Love & marriage

How to snare a male: Dating & marriage advice from 1950

So many experts have come out with learned treatises on how to land an eligible bachelor, it was time for an experienced amateur to speak up. There is one big difference between their fancy methods and mine. Mine worked.
Do you know how to kiss - 1930s

Do you know how to kiss? (1937)

Do you know how to kiss? Sure, everybody knows how to kiss -- after a fashion. But there's a right and wrong way, so they say. Here is the proper stance, kiss and everything.
Woman with blanket for hope chest

What should you put in a hope chest? (1920)

What should you put in a hope chest? Linens and items for the home after the wedding, or clothing for the bride's trousseau? You can put both - but you really need to fill it with so much more.
The marriage of TRH the Duke and Duchess of York, 6 July 1893

Wedding etiquette: An old-fashioned bridal procession (1893)

Get details of an old-fashioned Victorian bridal procession here! At the start, the wedding party, with the exception of the groom and his best man, assemble in the waiting rooms at the entrance to the church where the procession is formed.