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Reel-to-reel vintage tape recorders
Remember vintage reel-to-reel tape recorders?

Reel-to-reel tape recorders hit the commercial market in the 1940s — and their evolution was boosted by the financial support of none other than Bing Crosby, who saw great potential in the technology.

LIFE Apr 23, 1956 Jayne Mansfield cover
Jayne Mansfield: Broadway’s smartest dumb blonde

Jayne Mansfield has burst dazzlingly upon the theatrical world as a star of a Broadway comedy, and seems to be getting her name and photograph into more Broadway columns and movie magazines than any other actress alive.

Vintage musician Thelonious Monk
Thelonious Monk altered the language of jazz (1982)

“Thelonious,” a tune from his very first Blue Note session, had verses fashioned from a single ingeniously hammered note, with three horns playing shifting dissonances behind it. He developed the one-note motif in his solo and then abruptly broke into some pure, old-fashioned Harlem oompah stride.