Retro pink kitchens: 1950s home decor you don’t see much today

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Retro pink kitchens 1950s home decor you don't see much today

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Mid-century kitchen in pink with pass-through area – home design

Mid-century kitchen in pink with pass-through area - home design

Retro pink kitchen design from 1955

What a wonderful, work-saving center the modern kitchen-dining area is! The dining table can be just a step away from the sink — yet separated from it so much there’s a minimum of “kitcheny” atmosphere. And how easy it is to keep such a compact area sparkling clean when you have a modern plastic floor of Armstrong Excelon Tile.

Because Excelon is made with vinyl plastic, the colors are unusually clear and bright. The smooth, tough surface isn’t harmed by grease — sweeps clean in a jiffy. Any room, even the basement, can have this practical floor, and at very low cost.

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Pink decor in the modern kitchen-dining area 

A pretty country kitchen with pale pink and blue

Kitchen with pink floors and countertops - 1950s

Bright pink everywhere! Plus a grass-green floor

The twin sinks are an interesting touch… as is the hot pink paint above some of the storage cabinets.

1950s pink kitchen with formica

A white brick linoleum floor for your pink kitchen? Why not – it was the fifties! (1956)

Do you ever hanker for the charm of old-fashioned brick kitchen floors? How friendly they were, gleaming after their morning scrub! (Scrub? Ah, there was the rub!)

Well, you need hanker no more, for here’s their modern counterpart — in Armstrong Linoleum. This new white brick design has all of the old charm — right down to the embossed mortar lines — and none of the chore, for Armstrong Linoleum never needs hard scrubbing.

Occasional washing and waxing will keep this floor bright and beautiful. And spilled things — even grease — wipe up without a trace. There’s not a crack where dirt can hide. It’s quiet and comfortable underfoot, too, which real brick never was!

Beauty… practicality… they’re both yours today, with Armstrong Linoleum, the modern fashion in floors.

Pink kitchen with retro brick linoleum floor from 1956

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Pink & stainless steel retro kitchen decor

Vintage pink kitchen decor for the 50s home (2)

An unusual vintage kitchen layout — half in pink

Vintage pink kitchen decor for the 50s home (3)

Painting the new kitchen pink!

Painting a ktichen pink in 1957

Bright pink countertops, paint and accents in this retro ’50s kitchen

Retro pink kitchen - Vintage 50s home decor (4)

Pink cabinets, accents & appliances

Vintage pink kitchen decor for the 50s home (1)

Pink and green kitchen decor from the 1950s

All the appliances in pink! Stove, dishwasher, refrigerator/freezer and the washer and dryer.

Pink and green kitchen decor from the 1950s

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Who wouldn’t love a pink Caloric range?

Old-fashioned pink range in a 1958 Kitchen


Red, charcoal black and retro pink kitchen decor with barstools and fireplace wall

Red pink and black vintage kitchen design 1958

Another retro charcoal and pink kitchen color scheme

Pink Armstrong kitchen 1954

Pale pink vintage kichen from the fitties

Simple white cabinets get color from paint, countertops & curtains

The heart saver Remodeled kitchen design 1955

Pink flat-fronted cabinets in this retro home

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Your kitchen and you St. Charles Kitchens pink 1950

Vintage pretty pink and pastel-colored kitchen decor 1950s

1959 GE pink kitchen decor

A Mamie pink kitchen with clean white cabinets

1955 American Standard kitchen

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A pink and green kitchen from the early ’50s

They even wallpapered the ceiling with the same pink and white checked design

Vintage pink kitchen from 1950

Pink appliances with wooden paneling and cabinets

Better hurry up – Dad’s waiting for dinner!

Mid-century kitchen design

This dashing floor with the gay harlequin flavor is… so very practical

Pink, white and black kitchen tile home decor from 1958

Kitchen with pink cafe curtains & countertops

This home decor is accented with a white and black diamond pattern

Retro pink kitchen - Vintage 50s home decor (1)

A mauve color meets stainless in this vintage ’50s kitchen

Retro pink kitchen - Vintage 50s home decor (2)

Retro pink kitchen - Vintage 50s home decor (3)

Pink kitchen from 1955

Bright pink kitchen

Pale pink 50s kitchen decor

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