Vintage play kitchens: Toys for budding chefs from the 80s & 90s

Vintage play kitchens - Toys for cooking fun

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Kombi Play kitchen (1981)

It has a stove, a sink and a refrigerator, too, all in sturdy hardboard and wood… a complete “working” kitchen with doors that open and shut… lots of storage space inside!

Vintage play kitchen toys from 1981 (4)

Combo Kitchen toy plus a colorful Bar-B-Q! (1981)

Come and get it! Colorful Bar-B-Q lets you “cook out” even on rainy days. Also a pretend coffee maker (with fake Kool-Aid), picnic basket, and mini laundry room with carrying case.

Vintage play kitchen toys from 1981 (5)

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Vintage play kitchens: Dinner with Trixie & Ted (1987)

Today’s Kids — Imagination in action. Though Ted was a much more talented host than chef, Trixie’s resourcefulness ensured the success of many memorable evenings at their Sweetheart Play House. All plastic, with formal dining area, vanity and gourmet kitchen.

Vintage Today's Kids play kitchen from 1987

Cute, yellow, retro play kitchen (1981)

Our dream kitchen with authentic details will stir your child’s imagination.

Cute yellow retro play kitchen toy from 1981

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Little homemaker can “cook up” hours of home-made fun (1980s)

You can make special treats for your friends with these battery-operated appliances; just flip the switch!

Li’l Machine slices play vegetables when you turn the crank.

After “brewing”, pour coffee into mugs and watch it disappear! Press the switch and the coffee pot refills itself instantly.

Battery-operated Juicer-Blender really works; push-button controls let you prepare juices and snacks easily.

Retro play kitchen appliances from the 80s

Vintage play kitchens: Dishware, cooking tools and more

Some fun play kitchen sets, with colorful pots, pans, plates, mugs, pretend food and more!

Vintage 1981 play kitchen pots pans plates food

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Fisher-Price yellow play kitchen (1981)

Save on our deluxe molded plastic appliances — the latest in modern styling, all in wipe-clean durable plastic.

Vintage play kitchen toys from 1981 (1)

Compact country kitchen (1981)

Compact country kitchen with old-fashioned charm! Sturdy hardboard and wood… detailing complete to the “pie” cooling on the windowsill.

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Vintage play kitchen toys from 1981 (2)

Floral-themed retro play kitchen (1981)

A cute, yellow, and tulip embedded play kitchen — accessories fit into the refrigerator; refrigerator and stove tuck away into the sink.

Vintage play kitchen toys from 1981 (3)

Vintage play kitchens: Toy appliances and electronics (1980s)

This set includes a play record player, sewing machine, vacuum cleaner, blender, food processor, and blender!

Vintage play kitchen appliances from the 80s

Kitchenware play toys (1980s)

Various sets that include various pots and pans, utensils, toy food, and multiple brands of soup!

Old pots and pans - Kitchen toys from the eighties

Pretend food & a Winnie the Pooh play kitchen set (1980s)

Invite Winnie the Pooh to dinner with you — a 54-piece cookware set. Sets also include Supermarket Food set with brand name cereals, and Kiddymatic mixer and blender set that really work!

Vintage play food and dishware

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Two cute Little Tikes play kitchen sets (1987)

There’s no place like home! A little homemaker’s fun is never done in a Little Tikes kitchen.

Vintage Little Tikes play kitchens from 1987 (2)

Vintage Little Tikes play kitchens from 1987 (1)

Little Tikes party kitchen set (1988)

Party kitchen and accessories — and a new part cupboard!

Vintage Little Tikes play kitchens from 1988

Fisher-Price play kitchen set (1987)

New Fisher-Price Fun with Food — All it takes to get a kid’s imagination cooking. Little chefs love to feel like big cooks. And when their food and appliances are this realistic, their recipes for fun never end.

Everything you need for cooking up fun! Our new kitchen has a fold-down table, a toaster, a refrigerator, an oven and a phone all your own!

Retro Fisher Price play kitchen appliances and toys from 1987 (1)

Retro Fisher Price play kitchen appliances and toys from 1987 (2)

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Only the Fisher-Price Kitchen Center comes with the works (1994)

Fisher-Price Kitchen Center (1994)

Fisher-Price Kitchen Center toy for kids

No other kitchen comes with as much fun stuff as the Fisher-Price All-In-One Kitchen Center. For starters, there’s a make-believe microwave with timer bell, a two burner stove top with clicking knobs and a refrigerator with pretend drink dispenser.

The unique 360° design features a fold-down table and built-in doll seat around back to let kids play on all sides, for more fun all around. There’s a portable phone for ordering out. And, to top it all off, it even comes complete with a 20-piece Super Breakfast set with dishes, silverware, cooking utensils, bacon and eggs and lots more.

This kitchen’s got everything, including the proverbial kitchen sink.

The Fisher-Price All-In-One Kitchen Center. Everything little chefs need to cook up lots of fun.

Around back, there’s a fold-down table for kids and a built-in doll seat for feeding “baby.” (Puffalump Doll sold separately.)

Comes complete with the 20-piece Super Breakfast set shown here. 

Fisher-Price Kitchen Center (1994)

Fisher-Price Kitchen Center TV commercial (1994)

YouTube video

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