Vintage Ovaltine: See 60 years of the chocolate malt milk drink mix

Vintage Ovaltine - 1940s and 1980s

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Vintage Ovaltine ad from a few years after it debuted in the 1920s

Sleepless Nights: How to End Them Without Drugs – All-day energy tomorrow (1929)

Over 20,000 doctors endorse this natural way to healthful sleep — Because Ovaltine is not a drug but a unique food-drink; that brings instant all-night sleep and builds up tremendous energy for the next day.

Accept 3-Day Test — Not a Medicine; A Swiss Discovery Millions are Using

Here is instant sleep when you go to bed… sleep without drugs. A way, at last, of inducing sleep that any doctor you ask will approve. A way that makes a new person of you tomorrow.

For it does far more than merely bring you sleep. It rebuilds your wasted tissues while you sleep. It’s as free of drugs as the bread you eat or the milk you drink; as non-habit forming as warm milk. Thus it makes the use of drugs or soporifics a grave folly (unless under medical direction). People are flocking to its use.

Not a medicine

It is called Ovaltine. A delicious food-drink. The discovery of a world-noted Swiss scientist. You take it at bedtime. And soon you fall asleep. Next morning you wake up feeling like a new person.

For the peculiar dietetic property of Ovaltine re-supplies, your system during the night with the energy lost the previous, active day. Builds you up and rejuvenates you. Over 20,000 doctors are advising it. Its use has spread over some 50 different nations. New to America, it has been used over 30 years in Europe.

Ovaltine to end sleepless nights (1929)

Acts this way

Ovaltine acts on entirely different principles from sleep producing drugs. Remember, it’s not a medicine. It contains no drugs. It’s a food. Thus you can take it night after night and not only avoid a habit, as with drugs, but build up your health as well.

Instead of drugging your nerves to sleep, it acts to soothe you to sleep. For it corrects the digestive unrest to which most sleeplessness now is traced. Ovaltine marks one of the most important scientific findings of its time.

And must not be confused with “Malt” or “Chocolate” preparations which may claim the same effects or taste like it. It is widely different in formula and result. Doctors advise it not only for sleeplessness, but for nerve-strain, malnutrition, general run-down conditions, for nervous children, for nursing mothers, and the aged.

Thousands take it to relieve fatigue during the day. Accept 3-Day Test Please accept the 3-day test below. Note how quickly sleep comes. Mark how great your next day’s energy. Mark the difference in your whole appearance. Mail the coupon. Or obtain in regular size package at drug or grocery store. Also served at soda fountains.

Make this experiment. Drink a cup of Hot Ovaltine before retiring, for three nights. Note how quickly you go to sleep; how refreshed you feel when you awaken; your unlimited energy next day.

Ovaltine: The world’s best night-cup (1930s)

Ovaltine, for restful and restorative sleep.

Quality has made ‘Ovaltine’ the world’s best night-cup and the world’s most popular food beverage for health.

Vintage Ovaltine for sleep (c1930s)

No-Appetite Nan – Ovaltine comic (1939)

See how this “protecting” food-drink helps make ‘poor eaters’ eat!

Served in over 1,700 American hospitals. Doctors approve its use. So… in the interest of your child’s health… why not commence giving Ovaltine today?

No-Appetite Nan - Ovaltine (1939)

How well do you really understand him? (1940s)

The health of a child is largely in its mother’s hands. His welfare depends upon how well she understands his needs.

For example, when a child is frail and nervous or languid, one of the commonest causes is faulty nutrition. A mother should always remember that a child needs, in proportion to body weight, 2 to 3 times as much of certain foods as adults; these food elements such as protein, calcium, iron, Vitamins B, C, niacin and riboflavin may be called the “spark plugs” of robust health and vitality.

Of course, a fully adequate diet can be selected from ordinary foods, but it’s difficult to be sure you’re right. And so, today. busy, intelligent mothers employ an easier method in approaching this problem. They use a supplementary food like Ovaltine.

The purpose of a supplementary fond is to fill in the chinks, gaps, loopholes that may occur in ordinary meals; it supplies those rarer elements most easily lost in cooking, most apt to be lacking –based upon the study of thousands of meals served in average homes.

Vintage Ovaltine for kids (1940s) (2)

How can a mother help a child who is falling behind? (1940s)

When a child is frail and nervous or underweight. it may be due to a number of things. But one of the commonest causes is faulty nutrition. And this cause is one which you, the mother, can do something about.

