40 discontinued cake mixes in flavors you can’t get anymore

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With their fun retro flavors — like pink lemonade and orange, toffee and macaroon, peanut butter and black walnut — check out these discontinued cake mixes in old-fashioned varieties that you usually don’t see in stores anymore!

Discontinued Pillsbury Orange cake mix (1955)

Crystals made from real oranges are right in this new mix. An entirely new delight in a cake! Real fresh fruit flavor, and you don’t squeeze an orange or grate a rind. Country-fresh eggs are blended into the mix, too. Milk is all you add.

Discontinued Pillsbury Orange cake mix from 1955

Vintage chocolate malt cake mix from Betty Crocker (1955)

There’s real malted milk in this new cake mix from our Betty Crocker kitchens. There’s creamy-soft vegetable shortening. There’s Softasilk Cake Flour. And there’s something more — our promise that you’ll bake a perfect cake — a sweet ‘n light ‘n lovely cake — a brand-new kind of chocolate flavor cake — every single time you bake. Don’t wait to try it!

Vintage chocolate malt cake mix from Betty Crocker (1955)

Old Duncan Hines burnt sugar cake mix (1955)

Discovered in New England by Duncan Hines… unforgettable flavor you can match in this caramel-y Burnt Sugar Cake !

Honest-to-goodness Burnt Sugar Cake . . . and only Duncan Hines brings you this old-fashioned favorite in a mix! The secret is real caramel syrup made from pure sugar, melted and slowly simmered for hours to perfect caramel-y richness then sealed in an air-tight packet at the peak of its goodness. Syrup enough for your frosting, too. Try it tonight.

Vintage Duncan Hines burnt sugar cake mix (1955)

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Peanut Delight discontinued cake mix flavor (1955)

There’s real peanut butter to bring a gentle, elusive and much-liked flavor to this unusual cake mix. A Betty Crocker ‘first ever anywhere.’ Be the first in your group to serve it. It’s easy and so much fun!

Vintage Peanut Delight discontinued cake mix from Betty Crocker (1955)

Vintage Pillsbury Caramel flavor cake mix (1956)

At last from a mix! The really moist, old-fashioned kind you probably haven’t tasted in years.

… Rich and true in flavor… moist and tender as can be. And for the first time, this once “tricky” cake is now so easy. No sugar to caramelize. Nothing of the kind.

You merely add milk to the new Pillsbury caramel cake mix. Even the country fresh eggs are blended right into this mix.

Vintage Pillsbury Caramel cake mix (1956)

Old-fashioned Honey Spice cake mix from Betty Crocker (1956)

Old-fashioned discontinued Honey Spice cake mix from Betty Crocker (1956)

Discontinued 1950s Betty Crocker Black Walnut cake mix (1958)

Discontinued 1950s Betty Crocker Black Walnut cake mix (1958)

Country Kitchen white cake mix (1960)

This box of old Betty Crocker discontinued cake mix was popularly used to make a Pink Azalea Cake — a white cake layer colored pink with cherry juice, covered with a pink frosting that’s studded with bits of chopped cherries. (Add shredded coconut and silver dragee/edible pearls as decorations, if desired.)

Betty Crocker Country Kitchen cake mix (1960)

Pink lemonade angel cake & frosting (1961)

Looks like fun, tastes like a party: All pink and lemony, this high-flying angel helps make any party more fun than a circus.

It’s cool and tart with a refreshing taste like no angel ever brought you before. Bakes up extra high and light because the whites of 14.4 eggs are right in the mix. What a difference the extra egg white makes!

Two new Pillsbury mixes make this showpiece possible — Pink Lemonade Angel Food Cake Mix and Pink Lemonade Fluffy Frosting Mix. Buy them and conquer. Remember, nothing says lovin’ like something from the oven — and Pillsbury says it best!

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Vintage 60s Pink lemonade angel cake and frosting (1961)

Duncan Hines Butterscotch Crunch – Dutch Topping Cake Mix (1962)

Cake with a topping you bake right on… tender cake, crunchy butterscotch-almond topping!

