What every girl wants: Cedar-lined Lane hope chests (1950s)

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“For a special someone… on a very special occasion!” (1952)

“I’ve just received the most beautiful gift ever… my shining new Lane Cedar Chest is as unexpected, as precious, as my first love letter — and as lucky, somehow, as a four-leaf clover.”

LIFE Sep 15, 1952 hope chest


>> What should you put in a hope chest? (1920)

A hope chest: What a thrifty way to start the new year! (1953)

Now, when your heart is full of hopes and plans for the bright new year ahead… what a perfect time to get your Lane cedar chest!

Can you imagine happier planning than the kind that goes with a Lane… as you gather lovely things for your home or your trousseau, knowing that they’ll stay tissue-paper fresh, sparkling new.

LIFE Jan 5, 1953 hope chest


Give her the graduation gift that gathers more gifts (1955)

A Lane cedar chest

Whether your girl graduate is trousseau-gathering or just sweater-collecting, a Lane is a gift she’ll adore! one that will become more precious as time goes on.

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Every girl loves to plan for the future, to collect fine towels, tablecloths, delicate lingerie and cloud-soft blankets… the lovely things she’ll need when she has a home of her own. And a Lane Hope Chest is a wonderful idea for friends and relatives who will want to help with the happy collecting.

LIFE May 2, 1955 hope chest


Never before has Lane offered such value as this August special! (1955)

Save up to 20% on a Lane cedar chest

LIFE Aug 8, 1955 hope chest

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