In situations like this, many mothers are now turning to Ovaltine. For Ovaltine, mixed with milk, is a rich supplementary food — a protecting food that fills in the gaps, the chinks, and the loopholes of an otherwise “good” diet.

Vintage Ovaltine for kids (1940s) (1)

Sleep without drugs — The best morning bracer! (1940s)

Surely you’ve heard how Ovaltine helps thousands sleep better — go to sleep more easily — sleep the natural drugless sleep that lets them wake up really fresh!

Sleep without drugs thanks to Ovaltine (1940s)

Ovaltine: Here’s a simple aid to sparkling morning freshness (1941)

Try doing this at bedtime tonight

Here’s that new “morning freshness” idea you hear so much about these days… What they do is take a cup of new, improved Ovaltine each night at bedtime… not only to foster restful sleep itself — but also to replenish vitality while they sleep.

ovaltine mornings 04 07 1941

Presenting: All the extra vitamins and minerals you need! (1943)

3 average-good meals + 2 glasses of Ovaltine give the normal person all the extra vitamins and minerals he can use!

Millions of people today know how important it is to take extra vitamins and minerals. So we want to emphasize this point: Ovaltine is one of the richest sources of vitamins and minerals in the world.

So why worry about vitamins and minerals? Rely on Ovaltine to give you all the extra vitamins and minerals you need — along with its many other well-known benefits.

Ovaltine with vitamins (1943)

Greet the sun with a smile! (1946)

Promote sleep — without drugs!

Taken warm at bedtime, Ovaltine induces sleep in safe, natural ways. Has power to relieve “nervous tension” — also so prevent certain digestive un-rest which frequently distorts sleep; Supplies food elements needed for sound sleep.

Morning freshness with Ovaltine (1946)

Ovaltine at breakfast (1951)

Let’s face it, parents… Children want the right hot drink at breakfast!

As we parents know, a bracing hot drink at breakfast helps us get off to a good start in the morning. It’s time we realized that children too enjoy, and benefit from, a hot drink that’s right for them.

Chocolate flavored Ovaltine mixed with hot milk as directed is the right kind of hot drink for your child.

Authorities say that a good breakfast every morning can change a child’s whole outlook on life and something hot is almost a “must” in a really good breakfast. Ovaltine is right three ways as a hot breakfast drink for children!

First, Ovaltine mixed with milk supplies essential vita- mins, proteins and minerals that children must Aare for good growth and robust health. It is a rich supplementary food that fills in the gaps and chinks that may occur in children’s breakfast, even in the best of homes.

Second, its soothing, comforting warmth helps to put Tittle folks at ease to enjoy and digest their breakfasts.

Third, Ovaltine itself is quickly and easily digested, start giving out its bracing food-energy by the time children Teach the schoolroom.

So, to insure a more adequate breakfast for your child, serve Hot Ovaltine along with the with of his breakfast — as an addition to, not a substitute for, the foods he regularly eats. Start in tomorrow! Let your child enjoy delicious hot Chocolate flavored Ovaltine at breakfast every morning.

Ovaltine at breakfast (1951)

Chocolate Ovaltine (1982)

If you haven’t tried the great taste of Chocolate Ovaltine? you’re in for a treat. It’s the best tasting milk flavoring that you can buy and with our 7 essential vitamins and minerals you’re getting nutrition as well as great taste. Our exclusive flavor beads dissolve instantly putting more flavor in the milk instead of the bottom of the glass.

Chocolate Ovaltine (1982)

Ovaltine’s 50-Calorie cocoa mix (1983)

When it comes to rich, delicious cocoa, no leading brand of reduced calorie cocoa mix can offer you more taste and fewer calories than Ovaltine’s 50 Calorie Cocoa Mix.

Plus, there’s something else Ovaltine’s 50 Calorie has going for it. Seven essential vitamins and minerals and a chance to save 15-cents. After all, what could be better than saving calories and money at the same time?

Low-calorie Ovaltine packets (1983)

Annie for Ovaltine (1983)

Leapin’ Lizards! Make a heapin’ blizzard!

A cool, summertime refresher made with Ovaltine!


  • 4 tablespoons Ovaltine (chocolate or malt)
  • 1/4 cup Crème soda pop (or root beer, club soda, cola)
  • 3/4 cup milk
  • 1 scoop chocolate ice cream (or your favorite flavor)

Blend together soda, Ovaltine, and milk in a blender until frothy. Pour into a glass and add 1 scoop of ice cream. Sprinkle generously with additional Ovaltine on top. Serve immediately. Makes one serving.

Annie for Ovaltine (1983)

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