A cake you take from your oven all covered with a thick, crunchy crust of butterscotch and toasted almonds. Ready to eat cozy-warm, like the Pennsylvania Dutch do. Wonderful good! One of three Dutch-topping cake mixes, exclusively from Duncan Hines.

Vintage flavors: Butterscotch crunch, apple n’ spice, cinnamon raisin

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Duncan Hines Butterscotch Crunch - Dutch Topping Cake Mix (1962)

Toffee cake mix (1962)

Have you tasted English toffee? We’ve matched the flavor of toffee and lavishly marbled it through a new rich cake. You’ll find the same good flavor in a creamy-smooth frosting… You’ll like them, and so will your candy-loving children.

Old toffee cake mix from 1962

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Vintage Duncan Hines Early American cake mix (1963)

These chewy good cakes and tall frosty glasses of Nestle’s Quik are the go-togethers of the summer! … tastes great with any of Duncan Hines wonderful fruit and nut-filled Early American cakes.

Cake mix flavors: Apple raisin, Butter pecan, Fudge nut, Cherry almond, Date nut, Orange

Vintage Duncan Hines Early American cake mix 1963

Discontinued Pillsbury Bundt cake mixes with filling inside (1963)

YouTube video

Some long-lost cake flavors from 1965

Discontinued vintage Pillsbury “Flavormoist” varieties include: Banana, Lemon creme, Vienna-style, Pineapple, Lord Baltimore, Double Dutch, Applesauce Spice, Bavarian Creme, Swiss-Style, Orange, Old-fashioned spice, Mocha fudge & Pink Lemonade

Discontinued cake mix flavors 1965


Fudge macaroon cake mix & frosting (1966)

Really something else! Wild new look… wild new flavor. Rich fudge cake swirled with chewy macaroon. Real coconut bits in fudge frosting. My man loves it. yours? Pillsbury’s new Fudge Macaroon cake and frosting.

1966 Fudge macaroon cake mix

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Discontinued vintage Betty Crocker Sunkist Orange cake mix (1968)

Discontinued vintage Betty Crocker Sunkist Orange cake mix (1968)

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Retro ’60s Betty Crocker Dole Pineapple cake mix (1969)

Discontinued retro 1960s Betty Crocker Dole Pineapple cake mix (1969)

Strawberry Create-A-Cake mix (1971)

Pillsbury introduces the Create-A-Cake mix for people who are wild about strawberries.

…Now the cake mix specially made to let you be creative gives you a great new flavor — along with the freedom to add fruit or frosting mix to make every cake your own creation.

70s Pillsbury strawberry cake mix (1971)

Now, an orchard of upside-downs from Betty Crocker. (1971)

Take your pick. Topping, fruit and a special cake mix to hold the juiciness. Three delicious, easy-to-fix desserts. The hardest part is making up your mind.

— Apple cinnamon upside-down cake mix & topping
— Cherry upside-down cake mix & topping
— Pineapple upside-down cake mix & topping (this one is still around)

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Vintage Betty Crocker Upside Down cake mixes 1971

Betty Crocker vintage Snackin’ Cake (1970s)

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Snackin Cake from 1972

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Vintage Pillsbury Fruit N Crunch snack and dessert cake mix (1972)

The Snack and Dessert Cake that gives you cake mix, real fruit filling and crunchy topping in one box!

Pillsbury’s new Fruit ‘n Crunch has what it takes to make it your family’s all-time favorite — a delicious cake base, real fruit filling and a rich, crunchy topping. All together — in one box! Spread the cake base in an 8-inch square pan, cover with fruit, sprinkle with topping. Bake.

And just like that you’ve got a snack cake that makes a great dessert. And a terrific dessert that makes a great snack. Neat enough to eat with your fingers. Fancy enough to eat with a fork. Stock up on all three Fruit ‘n Crunch flavors: Cherry, Apple and Blueberry. At your grocer’s now!

