13 ways to dish up an old favorite: Frankfurters

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13 ways to serve an old favorite: Hot dogs (1955)

Hot dog recipes:

  • Frankfurter cornsticks
  • Pronto dogs
  • Frank-roll slices
  • Frankfurter sticks
  • Frank-cheese rounds
  • Frankfurter boats
  • Frank-bacon roll-ups

Frankfurter cornsticks, Pronto dogs, Frank-roll slices, Frankfurter sticks, Frank-cheese rounds, Frankfurter boats, Frank-bacon roll-ups

Recipe ideas for hot dogs:

  • Herbed franks and rolls
  • Franks in blankets
  • Snappy frank-cheese rolls
  • Frank-custard tarts
  • Sauerkraut frankfurters
  • Frank-cheese burgers

Herbed franks and rolls, Franks in blankets, Snappy frank-cheese rolls, Frank-custard tarts, Sauerkraut frankfurters, Frank-cheese burgers

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Source publication date: June 1955

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