Dry it yourself: Vintage home hair dryers (1960s & 1970s)

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General Electric Portable Hair Dryer (1962)

Under these pink & pretty Sally Victor petals… is that marvelous new General Electric portable hair dryer. 

Lovely, isn’t it! And aren’t you! Because famed hat designer Sally Victor beautifies the bonnet of the most practical hair dryer you can buy. Portable, it travels in a pink hatbox. Lifts out and straps on, so you’re free to move about and do chores while being dried quickly, quietly, evenly… comfortably!

It has four heats, including a Cool. Use the new larger rollers? Bonnet’s supersized, covers all! Free offer of initials for case. For the hair beauty you want in the time you have, and a heavenly gift.

General Electric Portable Hair Dryer (1962)


Schick Petite Salon Home Hairdryer (1962)

Now Shick has invented the world’s fastest home hairdryer! (so relax and enjoy it)

Hair wet, or just set? Get into something comfortable-the new Schick Petite Salon Home Hairdryer. The heat is smooth and even — never a “hot spot.”

The bouffant hood fits over your largest rollers. It’s the fastest — and quietest — of all home hair dryers! Cuts drying time to next-to-nothing! Travels light, too. For speed, comfort, and ease, there’s nothing like the new Schick Petite Salon… so relax — and enjoy it!

Schick Petite Salon Home Hairdryer (1962)


Lady Sunbeam Hair Dryer (1963)

From shampoo to hair-do in record time!

Drying with the new Lady Sunbeam hair dryer is 10 to 15 minutes faster than other home hair dryers-the quick, easy way to give yourself all those fabulous hair-dos you’ve sighed over!

All of them? Of course! The new Lady Sunbeam turban-style beauty cap is spacious enough to fit over even the largest rollers and perform its quiet, efficient drying operation. Fetchingly styled too — keeps you feminine and appealing while you’re wearing it . . . makes you lovelier when you’re finished.

There’s a Lady Sunbeam hair dryer that’s just right for everyone’s needs, so pick out yours today. From shampoo to finished hair-do, you’ll be glad you did!

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Lady Norelco Professional Home Hair Dryer (1964)

New home hair dryer works the way professional dryers work

New Lady Norelco Professional Home Hair Dryer dries hair fast — is quieter, more comfortable than any other home hair dryer on the market.

Lady Norelco Professional Home Hair Dryer (1964)


Mist & Sauna Hair Dryer (1969)

Beauty Shop to go. Lady Sunbeam Mist & Sauna Hair Dryer

Heady little PowerTool that earns its keep. Works like a whole staff of beauty experts. Dries wet hair. Mist-sets dry hair. Turns out a radiant, sauna-fresh face.

Marvelous Mist and Sauna. One super-duper machine that does the work of three. Acts like your very own, live-in Beauty Shop.

  • When you shampoo, it’s a great big beautiful salon-type dryer. With plenty of room for all your fattest rollers. And three heat settings to get you gorgeous in a hurry.
  • Or, it’s a quickie hair setter. Goes from limp locks to glorious curls in about 20 minutes with gentle Moisture Mist.
  • Or, it’s a fab facial. Pop on the ingenious Sauna Shield and bask in the penetrating mist. Come out blushy and relaxed and clean, clean, deep-pore clean.

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GE’s Speed Dryer, Soft-Bonnet Dryer, Styling Dryer (1972)

You’ve got a lifestyle. The Beauty-Makers can help you live it.

He’s coming for dinner, and you’ve just washed your hair. Under GE’s Speed Dryer you go. Besides being fast, GE’s Speed Dryer has Touch ‘n Tilt. Touch, it tilts so you can do other things. Like type with two hands.

You’re a travel nut. Meet GE’s soft-bonnet dryer. Comes in its own carrying case like good, lightweight luggage. Comes with two styling combs and a brush attachment.

You like your hair the way it is, “natural.” GE’s new styling dryer will dry curly or straight hair, style it the way you want. High-powered. Handy (ours has a special easy-to-hold handle) so you can do other things. Like type with two fingers.

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GE's Speed Dryer, Soft-Bonnet Dryer, Styling Dryer (1972)


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Gillette Supermax Hair Dryer-Styler (1970s)

How to dry/smooth/shape/fluff/curl/straighten fast!

How? With new Supermax. It styles your hair in the time it takes to dry it And that’s faster than ever, because now it has more power than ever. Plus two settings for just the right balance of airflow and warmth.

And for styling, look at what the five handy attachments can do the concentrator does fast spot drying (like on rollers); the wide-tooth drying comb smooths; the brush helps add shape and fluff; the fine-tooth curler helps add curl; and the separate handle holds the combs and the brush (it’ll help you straighten hair with too much curl) so you can style with two hands.

You see, new Supermax is the hurry-up dryer-styler.

Gillette Supermax Hair Dryer Styler (1970s)

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