Vintage Pillsbury Fruit N Crunch snack and dessert cake mix (1972)

Retro 70s Strawberry ‘n Cream Betty Crocker cake mix flavor (1973)

Strawberry n Cream. Another Betty Crocker cake with moistness plus rich body. Strawberry Cream whipped frosting you whip for a lighter texture and taste.

Retro 70s Strawberry 'n Cream Betty Crocker cake mix flavor (1973)

Retro discontinued Stir n Frost cake mix (1976)

Introducing Stir ‘n Frost. It’s everything you see on this page. The cake mix, the frosting, even the pan. Everything.

Four flavors: Yellow cake with chocolate frosting, chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, spice cake with vanilla frosting and lemon cake with lemon frosting

Retro Stir n Frost cake mix (1976)

Duncan Hines Moist & Easy snack cake mix (1976)

Flavors: Banana nut, double chocolate chip & spicy apple-raisin

Duncan Hines Moist and Easy snack cake mix (1976)

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Chocolate pudding cake & Boston Cream pie mix (1976)

Chocolate flavor pudding cake mix: Warm tender cake, baked in rich pudding sauce. Comes in chocolate and lemon flavors.

Boston cream pie mix: Everything you need in one package. Yellow cake, creamy custard cake filling, and rich chocolate icing.

Betty Crocker cake mixes from 1976

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Duncan Hines Sour Cream Chocolate discontinued cake mix (1977)

Duncan Hines Sour Cream Chocolate discontinued cake mix (1977)

Retro Betty Crocker chocolate chip cake mix & canned frosting (1982)

Retro Betty Crocker chocolate chip cake mix and canned frosting (1982)


Unbelievable Bundt brand ring cake mixes (1987)

Bundt cake varieties: Black forest cherry, pineapple creme, tunnel of fudge, Boston cream and more

MORE BUNDT: Pistachio, rocky road, 7-up, lemon ripple & more Bundt ring cakes to make

Retro 80s Pillsbury Bundt cake mixes (1987)

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Betty Crocker MicroRave cake mix (1989)

YouTube video

Bonus: Frosting mixes you don’t see anymore (1959)

Betty Crocker cherry fluff frosting mix & chocolate malt flavor frosting mix

Old Betty Crocker discontinued frosting mixes from 1959

Vintage discontinued Minute Man Instant Frosting (1955)

Vintage discontinued Minute Man Instant Frosting (1955)

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27 Responses

  1. How can I reproduce the Duncan Hines Early American Apple Raisin cake? It’s a childhood fav and Bucket List item! Thank you!

  2. I remember Betty Crocker Chocolate Malt cake that went with the frosting mix. My mother made it and put crushed walnuts on top. She died in 1957 so it as before that. It was the best chocolate cake and frosting ever and with all the different chocolate cake mixes on the market, too bad they discontinued this one. I would love the recipe.

  3. I love the pumpkin spice cupcake and frosting mix, Limired Edison Decadent style. Simply the best! How can I purchase it again. Gloriag

  4. I started baking when I was about 6 years old and loved to explore the cake mix aisle. I say aisle because it was a proper aisle, there were loads of different flavors and types. Pillsbury’s cherry chip was a favorite, spice and ALL of the Bundt cake mix flavors.
    There were probably 40 + cake mixes to choose from, a veritable wall of cake mixes!
    Now it’s not even a 10th of that, just a few choices, maybe 10 or so.
    Eventually I baked from scratch but I learnt a lot from the cake mixes.

  5. June 20, 2021 will be sixty years since I started having Duncan Hines Cherry Supreme cakes for my birthday; it’s not made anymore and I would like a (copycat) recipe of the Cherry Supreme Cake–if it’s out there. It would really help to make my 66th Birthday a memorable one. Many thanks!!

    1. You can re-create the Cherry Supreme cake using 2 tsp of Watkins or McCormick cherry flavoring (extract) to a white cake mix. To get the delicate pink color, add 2 drops of red food coloring.

    1. Add 2 tsp cherry flavor to white cake mix–Watkins or McCormick cherry with give you the flavor you are seeking–2 drops of red food color with give you the delicate pink color too.

