Don’t be skinny! Try Wate-On to pack on the pounds (1930s-1960s)

Wate On - Raquel Welch - I can't afford to be SKINNY (1965)

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If men “hate the sight of you” read this (1930s)

Too skinny - Men hate the sight of you - 1937-1938

Good news for thousands of girls who have no sex appeal (1940s)

No sex appeal - gain weight ad - 1940s

Don’t be skinny! (from 1967)

Look better by adding desired pounds this easy way… without pads, exercise or fishy oils

If you are thin, skinny and underweight because of poor eating habits, and if you want to look better by adding desired pounds and inches of welcome weight … try WATE-ON! Gaining the weight you want may be easier than you think … and may change your whole outlook on life.

GAINS OF 5-10-15 POUNDS AND MORE REPORTED: Scientifically processed, Wate-On is chock full of weight-gaining calories, vitamins, minerals, iron, quick energy elements and other weight-gaining nutrients. Wate-On is pleasant to take — easy for normal systems to digest and convert into wanted pounds.

Cheeks, bustline, hips, thighs and body all should take on weight. Truly, Wate-On may easily help you look better without that thin, skinny appearance. And the more Wate-On you take with varied weight-maintaining meals, the faster and greater should be your gain. So why be skinny! Ask for Wate-On at druggists today in choice of flavors: Strawberry, Butterscotch & Banana.

SUPER WATE-ON HOMOGENIZED EMULSION Also Regular Wate-On Emulsion / NEW! SUPER WATE-ON TABLETS Also Regular Wate-On Tablets

Don't be skinny (Cosmo 1967)

Raquel Welch: “I can’t afford to be SKINNY”

… says glamorous actress Raquel Welch, being introduced in Reno Carell’s “A Swingin’ Summer.” — True beauty includes a full figure

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Wate On - Raquel Welch - I can't afford to be SKINNY (1960s)

Linda Peck: “If you want to be popular… you can’t afford to be skinny” (1969)

Beautiful Hollywood actress LINDA PECK appears in Ernest Lehman’s production of “Hello, Dolly!” released by 20th Century Fox, tells how to gain welcome weight and keep it.

PUTS POUNDS AND INCHES OF WELCOME WEIGHT ON SKINNY FIGURES — Without pads, exercise, fish oils or dangerous surgery diets

Maybe you don’t want to be a movie star, but what girl doesn’t want to look like one! If you’re thin, flat, skinny and underweight due to your eating habits, follow Linda Peck’s advice and take Super Wate-On. Users report that they gain 5 – 10 – 15 pounds each week. …So why be skinny? Ask today for amazing WATE-ON.

Linda Peck If you want to be popular you can't afford to be skinny (1969)

Men wouldn’t look at me when I was skinny (1940s)

Men wouldnt look at me when I was skinny 1930s-1940s

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