Elizabeth Montgomery couldn’t be happier – plus see 20 classic photos of the Bewitched actress

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Note: This article may feature affiliate links, and purchases made may earn us a commission at no extra cost to you. Find out more here.

Take a look back at the life of actress Elizabeth Montgomery — from the early days of her career in 1955, up until her 1972 Bewitched heyday!

Elizabeth Montgomery: She couldn’t be happier (1968)

By Jack Major

Someday, they’ll make a different kind of movie about a girl who wants to be an actress.

Nowhere in this film will we see the girl pushing drinks at The Purple Pussycat. There’ll be no slick-looking customer who says, “What’s a nice kid like you doing in a place like this? Stick with me, baby, and you’ll be a star.”

Nowhere in this film will the girl be seduced by a producer on the promise of a big part in his next movie.

Nowhere in this film will the girl plot against an already-famous actress in hopes of taking her place in an important role.

Nowhere in this film will the girl become the biggest star in all the world.

Nowhere in this film will the girl betray every person who befriended her along the way.

And nowhere in this film will the girl hit the skids and land in the gutter clutching a bottle of cheap wine and a greasy punk who looks like Ray Danton.

No, this film will be the story of a girl with good looks and good talent who makes a fair living at acting for several years and then becomes popular, but not earth-shakingly famous, through a television series.

And Elizabeth Montgomery would be a good choice to star in such a film. (Continued below)

VIDEO: Elizabeth Montgomery commercial for Clairol Kindness haircare

1. Young Elizabeth Montgomery (1955)

American actress Elizabeth Montgomery, circa 1955.

Miss Montgomery is in her fourth year as star of Bewitched, one of TV’s most successful comedies.

Unlike other television stars, Miss Montgomery has not used her show as a springboard for an expected jump in some other, more promising direction. She has not appeared on other shows, has not tried to get her own special, and has not tried to Squeeze in a movie or two during her Spring vacation.

“I’m completely satisfied doing one show,” she says. “I thoroughly enjoy Bewitched.” And even though she has been playing the role of Samantha the witch since 1964 she says she still looks forward to going to work each morning.

“One of my pet peeves is people in TV series who get bored with their shows. They should be thankful for success. The performers who complain are ungrateful, unprofessional, and childish.”

What separates Miss Montgomery from people is not only a strong sense of duty and appreciation, but also a lack of ambition to be the biggest star in Hollywood.

“I never wanted to be Miss Movie Star. There was never any particular thing I wanted to do. I just enjoy acting as acting. Period.

“When I broke into the business I was living at home. I knew I wasn’t going to starve, so I didn’t have to go chasing after jobs. A lot of performers who do wind up making some terrible mistakes.

“Ambition can be a dangerous thing. When you finally reach your goal, you often realize it wasn’t worth the cost, especially when you notice the bodies you’ve strewn in your path.”

2. Father & daughter (1955)

American actor Robert Montgomery (1904-1981) dines with his daughter, actress Elizabeth Montgomery, at the Stork Club in New York City, circa 1955.

Elizabeth made her acting debut on a television show with her father, Robert Montgomery. The casting was a surprise. Her father didn’t know she was in the show until rehearsals started.

From there she went to Broadway and a 1953 flop called “Late Love.” Her movie debut came two years later in “The Court Martial of Billy Mitchell.”

Her career through the late 1950s and early ’60s was smooth, but hardly sensational. One thing that may have held her back for a while was her refusal to change herself.

“I remember one of my first trips to a movie studio to talk about make-up and wardrobe. They discussed me like I was a prop. They didn’t like my hair, my funny eyebrows, or my chipped tooth.

“But I wouldn’t let them do anything to me. I even refused to wear caps … I didn’t want a mouth full of Chiclets.”

Bewitched makes its magical television debut (1964)

3. Elizabeth Montgomery (1960s)

Posed portrait of American actress Elizabeth Montgomery in the 1960s

After two unsuccessful marriages — one to TV director Frederick Camman, the other to actor Gig Young — she was wed again in 1963 to William Asher.

