Cows recommend Moo Juice milkshake mix (1967)

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Based on advertising we could find, Pillsbury introduced their Moo Juice flavored packets of milkshake mix late in 1966 (at least in some markets). Originally made in just two flavors — Chocolate and Strawberry — by 1969, two more taste sensations had been added: Vanilla and Chocolate Malt.

A year later, however, the product had virtually disappeared. While we couldn’t find an official cause of death, there is some suggestion that since Moo Juice didn’t really create thick milkshakes, other products outshone them on supermarket shelves. – NJP

Moo Juice

Hi! I’m a cow! So I’m an authority on milk shakes! And us cows recommend Moo Juice, the new milkshake mix from Pillsbury. Just add Moo Juice to milk.. see, it’s easy. Then shake like crazy. And pour yourself a smooth and creamy treat. As fun as a trip to a drive-in! So get the package with the good-looking cow on it! And let the kids serve dessert tonight! It’s terrific!

For an extra thick threat… add a big scoop of ice cream.

moo-juice-cartoon-ad-summer-1967 (1)

moo-juice-cartoon-ad-summer-1967 (2)

Moo Juice – Chocolate or Strawberry

Makes a smooth and creamy milkshake, right at home. Even better with ice cream.

Grocery store ads from 1969


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