Don’t be skinny! Try Wate-On (1967-1969)

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Don’t be skinny! (1967)

Look better by adding desired pounds this easy way… without pads, exercise or fishy oils


Raquel Welch: “I can’t afford to be SKINNY”

… says glamorous actress Raquel Welch, being introduced in Reno Carell’s “A Swingin’ Summer.”

True beauty includes a full figure


Linda Peck: “If you want to be popular…” (1969)

“… you can’t afford to be skinny!”

Beautiful Hollywood actress LINDA PECK appears in Ernest Lehman’s production of “Hello, Dolly!” released by 20th Century Fox, tells how to gain welcome weight and keep it.


Without pads, exercise, fish oils or dangerous surgery diets

Maybe you don’t want to be a movie star, but what girl doesn’t want to look like one! If you’re thin, flat, skinny and underweight due to your eating habits, follow Linda Peck’s advice and take Super Wate-On. Users report that they gain 5 – 10 – 15 pounds each week.

…So why be skinny? Ask today for amazing WATE-ON.

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