We loved Lucy: ’50s magazines featuring the lovely Lucille Ball on the cover

We loved Lucy Lucille Ball magazine covers from the '50s

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Actress and comedian Lucille Ball was hugely popular in America during the ’50s and ’60s. Her top-rated show, I Love Lucy, ran from 1951 to 1957, which is around the time that these magazines were published — each one featuring Lucy as the cover star.

“Lucille and Desi make a movie”

Family Circle magazine, September 1953

Family Circle magazines with Lucille Ball

Lucille Ball on the cover of Radio and Television Mirror magazine (April 1950)

See the article from this issue (Lucy on Desi — her “favorite husband”) below!

Lucy Lucille Ball on the cover of Radio and Television Mirror magazine

Lucille Ball: Love is her favorite career

Lucy on the cover of Quick November 27, 1950

Quick magazines with Lucille Ball from 1950

Lucille Ball magazine cover

Lucy on TV Guide — July 1957

TV guide magazines with Lucille Ball

Lucy magazine cover

Lucille Ball on TV Guide — December 10, 1955

Vintage magazines with Lucille Ball

I Love Lucy and the chocolate factory: The famous job switching episode (1952)

An intimate close up: The Desi-Lucy Love Story

Look Magazine, December 1956

Lucille Ball cover - Look Magazine, December 1956

Actress Lucille Ball on the cover of TV Guide (1954)

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