Dr Seuss and his Nerkle Corral (1956)

Dr Seuss (Theodore "Ted" Geisel) in 1957 at work. Photo by World Telegram & Sun photo by Al Ravenna, courtesy of the Library of Congress. Horton lives at Soledad with Nerkles and Nerds By Norman Bell ... Read more...

Kittens in silly storybook poses (1914-15)

The book “Little Folks of Animal Land” by Harry Whittier Frees was released in 1915, and featured mostly kittens and puppies in various human scenarios. Take a look!

Disney music collections (1974 & 1975)

Walt Disney Treasury collection (1975) Discover an exciting treasure of Disney fun at special savings Six magnificient, 12" LP records with beautiful, full-color, GIANT-size storybooks! (Ad features Alice in ... Read more...

6 Flower Children (1912)

Here are six of the adorable flower drawings published in the 1912 book, "The Flower Children," by Elizabeth Gordon. They were scanned from my grandmother's copy of the classic volume. - NJP Primrose is th... Read more...

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