Treatwich-in-the-round recipe makes lunch for a bunch (1966)

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Treatwich-in-the-round recipe 1966

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From the ’60s, it’s a treatwich-in-the-round — a huge party-size sandwich you cut into wedges — filled with a meaty mixture and topped with American cheese.

Lunch for a bunch: Treatwich-in-the-round (1966)

It’s a treatwich-in-the-round topped with the best-tasting pasteurized process cheese slices you can buy: the ones marked Kraft.

Top a big, toasted round of rye bread, Kraft mustard-spread, with hot corned beef hash (to which you’ve added chopped pimiento and green pepper). Then, plenty of that mellow Kraft American with extra rich cheese flavor in every bite. Broil a bit, and cut in wedges for the gang.

Popular Kraft American comes in big packs as well as the 8-slice size; also get sharp Old English brand, Kraft Swiss, Brick, Muenster.

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Kraft American Cheese in treatwich-in-the-round (1966)

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Bonus recipe: Golden grilled cheese sandwich (1967)

It’s an autumn tradition, this golden grilled sandwich. A slice of warm, home-baked bread, stacked with juicy tomato, rippled bacon… and mellow Kraft American cheese.

1967 Golden grilled cheese sandwich recipe

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