor nuggets for milk, from Pillsbury (1965)

Chocolate Carnation Instant Breakfast mix (1966)

You should eat a good nourishing breakfast. Or you should drink one. Chocolate flavor Carnation Instant Breakfast. 

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Chocolate Carnation Instant Breakfast mix (1966)

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Pepsi’s short-lived Devil Shake chocolate drink (1966)

New Devil Shake: The glitzy new chocolate drink for people who are daringly different.

Your family like chocolate? They’ll be crazy about Devil Shake — another great new product from the makers of Pepsi-Cola.

Devil Shake has a great new chocolate flavor. Richer. Tastier. Delicious. And nutritious. (Think of all that milky chocolate.) Better bring home an extra six-pack. It disappears devilishly fast.

Pepsi retro Devil Shake chocolate drink (1966)

Nestle Quik vintage chocolate milk brand (1967)

One of the classic chocolate-flavor powdered drink mixes

VOTE FOR THE BEST! What was your favorite chocolate cereal when you were a kid?

Nestle Quik chocolate milk mix (1967)

Moo Juice chocolate & strawberry milkshake mix: Cow recommended (1967)

Pillsbury introduced their Moo Juice flavored packets of milkshake mix late in 1966.

Originally made in just two flavors — Chocolate and Strawberry — by 1969, two more taste sensations had been added: Vanilla and Chocolate Malt.

A year later, however, the product had virtually disappeared. While we couldn’t find an official cause of death, there is some suggestion that since Moo Juice didn’t make really thick milkshakes, other products outshone them on supermarket shelves. – NJP

Hi! I’m a cow! So I’m an authority on milk shakes! And us cows recommend Moo Juice, the new milkshake mix from Pillsbury.

Just add Moo Juice to milk.. see, it’s easy. Then shake like crazy. And pour yourself a smooth and creamy treat. As fun as a trip to a drive-in!

So get the package with the good-looking cow on it! And let the kids serve dessert tonight! It’s terrific!

For an extra thick threat… add a big scoop of ice cream. (Also check out these creative 60s ice cream flavors you used to be able to get)

Vintage Moo Juice chocolate or strawberry milkshake mix from 1967 (1)

Vintage Moo Juice chocolate or strawberry milkshake mix from 1967 (2)

Moo Juice – Chocolate or Strawberry: Makes a smooth and creamy milkshake, right at home. Even better with ice cream.

Vintage Chocolate Ovaltine ad (1973)

“My o-o-o-old pal Ovaltine” — For pennies a day, Ovaltine gives kids all the vitamins they need — without coaxing!

Saying “It’s good for you” won’t stop kids from liking chocolate-flavored Ovaltine. It tastes that great in milk!

With every glass, they’re gulping down 100% of their daily minimum requirement of vitamins and minerals (that’s more than they can get from any other milk flavoring).

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Vintage Chocolate Ovaltine ad (1973)

Oak Farms chocolate milk carton from 7-Eleven (1977)

Oak Farms chocolate milk carton from 7-Eleven (1977)

1970s Hershey’s vintage chocolate milk brands

Hershey’s Instant real chocolate flavor mix — just add milk, cold or hot. Hershey’s syrup (bottle and can) – “Try me in milk”

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Hershey's syrup and instant vintage chocolate milk brands and packages (1978)

Hershey’s chocolate syrup bottles with Messy Marvin (1985)

Hershey’s Syrup – the best thing that ever happened to milk.

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Hershey's chocolate syrup bottles with Messy Marvin (1985)

Late 80s Hershey’s Chocolate Milk Mix box (1988)

Hershey's Chocolate Milk Mix package with chocolate milk glass (1988)

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