A few months later, they began work on Bewitched, he as the producer, she as the star.

Production that first season was delayed by the Asher’s first baby, William Jr., who arrived in the Summer of 1964 just when filming was about to start. (A second son, Robert, was born a year later.)

“Everyone was worried that first season. I had the baby, and two weeks later began filming. There was pressure on us immediately to turn out shows as quickly as possible.

“I learned you have to resist this pressure. They — the money people — want us to finish each show in three days. But we can’t. Each year we’re lucky to do four shows in three days. The others take a day or two longer.

“I insist on this extra time, and so does Bill. We don’t like to cheat the people who watch our show.”

4. “I promise” (1960s)

American actor Elizabeth Montgomery makes a pledge.

Lack of time is another reason Elizabeth doesn’t do outside shows. “Oh, I have some spare time, but I want to spend that with my family. I could do talk shows, but I avoid them. I just can’t sit there and exchange one-liners with a clever host. Then, too, they always want you to do something else, to explore some unusual talent.

“But I have no unusual talent. Acting is all I do. And for me, that’s enough.”

There’s double trouble on Bewitched in February when Elizabeth Montgomery plays two roles. She’ll be Samantha, as usual, and also a look-alike cousin named Serena who gets involved in a hippie love-in.

5. Liz Montgomery in a glamorous pose (1963)

6. Bewitched cast (1965)

Elizabeth Montgomery (1933-1995) as Samantha Stephens and Dick York (1928-1992) as Darrin Stephens in the television series ‘Bewitched’, circa 1965.

7. As her hippie cousin, Serena (1965)

‘Hippie, Hippie, Hooray’ – Season Four – 2/1/68, Serena’s (Elizabeth Montgomery) mistaken identity and her arrest at a park love-in threatened an important account for Darrin.

Embed from Getty Images

8. At a press conference in New York (1966)

Actress Elizabeth Montgomery at a press conference on February 20, 1966 in New York, New York.

9. Emmy Awards (1966)

22nd May 1966: Headshot of actor Elizabeth Montgomery smiling at the camera with her hand on her chin, Emmy Awards, Hollywood, California.

I Dream of Jeannie: Inside the bottle (1966)

10. At home (1966)

Actress Elizabeth Montgomery poses for a portrait at her home in Los Angeles, California in 1966.

11. Elizabeth at home (1966)

Actress Elizabeth Montgomery poses for a portrait at her home in Los Angeles, California in 1966.

12. At home in the yard (1966)

Actress Elizabeth Montgomery attends to her garden in 1966 in Los Angeles, California

13. Bewitched cast (1966)

26th October 1966: Some of the cast of the hit TV show ‘Bewitched’, (from left) Elizabeth Montgomery, Agnes Moorhead (1906-1974) and Dick York (1928-1992).

14. Elizabeth in LA (1966)

Dick York as Darrin Stephens, George Tobias as Abner Kravitz, Sandra Gould as Gladys Kravitz, Elizabeth Montgomery as Samantha Stephens and Erin or Diane Murphy as Tabitha Stephens in the television series ‘Bewitched’, circa 1966

Bewitched: The Dick York years (1964-1969)

15. Elizabeth Montgomery (1968)

Actress poses for a portrait circa 1968 in Los Angeles, California

16. Portrait in Los Angeles (1968)

Actress poses for a portrait circa 1968 in Los Angeles, California.

17. Elizabeth Montgomery (1968)

18. Elizabeth Montgomery (1969)

Promotional portrait of American television actress Elizabeth Montgomery (1933 – 1995) in ‘Bewitched,’ 1969. She wears a pendant and looks across her shoulder.

19. Elizabeth in LA (1970)

The actress poses for a portrait circa 1970 in Los Angeles, California.

20. Elizabeth in LA (1972)

Actress poses for a portrait circa 1972 in Los Angeles, California.

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