What every girl wanted: A cedar-lined Lane hope chest for linens and her trousseau

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What every girl wanted A cedar-lined Lane hope chest for linens and her trousseau

“For a special someone… on a very special occasion!” (1952)

“I’ve just received the most beautiful gift ever… my shining new Lane Cedar Chest is as unexpected, as precious, as my first love letter — and as lucky, somehow, as a four-leaf clover.”

Sep 15, 1952 hope chest

A hope chest: What a thrifty way to start the new year! (1953)

Now, when your heart is full of hopes and plans for the bright new year ahead… what a perfect time to get your Lane cedar chest!

Can you imagine happier planning than the kind that goes with a Lane… as you gather lovely things for your home or your trousseau, knowing that they’ll stay tissue-paper fresh, sparkling new.

Jan 5, 1953 hope chest

Give her the graduation gift that gathers more gifts (1955)

A Lane hope chest

Whether your girl graduate is trousseau-gathering or just sweater-collecting, a Lane is a gift she’ll adore! one that will become more precious as time goes on.

Every girl loves to plan for the future, to collect fine towels, tablecloths, delicate lingerie and cloud-soft blankets… the lovely things she’ll need when she has a home of her own. And a Lane Hope Chest is a wonderful idea for friends and relatives who will want to help with the happy collecting.

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May 2, 1955 hope chest

Never before has Lane offered such value as this August special! (1955)

Save up to 20% on a Lane cedar chest

Aug 8, 1955 hope chest

Will a Lane hope chest double her chances for a happy marriage? (1938)

Dec 5, 1938 hope chest 1

Dec 5, 1938 hope chest 2

My heart did a tap dance when my Lane hope chest came! (1941)

May 26, 1941 hope chest

A million maidens yearn for this romantic love gift (1944)

Her Lane hope chest: “That’s what I’m fighting for”

Jan 31, 1944 hope chest

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Love knows no distance when pledged with a Lane hope chest – The gift that starts the home (1944)

Aug 28, 1944 hope chest

Actress Shirley Temple for linen chests (1945)

Shirley Temple says: “For your real-life romance, a Lane cedar hope chest is the sweetest valentine of all!”

Jan 29, 1945 shirley temple hope chest

It’s love everlasting when romance starts with a Lane (1946)

May 27, 1946 bridal

Slip into her heart forever — give her a Lane this Valentine’s Day (1947)

Jan 27, 1947 hope chest

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