Woman’s Day magazine covers from 1950 show the trends of the era

Vintage Woman's Day magazine covers from 1950

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Woman’s Day magazine debuted in 1937 as a 2-cent in-house magazine for A&P grocery stores. The publication’s name was chosen via a nationwide contest, and two women split the $2500 prize for coming up with the winning name.

Womans Day magazine name contest Evening News Oct 1 1937

By the time A&P sold the brand in 1958, circulation was said to be 4,000,000 copies per issue.

Although the company has changed hands several more times over the years, you’ll still find Woman’s Day on newsstands across the country — and you can even get your own subscription.

Take a look back here at the 12 monthly magazine’s tagline-free covers during the year 1950, and marvel at how much daily life — not to mention magazine marketing, photography and graphic design — have changed since then! All that year, the magazine would cost you just a nickel.

For more, have a look at a selection of more vintage Woman’s Day magazine covers from 1951-1959.

Woman’s Day magazine cover: January 1950

Two dogs graced the front of the magazine on the first issue of the fifties.


Vintage Woman’s Day magazine cover: February 1950

A little girl playing with goldfish in a fishbowl

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Woman’s Day magazine cover: March 1950

A not-so-happy baby, set against a blue backdrop


An old Woman’s Day magazine cover: April 1950

The Easter issue, with a little boy holding some yellow chicks


Woman’s Day magazine cover: May 1950

A grandfather and his granddaughters at the ocean’s edge


Classic Woman’s Day magazine cover: June 1950

Mom and her baby daughter, both dressed in pink, in an iconic picture of parental delight


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Woman’s Day magazine cover: August 1950

Three kids in a redwood forest, sitting on an old fallen log


Woman’s Day magazine cover: September 1950

Two adorable puppies sitting still for a moment


Woman’s Day magazine cover: November 1950

A little girl, wearing a red dress, sitting on a wooden stool

Woman's Day magazine cover: November 1950

Vintage Woman’s Day magazine cover: December 1950

A church choir at Christmas, with everyone holding lit green tapered candles


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  1. As a child my Grandpa would subscribe a magazine called “This Day”. A monthly magazine on the order of Ideals.

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