  6. I remember a lemon bundt cake in a big blue box, a lemon cake with lemon streusel and glaze that came in separate pouches. you added to the cake before baking then made the glaze after for the top back in the 80s i believe.

    i cannot for the life of me find it pictured anywhere

    1. Yesss, I remember the pillsbury lemon streusel bundt cake box mix. Where there the streusel was in one bag and the glaze in another bag. You can call pillsbury and ask them to bring it back. A lady started it already. 2-800-767-4466. We need them to bring this back.

  7. Bring back the Betty Crocker Date Bar Mix. There was nothing like it then and now theres just nothing. It was a favorite in our home when I was growing up and right up to the time it disappeared from the cake mix aisle long ago!!

  8. Snackin Cake and Stir N Frost were small cakes and easily made. I would buy them today if they were available.

  9. What size mixes were the Duncan Hines perfectly moist lemon supreme in the 1970s? I have the original recipe for the lemon pound Bundt cake but when I made it as the recipe reads instead of the pound cake texture it was a fluffy cake. I think it may be the smaller mixes may be my problem.

  10. I remember when I was little in the 70’s my mom would make me a yellow cake with butter brickle icing. It was delicious! I wish it would come back. Such fond memories ❤️

    1. My mom put it on Angel Food cake, and it was amazing ! I remember it was a boxed mix but never found a mention of it online until this.

  11. The ad for the Betty Crocker Orange Cake Mix is from 1968. I’m not sure how long that particular mix stayed on the market, so I’m not certain whether the orange cake my sisters and I made when we we were pre-teens and teens circa 1974 was from that particular Betty Crocker mix or a different brand. I just remember the cake was so disgusting to me that to this day, almost 50 years later, I won’t eat any fruit-flavored cake.

  12. I’ve been desperately trying for years to find a cake & frosting mix that was around in the mid-80’s. I specifically remember making it in kindergarten which would have been 1986. The only thing I remember was the FLAVOR (and the ease of making it). To this day I cannot get the taste out of my head and I crave it all the time (I’m not even a sweets or dessert eater). I remember it being made in a square or rectangle pan, golden cake and the most delicious frosting/glaze that had the flavor of caramel or toffee. I can’t remember if the pan came with it and thought for awhile it may have been Stir n’ Frost but I see they did not have that flavor. I’ve always believed the brand to be Duncan Hines but I could be wrong. My mother always kept them in the house because it was around the time she had a job and would have a babysitter watch us after school. It was an extremely simple non-recipe we could almost make ourselves w/ the help of the babysitter. We made them often. I’d imagine you only had to mix with water and the frosting/glaze I think was ready in a packet. Can anyone help direct me to what this cake was?? I’ve been trying to find a similar product but the closest thing was an apple-caramel mix but this had no apple. I’d love to recreate it or write to the company if I knew what I was looking for!

  13. Is there any way to find a recipe for the Betty Crocker Chocolate (flavor) Pudding Cake, listed/shown above?? I’ve been wanting that cake for many years. I loved it as a child and haven’t seen it since then. TIA.

  14. I have been searching for info on a boxed “deluxe” brownie mix from the early 1990’s ( ?) It was a brownie mix base with a separate, thick chocolate truffle/mousse topping, mixed and applied after baking, and a packet of dark chocolate drizzle. It was always a favorite at our house. If I recall, there were a few different flavors in the line.

  15. Is there any way to get a recipe for the George Washington cherry chocolate cake mix from the 60’s and maybe into the early 70’s. It was my favorite. I think maybe it was a Betty Crocker mix. My Mom would make it for me all the time. Then it was just gone, and I believe it was replaced by a cherry chip cake mix. I have seen a recipe from scratch, but it has nuts etc. and bakes in a tube cake pan Sad that anyone would think a chocolate cake with cherry flavor could be replaced by a cherry cake without any chocolate at all.

  16. I liked Ducan Hines Coconut Supreme cake mix and it having the multi-colored flecks of coconut suspended in the cake.

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