Woman with blanket for hope chest
What should you put in a hope chest?

What should you put in a hope chest? Linens and items for the home after the wedding, or clothing for the bride’s trousseau? Here are answers from 100 years ago!

Zodiac designs for a cross-stitch rug (1950)

The signs of the zodiac, originated by some ingenious stargazer thousands of years ago, have persisted through the ages not only as astrological and astronomical symbols but also in many forms of art.

Jiffy-make ponchos (1955)

Jiffy-make ponchos Start with new fabric or cut up an old skirt for this summer’s most popular topping Our carefree tie-on poncho is cut in

Nursery decor with easy-to-sew lace (1978)

Decorating with easy-to-sew lace It’s easy and inexpensive to create a heirloom look for your home with today’s machine-made laces. From Simplicity Pattern #6134: bassinet skirt,

Antique needlepoint sampler (1950)

Antique needlepoint sampler A century-old record of embroidery stitches and designs that are just as adaptable today as they ever were by Roxa Wright, needlework

How to make a sewing needle case (1869)

Needle-case of perforated cardboard by Mrs Jane Weaver  Materials: Medium-sized perforated cardboard, colored silk, and sewing silk [thread] to match. Construction: Cut pieces of cardboard

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