How to make a ‘Lazy Susan’ wardrobe closet for your bedroom (1961)

Lazy Susan wardrobe closet home design 1961 building plan

Make a ‘Lazy Susan’ wardrobe

Four-season wardrobe selection at the touch of a finger

Separate your wardrobe by season . . . by formal and informal ensembles. . . group your accessories according to wear . . . all with this beautiful and practical “Lazy Susan” wardrobe.

The natural color and complementing texture of Weyerhaeuser 4-Square plywood and paneling will make the entire unit the focal point of your bedroom . . . a conversation piece to be admired by family and guests.

There is plenty of room in each wardrobe compartment for wrinkle-free hanging . . . and right next door, shelves for hats, shoes, purses and gloves. Each storage section contains three bins with hinged wood paneled covers on the front to shelter hankies, lingerie and sweaters.

At the touch of a finger, an entire new wardrobe comes into reach, with free-wheeling casters rolling smoothly on a strong Weyerhaeuser hardboard base. A folding door ensures complete dust-free protection.

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How to build this closet

Construction is simple. Do it yourself, or arrange to have it professionally built.

Suggested material: Weyerhaeuser 4-Square Douglas Fir plywood (Lazy Susan assembly) and Idaho white pine plywood (outside-facing material).

See your 4-Square lumber and plywood dealer for any planning and financing assistance you’ll need. Select the Weyerhaeuser 4-Square lumber and plywood that best suits your home and personality.

Lazy Susan closet building plan & design specifications

Make a 'Lazy Susan' wardrobe closet (1961)

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