Love & marriage

The science of pleasing women (1898)

Here's an... interesting... take on the so-called science behind successful male-female relationships. The science of pleasing women and what it means by Dr George F Shrady Woman controls man today despite ... Read more...

I married a Hollywood movie star (1939)

I married a star by Anonymous Hollywood called it an ideal match. Yet, if I had used the spoonful of brains God gave me, I would never have done what I pitied so many others for doing -- for I have learne... Read more...

How to win the favor of ladies (1850)

The etiquette of courtship & marriage No subject in this work is more important, and certainly none will be studied with as much attention, as that of the present section. Love is the universal passio... Read more...

How to choose a husband (1921)

Whatever you do, do not marry a man who claims to be a saint. He lives too much in his own imagination of himself. He is nearly always an unconscious or a subconscious hypocrite. He will not live up to his professions with you, although he may do it with the brethren.

Should women court men? (1960)

How DOES a girl win a husband? By tradition, she waits until the right man comes along, then he woos her, pursues her, and leads her to the altar.

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