35 old-fashioned ice cream flavors from the 1950s will make you wish for bygone days

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Vintage ice cream flavors: Sweet old-fashioned treats

Here are some of the coolest vintage ice cream flavors (and a few sherbets) introduced during the 1950s.

Many of these old-fashioned ice cream flavors are long gone, and it was clear that fruit — especially cherry and pineapple — were especially popular.

1. Lorraine Cherry ice cream (Lady Borden – 1955)

Lady Borden Lorraine Cherry old-fashioned ice cream (1955)

2. Western Almond ice cream (Sealtest – 1958)

Western Almond old-fashioned ice cream from Sealtest (1958)

3. Banana Strawberry Split ice cream (Sealtest – 1959)

Banana Strawberry Split old-fashioned ice cream from Sealtest (1959)

4. Chocolate Almond ice cream (Lady Borden – 1950)

Chocolate Almond old-fashioned ice cream from Lady Borden (1950)

5. Gay 90s Toffee Fudge ice cream (Sealtest – 1956)

Gay 90s Toffee Fudge

Gay 90s Toffee Fudge old-fashioned ice cream (1956)

6. Praline Pecan vintage ice cream (Lady Borden – 1953)

Lady Borden Praline Pecan vintage old-fashioned ice cream (1953)

7. Plum Nuts ice cream (Sealtest – 1958)

Plum Nuts old-fashioned ice cream from Sealtest (1958)

8. Tropic Isle Pineapple ice cream (1954)

Tropic Isle Pineapple old-fashioned ice cream (1954)

9. 50s Devil Mint ice cream (Sealtest – 1954)

Vintage 50s Devil Mint old-fashioned ice cream from Sealtest (1954)

10. Vintage Peach Melba ice cream (Sealtest – 1955)

Vintage Peach Melba old-fashioned ice cream from Sealtest (1955)

11. Cherry-Coconut ice cream (Borden’s – 1951)

It’s the creamiest of ice creams… and just filled with juicy red cherries and snow-white coconut aplenty. Wait till you taste it!

Cherry-Coconut old-fashioned ice cream (Borden's - 1951)

12. Burgundy Cherry vintage ice cream flavor (Borden’s – 1951)

Invite delight tonight! Serve this beautiful-looking, luscious-tasting dessert. Big, juicy Burgundy cherries peeking out of smoother-than-smooth Lady Borden ice cream.

Burgundy Cherry vintage old-fashioned ice cream flavor (Borden's - 1951)

13. Strawberry ice cream (Meadow Gold – 1951)

1951 Strawberry old-fashioned ice cream

14. Black raspberry vintage ice cream (Sealtest – 1952)

1952 Black raspberry old-fashioned ice cream

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15. Coronation Vanilla ice cream (Meadow Gold – 1953)

To a queen’s taste… and yours: Coronation vanilla

We want you to try this special June delight — that’s practically a sundae in itself! Red and green chunks of Hawaiian pineapple — sun-ripened sweet and juicy. Rich, golden country cream. Pure vanilla from the Spice Islands. All smooth-frozen the Meadow Gold way…

Coronation Vanilla old-fashioned ice cream (Meadow Gold - 1953)

16. Hawaiian ice cream (Meadow Gold – 1955)

New treat! Pink pineapple sherbet loaded with bright, tropic-ripened fruit!

Taste what happens when we take the tangy juice of ripe Hawaiian pineapples, bits of the same good fruit, and smooth-freeze them into pink, frosty sherbet. Even thinking about it makes you feel cooler, doesn’t it?

Hawaiian old-fashioned ice cream (Meadow Gold - 1955)

17. Holiday bisque tortoni old-fashioned ice cream (Lady Borden – 1955)

It’s here. The gayest ice cream of the season. Bright idea for a holiday get-together. Lady Borden Holiday Bisque Tortoni, confetti-ed with luscious red and green pineapple.

Holiday bisque tortoni old-fashioned ice cream (Lady Borden - 1955)

18. Candied apple vintage ice cream flavor (Sealtest – 1956)

An old-fashioned taste treat in a brand-new ice cream – All the tantalizing goodness of old-time candied apples… completely recaptured in this brand new Sealtest taste treat.

Candied apple vintage old-fashioned ice cream flavor (Sealtest - 1956)

19. Black Sweet Cherry vintage ice cream (Party Pride – 1956)

Black Sweet Cherry old-fashioned vintage ice cream (Party Pride - 1956)

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20. Banana-Strawberry classic ice cream (Sealtest – 1957)

Banana-Strawberry classic old-fashioned ice cream (Sealtest - 1957)

21. Triple Treat ice cream (Sealtest – 1957)

Dig this crazy mixed-up ice cream! Triple treat – It’s raspberry, vanilla and orange-pineapple. (Man, it’s real cool!)

