Home decor, 1950s-style: Be generous with color

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How to use color

Color is everywhere around you. But nowhere is it more exciting or more important than in your home.

The choices open to you are as varied as the rainbow itself. Here in our Picture Book of Decorating, we bring you nine full pages devoted to the uses of color… how you can be soothingly subtle or bold and bright. How to get vibrant accents… how to be monochromatic with your favorite color. Ideas to make your whole house sing with color!

Home decor, 1959-style: Be generous with color

Get drama in color harmony

… and come up with a striking room. Choose fabrics, wall and floor coverings in colors that go well together. Add a dash of the unexpected in an accent color, or use a more intense shade of the room’s base color.

See how often an additional sharp color will pick up a scheme that is done in perfect harmony. Simple drama is in that little extra — the Bristol-blue vase in an essentially pink and beige room, the emerald green cushion in a setting of blues and grays. Rooms of neutral backgrounds take on high style when fashion-wise color is used on floor and furniture.

Rooms of neutral backgrounds take on high style

Pink ceiling in the room at far left takes its color cue from the floor covering, giving warmth to room and lowering the high ceiling. A good way to lift a room’s spirits.

Blue room has sparks of many other colors. The woven rug, throw cushions and brighter accessories relieve light blue effect, add more excitement to the setting.

Warm beige tones present a pleasant background in this contemporary — but the bright idea is the flash of color in the carpeting and the accents of plaid.

Pink walls and blue walls

Vintage green home decor from 1959

Be generous with color - Yellow room

Be generous with color

Let paint or wallpaper create a mood of serenity or excitement in your room.

Walls and floor coverings give you the widest opportunity for generous use of color. Give these areas special consideration. Use colors to change a room’s proportions — light colors make a room larger, dark shades can lower a too-high ceiling, horizontal stripes can widen a narrow room.

Bring out the beauty of your furniture by silhouetting it against paler shades or subdue its imperfections against darker hues. An interesting color contrast on the walls with paint or wallpaper or a new shade of floor covering can make your entire room look brand new without changing any of the furnishings.

Use colors to change a room's proportions

An interesting color contrast on the walls

Make your entire room look brand new

Use a single color boldly

Your favorite color, of course. Whether it’s sapphire blue, or brilliant yellow, or lime green, or a subtle shade of pink, violet or pale turquoise, it will serve as a take-off point in your scheme that is distinctively your own. The trick in featuring a single color is to use it in several lighter and darker shades, and with lots of white as the background. But use it emphatically for the most decorative effect.

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Use a single color boldly

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