Triple Treat old-fashioned ice cream (Sealtest - 1957)

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22. Cherry-Pineapple vintage ice cream flavor (Sealtest – 1957)

You just never tasted anything so deliciously cool!

Cherry-Pineapple old-fashioned vintage ice cream flavor (Sealtest - 1957)

23. Marshmallow Mint old-fashioned ice cream (Meadow Gold – 1957)

Chocolate ice cream with a bright surprise in every bite!

For our special flavor this month, we’ve taken creamy, colorful mint-flavored marshmallow sauce, and marbled it all through chocolate ice cream.

Marshmallow Mint old-fashioned ice cream (Meadow Gold - 1957)

24. Coconut-Pineapple old-fashioned ice cream (Foremost – 1957)

Shades of the South Pacific! Here’s an exotic ice cream just bursting with fresh sun-sweetened pineapple and crisp snow-white coconut. Set sail for your favorite store, and discover the happiest treat from here to Hawaii.

Coconut-Pineapple old-fashioned ice cream (Foremost - 1957)

25. Cherry Nugget vintage ice cream (Sealtest – 1957)

A masterpiece! The all-time favorite! One taste tells why.

Cherry Nugget old-fashioned ice cream (Sealtest - 1957)

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26. Lemon drop sherbet (Sealtest – 1957)

Double your pleasure! Luscious lemon sherbet accented with tasty bits of lemon candy.

Vintage Lemon drop Sealtest old-fashioned sherbet from 1957

27. Butterscotch-Pecan vintage ice cream (Borden’s – 1957)

This best-of-butterscotch ice creams has crunchy pieces of pecan in every delicious bite.

old-fashioned Butterscotch-Pecan vintage ice cream (Borden's - 1957)

28. Coconut fudge vintage ice cream (Sealtest – 1957)

The flavor you’d most like to be marooned with

Coconut fudge old-fashioned ice cream - Sealtest 1957

29. Choco-o-Nut classic ice cream (Sealtest – 1958)

Select buttered almonds in luscious milk chocolate

Choco-o-Nut classic old-fashioned ice cream (Sealtest - 1958)

30. Mint chocolate chip flavor vintage ice cream (Lady Borden – 1958)

Minty cool… fresh as spring! Full of delicious nuggets of dark chocolate. Lady Borden Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream is so pastel pretty, so rich with real cream, that it makes any dessert time party time.

1956 Mint chip old-fashioned ice cream

31. Old-fashioned ice cream: Big Dip ice milk (Sealtest – 1958)

Big Dip old-fashioned ice milk vintage ad 1958

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32. Vintage rainbow ice cream from the 50s (Sealtest – 1953)

Vintage rainbow old-fashioned ice cream from the 50s - Sealtest 1953

33. Vintage strawberry macaroon ice cream (Sealtest – 1957)

Vintage strawberry macaroon old-fashioned ice cream - 1957 Sealtest brand

34. Apple la Mode (Borden – 1956)

Vintage 50s apple ice cream — “tastes just like apple pie ‘n ice cream.”

Vintage 1956 Borden's Appla La Mode old-fashioned ice cream from the 1950s

35. Plantation Peach old-fashioned ice cream (Lady Borden – 1953)

Vintage Lady Borden Plantation Peach old-fashioned ice cream - 1953

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  1. Ah, the feelings of nostalgia…I remember the Sealtest line of ice cream (particularly orange ice) from seventy years ago in Chicago…we moved to Texas in 1949, and Sealtest was lost forever…sad realization for the little kid that I was.
    Thanks for the memories!

  2. I remember delivering sealtest ice cream with my dad when I was 14.
    He had hangover on Saturday an I would pull customers order from truck until moon. Would fell fine then.
    I would get $2.00 a day plus lunch.
    Some of my greatest memories with my dad.
    George Lewis, Bill white, Harvey celburn. His best friends..
    What a time .loved it.

  3. I am looking for rainbow ice cream from the 60’s. It was pink, green and yellow. I have found rainbow ice cream but the colours are not the same. I have found it with blue and orange but it not the same.

  4. Just shared this article with my mom and she loved it to every bit! Keep sharing such good stuff fellas!

  5. Does anyone know where you can buy black walnut ice cream that taste the way it did back in the 1950s and 1960s?
    These days they have ruined the flavor.

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